Raiders haven’t suspended Antonio Brown yet, and possibly won’t

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The news that the Raiders are “planning to suspend” receiver Antonio Brown doesn’t mean he’s suspended. It means only that they plan to, and plans can change.

It’s entirely possible that the Raiders have leaked their plans in order to give Brown one last chance to get, as G.M. Mike Mayock put it last month, “all in or all out.”

Mayock has been the bad cop to coach Jon Gruden’s good cop, and as we discussed during Thursday’s PFT Live, good cap/bad cop doesn’t always work. Brown quite likely has been confused by the mixed messages from a coach who supports him and a G.M. who chastises him. Given that the Steelers took a good cop/no cop approach to Brown, it’s the first time he’s ever had to deal with any type of accountability.

Before moving forward on Monday night without him, the Raiders apparently are giving Brown one last chance to conform to their expectations before putting him on the sidelines and, more importantly, voiding his guarantees.

More on that in an upcoming post. For now, the point is this: Until he’s actually suspended, Brown possibly won’t be. Whether he is depends largely on how he reacts to the news that it’s coming.

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  1. This just keeps getting better and better. And people thought that the Steelers were fleeced by the Raiders when AB was traded. As a Steelers fan, I’m so happy to be rid of AB and his antics. I don’t care how many passes he catches.

  2. “Whether he is depends largely on how he reacts to the news that it’s coming.”

    Hilarious. How do you think someone with the mentality of a 5 year old will react to that? Multiple major meltdowns are coming. He may never actually play for the Raiders if they suspend him, as Brown is already so far beyond the pale that this will force him into outer space.

  3. Yo AB, That new helmet looks like a Prius on your neck. Pittsburgh has been loving this clown show now that he’s not our problem anymore… lol

  4. Gruden needs to grow a set and put his foot down. The easiest thing for a manager to do is kiss the ass of the malcontent employee. Time to do the hard thing.

  5. Mike Mayock is one of the few if not the only GM who won’t take crap from divas. If it wasn’t for Gruden kissing Brown’s butt and enjoying it, he would have been suspended or booted out by now.

  6. It’s becoming more and more clear that Tomlin actually deserves some credit for keeping a lid on this lunatic for so long.

  7. So we have a three-way tie now between Mike Mayock,Jon Gruden or Antonio Brown vying for the crown as the singularly most dysfunctional individual in the NFL.

    What an absolute joke this organization is.

  8. If you are the Raiders front office, you better suspend the guy. Even if it means missing games. If you don’t, you are absolutely condoning his behavior, giving AB–and others–the green light that this is acceptable in the organization.

  9. It’s entirely possible that the Raiders have leaked their plans in order to give Brown one last chance to get, as G.M. Mike Mayock put it last month, “all in or all out.”


    Hopefully they follow through otherwise AB will never learn.

  10. The only way to fix this is to tear up his contract and give him a bigger one with more guaranteed money. As a Bronco fan I implore the Raiders to do the right thing. A huge bump in pay will show the love and respect AB deserves!

  11. Whether the Raiders suspend him now or not, unless Brown has a miraculous epiphany soon and overcomes his narcissism, the eventual outcome seems inevitable.

  12. AB had to be physically restrained by teammates yesterday in going after Mayock.

    AB will be suspended, his $30 million will be gone after/retrieved by the Raiders and AB will be released.

  13. Well it was his letter he was free to do with it whatever he chose. Nothing in his contract said he had to keep it confidential. You knew what you were getting when you signed him. The chickens have come to roost.

  14. The raiders.
    Al Davis is spinning in his grave over what mark davis has done to this franchise.

  15. If Brown isn’t suspended, it’ll be because Gruden doesn’t want to admit the moronic move he made in acquiring Brown in the first place (but not quite as idiotic as trading away Khalil Mack last year).

    If the Raiders do eventually get rid of Brown, rest assured that Mike Mayock will be made the fall-guy for the trade although the acquisition was 100% Gruden’s idea.

  16. OK…. So they put it out as they may suspend him. If you don’t know, he’s going to still feel enabled to pull the stuff he has been pulling. I’d almost say that is worse.

  17. Mark Davis’ attorneys are now telling him that they have no way, at this point, to suspend him without pay. That is, if there was no physical altercation. Until they have a better case(suspending him might send him into another crazy tailspin), I doubt that he will be suspended.

  18. “Given that the Steelers took a good cop/no cop approach to Brown, it’s the first time he’s ever had to deal with any type of accountability.”

    Just because they kept it private and in-house, it doesn’t mean the Steelers didn’t lay down the law with him. It’s just YOUR speculation that they took a “no cop” approach.

  19. Suspend him now and avoid his contract being fully guaranteed this year and void out the guaranteed money as well. Seems like an easy decision to me, you could suspend one week, bring him back week 2 and pay him on a week to week basis. Actions have consequences.

  20. collectordude says:
    September 5, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    The raiders.
    Al Davis is spinning in his grave over what mark davis has done to this franchise.


    Al Davis had enough contempt for his idiot son that he didn’t allow him to step foot in the Raiders HQ.

    Unfortunately Al let sentiment for family get in the way for what would’ve been best for the Raiders franchise after his death. The pragmatic move in Al’s Will would’ve been to have the Raiders sold to solid investors upon his passing away and let his idiot son do whatever with the $$$.

  21. I’m not an Antonio Brown fan and I don’t have a horse in this race.

    That said if you are the Raiders, and know he flips out over tiny things why would you wait until right before the season to fine him? It kinda sounds like they just sent him a letter and didn’t tell him to his face.

    Has it been perfect…….no but you made it through the foot saga, and helmet saga, you traded a third and fourth round pick and you paid him! Now it’s time to get a return on that investment and you fine him knowing you will have to deal with drama?

    I understand that you need to have discipline on a team, but it seems like a very passive aggressive approach. I get the impression the real fight is over him making that punishment public, well if you didn’t want it made public why did you fine him? I mean hello we are living in a world where you have to assume everything you say and write could be made public.

    The Raider knew exactly what they were trading for. When dealing with the Diva you have two options, zero tolerance like Bill Belichick, or embrace the Diva like Jerry Jones. Both work and you can argue both come with tradeoffs….. But absolutely what won’t work is the passive aggressive approach. He is both talented and crazy neither of which you will ever change so embrace it or cut bait. But leaking you might suspend him lol, now you have to or you look weak!

  22. Antonio Clown is obviously going to respond like an idiot and seal his own fate. He has shown nothing that would make me assume otherwise.

  23. I hope they dont…

    Not because i care a lick about AB or the Raiders…

    But this would set a precedent that i dont like in terms of players and teams in reguards that according to these stories..

    A team can get out of a big contract really quickly

  24. This guy is hopeless at this point. Absolutely nobody else would have skipped practices over that whole helmet thing. He shouldn’t have been that shocked he got fined for that. And this is a guy joining a brand new team and he’s skipped practices, been a gigantic distraction, AND managed to freeze his feet.

  25. They are not going to suspend him! He’s there for a reason – to ramp up their Vegas move. AB is Vegas and will be pivotal to their move there. Mayock is a sports analyst turned GM. They’ll get rid of him if he can’t rein in the super stars on the team. After all if he can’t prove he is competent, then he’s not. So get rid of Mayock they will.

  26. In other words..” The mentally unstable or ill player groveled and begged at a level that is acceptable, so we have decided to overlook this as we need his immense talent.” PATHETIC. THE BEST THING FOR ANTONIO BROWN THE HUMAN BEING IS TO CUT HIM.

  27. Ship him out of town I’d rather go 1 – 15 with dignity than option A. It’s not worth another nickle!!

  28. Wow… never ceases to amaze me how far Florio is willing to go to absolve AB of any responsibility for his actions. Love how he’s still trying to blame the Steelers for Antionio’s selfish and self centered tantrums. Brown is a cancer. It is no one’s fault but his own. I doubt he’ll ever accept that fact, especially if he has sympathetic media types telling him he’s never wrong.

  29. AB puts the fun back in dysfunctional. Seriously, we need a 24/7 live feed following this guy so we can all escape reality and just watch this insanity go down in real time. The craziest part is that the Raiders could probably still get a 2nd/3rd rounder in a trade for the guy.

  30. WHY is AB being portrayed as the victim here?
    AB punched Mayock.
    Par for the course I guess, if AB punches a woman….he is still the victim somehow just like any other protected player.
    Imagine the sheer outrage from the media if Mayock had threatened to punch AB…the media would be all over it and AB would STILL be portrayed as the victim.
    THIS is why I loathe today’s pro football players.

  31. It’s obvious AB was aware what Mayock was doing, building a paper trail. AB showed what Mayock was doing (AB got fined) and Mayock got angry. Mayock has been angry at AB for a while. Mayock wanted it kept secret and only he gets to leak what is going on.

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