Todd Gurley isn’t a Rams captain for the first time since his rookie year

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The Rams have unveiled their 2019 team captains. And there’s one noteworthy difference from 2018.

Running back Todd Gurley is not one of the offensive captains.

Last year, Gurley, tackle Andrew Whitworth, and quarterback Jared Goff served as the offensive captains. This year, the offensive captains are Whitworth and Goff, only.

It’s the first time Gurley hasn’t been a team captain since his rookie year of 2015.

Defensively, the captains are cornerback Aqib Talib, safety Eric Weddle, and defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The special-teams captain is punter Johnny Hekker.

It’s difficult to read too much into the outcome; then again, the outcome arguably speaks for itself. After three straight years of serving as one of the team’s official leaders, Gurley has lost that formal title.

8 responses to “Todd Gurley isn’t a Rams captain for the first time since his rookie year

  1. Gurley is an elite RB but also a huge example of why overpaying RB can be a huge risk because Gurley has been battling injury concerns since last year. Rams said they would limit his workload more this year.

  2. This is perplexing. If the title of captain increases a player’s compensation, then maybe it makes sense, but if it’s purely public relations (for the public) and feel-good (for the player and team), then why wouldn’t Todd Gurley continue to be a captain? My conclusion is that there must be something financial involved. PFT, do you know the answer? (Just asking.)

  3. They didn’t want him to have to walk to the center of the field for the coin toss on those chronically arthritic knees.

  4. Gurley can’t walk to the center of the field and Goof couldn’t find the center of the field unless McVay tells him where it is. LOL

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