Aaron Rodgers has gift for new coach, and a promise to improve

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If we were in the clickbait business, we could write something like “Aaron Rodgers buries hatchet, gives peace offering new to coach Matt LaFleur.”

Instead, we could also say that Rodgers provided a thoughtful item of memorabilia, but also something more important — a promise to improve.

.After kneeling out the clock on last night’s win over the Bears, Rodgers held onto the ball and presented it to his rookie coach, as a token of their budding relationship.

“It’s a big deal winning your first NFL game as a head coach, and I’m happy for him,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “Obviously, it’s a lot of fun working with him. And I told him, ‘I’m going to be a lot better moving forward.'”

There’s clearly room for improvement, though the Bears’ defense certainly had a hand in that, sacking Rodgers five times.

After the first quarter, the Packers had minus-12 yards, breaking into their normal Fahrenheit digits to represent how cold their offense was to start (three straight three-and-outs).

“It can’t get any worse,” Rodgers said.

They clicked shortly thereafter, with a 47-yard deep ball to Marquez Valdes-Scantling setting up a touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham. That was all the offense they’d need, and Rodgers finished 18-of-30 passing for 203 yards.

“That’s a really good defense, and they’re going to give a lot of people fits,” Rodgers said. “But I think from my standpoint, I can do a better job getting us out of the huddle, and obviously, I missed a couple throws.”

LaFleur also cited improvements he could make, but as time passes, a road win at Chicago under any conditions may look like a masterpiece.

Plus, his quarterback got him a nice souvenir to remember it which means they’re friends and stuff.

15 responses to “Aaron Rodgers has gift for new coach, and a promise to improve

  1. The way the game looked, I think they need more preseason games not less! All these stars need weeks to get in the groove! So the first 4 games of the regular season is garbage! That is what the pre season for!! Now we pay our hard earned money to watch these so called stars, have their preseason.

  2. Bears D is pretty tough, he did what he need to do to win, and was the best QB on the field. AND if he keeps playing like this, the Pack will be no where near the playoffs.

  3. The Packers played better defense than Nagy expected, Bears were out Coached and outplayed on that side of the ball. Rodgers looked as green as Trubisky, the Packers will need good defense to keep winning.

  4. The Bears were dead wrong when they thought that RB Jordan Howard was replaceable with a third rounder, although Damien Harris was there and they passed on him. It was the Fox/Fangio combo that built up Chicago’s Defence, and they’re both gone. Maybe Pagano can do something with that Defence, but can he do it before the Bears are out of contention? Even so, it is too much to expect Cohen to carry the Bears running game. The point of all this is that Green Bay didn’t beat much Thursday night, and next week they get another easy win when Gary Kubiak starts killing the Vikings Offence. Captain Kirk gonna see just what has been haunting Case Keenum all these years (Houston & Denver).

  5. It was fitting that Amos sealed the win after Bears fans dogged him all summer.
    Green Bay’s only big play came when Clinton-Dix got out of position.
    Won’t be the last time. At least the Bears were smart enough not to tie themselves to him. Be surprised if he’s still the starter by the end of the year.

  6. Sorry for my noticeable absence. This is how we do it in Minnesota. We talk a big game until we realize that there are 2, probably 3 better teams in the division. Then, we either double the bravado, like some of my peers have done, or just disappear. I haven’t decided which I’m going to do yet.

  7. Nice, though this was written with a healthy slathering of snark, but I’ve simply come to expect it by now.
    The game ball gesture is just an extension of what’s been transpiring all summer long, no matter how much the media has been desperately trying to push their skewed narrative.

    As for the game, I have to say, it was ugly, with a lot of room for improvement, and I think we can all agree, perhaps preseason football is a little undervalued.
    Thankfully, the NFL has never awarded style points.
    Oh, and 1st place feels very nice.

  8. Rodgers is also a couple steps slower when he scrambles. May be it is his age creeping up on him. May be all those leg injuries he had the past few years made him more cautious.

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