Antonio Brown attends Raiders team meeting, gives “emotional apology”

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Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is back at the team facility today, trying to make amends.

Brown attended a team meeting this morning and issued “an emotional apology,” Josina Anderson of ESPN reports.

The Raiders’ team captains, who reportedly told Jon Gruden that they would back him on whatever he wants to do with Brown, stood with Brown at the team meeting.

Whether the Raiders are willing to accept that apology or not remains to be seen. General Manager Mike Mayock, who was targeted for verbal abuse by Brown, seems ready to move on. Gruden, however, has final say in Oakland, and he may be willing to give Brown one more chance. That’s what Brown is asking for.

132 responses to “Antonio Brown attends Raiders team meeting, gives “emotional apology”

  1. What a joke!!! Any cost to try to “just win baby”
    He should be suspended for the racial slur period..end of discussion!! Over end of it!!

  2. The potential loss of thirty million dollars has a wonderfully clarifying effect on a man’s mind.

  3. If he plays for the Raiders again that will show that the NFL is morally bankrupt, and as long as you are able to play you can do whatever you want, no shame whatsoever.

  4. Raiders football is turning into a soap opera, glad this is not my team. We are here to relax and forget about the week, not listen to the problems of millionaires.

  5. All that Antonio Brown has to do to get back onto the team and be in Gruden’s good graces is to ingratiate himself to the “coaching legend” by telling him how much he always wanted to play for him, how much of a legend he is, etc.

    It’s not that hard to become a “Gruden Grinder”. And I’m sure that once Gruden embraces Brown, that the Gruden groupies will also once again “love” Brown as well.

  6. If Gruden keeps Brown after a racist attack like that.
    Then Mayock should sue Davis for everything, including ownership of the team, then fire Gruden

  7. Just moments after his racist tirade towards his boss surfaces on national media outlets, Brown gives emotional apology to team. What a coincidence.

  8. araidersfan says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    All that Antonio Brown has to do to get back onto the team and be in Gruden’s good graces is to ingratiate himself to the “coaching legend” by telling him how much he always wanted to play for him, how much of a legend he is, etc.

    It’s not that hard to become a “Gruden Grinder”. And I’m sure that once Gruden embraces Brown, that the Gruden groupies will also once again “love” Brown as well.

    just yesterday you where hoping they would cut him because you wanted your team the pats to get him. salty much?

  9. If they let him play after racial slurs, Threats of violence, missing mandatory meetings and practices, the Raiders organization will just prove that they are a joke of a franchise.

  10. They let him play, then it will show that they will do anything to get him on the field and not show they have balls to suspend him for his actions. I know if I called my boss a “cracker” and threaten to punch him, I’d be surprised if I was wasn’t escorted out by officers. But it’s apple to oranges I guess.

  11. “General Manager Mike Mayock, who was targeted for verbal abuse by Brown”

    It was a threat, verbal abuse is calling someone names… not the same thing

  12. If the Raiders are smart, and they ain’t, they’d dumb Brown and save their moolah. Once they allow him back would be a sign to AB that his antics were okay and then he’ll do it again, maybe really punch Mayock this time,

  13. jdreed68 says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:28 pm
    “I am so sorry that I am about to lose $30M”

    1) Numbers aside, his agent got him a terrible contract. The Raiders can cut him for any reason without paying him a dollar.

    2) If he is cut, some team will snatch him up and pay him pretty much the same amount he was expected to make with the Raiders. Half the teams in the league still have at least $15 million in cap space remaining this year.

  14. Cut him loose. All he’s going to make for is a drama filled, distraction ridden season – and he’s NOT enough of a differece maker in getting you back to winning.

  15. The team captains are doing what they’re supposed to do, AB is doing what he needs to do to get his guaranteed money. But it doesn’t really matter, you cannot put the toothpaste back into the toothpaste tube; if Gruden doesn’t suspend Brown he’s going to lose that locker room.

  16. Oh, I’m going to lose 30 million? I’m sorry, I want to play now” ” Well, until I don’t get my own way anyway”. Signed AB. What a joke.

  17. I really wonder if AB is on drugs. And this apology precedes the additional 20 apologies he will give for additional dumb behavior throughout the season.

  18. Would he still be apologetic if he already been paid? Doubt it. Not unlike a petulant child he’s only apologizing to get something he wants. Classless.

  19. Suspend brown for 4 games and avoid his gurantees in his contract and then see how sincere his apology is. Not too sincere is my guess.

  20. omg…just go away. please. Please just go away. He’s sorry he’s about to lose 30 million. Rosenhaus got in his ear and now he’s “sorry.” One cursory look at this guy’s IG and you know this is a 30yr old guy with the mentality of a 13yr old girl. He is a stupid person. He is a narcissistic person

  21. I’d apologize to if I were about to lose $30 million for having racially slurred my Boss.

  22. Mayock and Gruden will prove themselves the most spineless GM and coach in the league if they don’t suspend this guy and void his guarantees.

    Force him to lose 4 games checks and then he earns his pay game by game only, so if he flips out again they won’t owe him a further penny.

  23. FoozieGrooler says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:28 pm
    Yeah, the idea of losing $30 million would make anyone express remorse.
    That’s all he’s really worried about.

    Bingo! Cha-ching!

    What’s surprising though is that somehow AB now seems to understand that concept!

  24. Mr. Tyreke-Hill says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:30 pm
    If Gruden keeps Brown after a racist attack like that.
    Then Mayock should sue Davis for everything, including ownership of the team, then fire Gruden

    I’m sure if Mayock feels threatened he will make a big deal of it to ownership. Otherwise, it’s not up to us to tell people how to handle their business.

  25. The number one NFL topic all over the internet today is the same: Fans wondering if their team would have a chance to sign AB once he was released. The reason every fan who posts on here would want their team to sign him and the reason the Raiders will give him another chance is the same one the Steelers used in their dealings with him for so long: He’s a great football player who helps you win games. He’s got emotional issues and really doesn’t seem to have much common sense, but he’s an elite WR and that will always buy him an opportunity in the NFL. All the people on here and other message boards along with the media calling for the Raiders to cut him are hypocrites. You’d want him on your team and the media would be falling all over themselves discussing the best place for him to go next and how he could go to a place like NE and win a SB (this was already happening within hours of the story breaking). The Steelers wanted him back even after he missed practices in the final week last season. Mr. Rooney met with him in person to try and change his mind because teams don’t want to lose this kind of talent. The Raiders aren’t going to cut him because no team cuts a player like this unless they give them no other alternative.

  26. To the guy who thinks mayock should sue for ownership of the team if this “racist tirade is allowed to stand”, it’s amazing how little some people understand about lawsuits. Mayock would have to show that being called a cracker resulted in $3 billion in damages. Good luck.

  27. Brown just sees the loss of his guaranteed money. His agent Rosenhaus probably reminded Brown that he could lose the guaranteed money. Brown is still a selfish jerk he was two days ago. Cut him.

  28. raiderbeer34 says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    araidersfan says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    All that Antonio Brown has to do to get back onto the team and be in Gruden’s good graces is to ingratiate himself to the “coaching legend” by telling him how much he always wanted to play for him, how much of a legend he is, etc.

    It’s not that hard to become a “Gruden Grinder”. And I’m sure that once Gruden embraces Brown, that the Gruden groupies will also once again “love” Brown as well.

    just yesterday you where hoping they would cut him because you wanted your team the pats to get him. salty much?


    Does it bother Gruden groupies so much that there are those of us Raider fans who live in reality and know that Gruden is a horrible HC while Belichick is the best HC in the league?

    Wednesday Mid-Practice: Brown explodes in an racial, expletive filled threatening rant against the Raiders GM.

    Wednesday afternoon: Brown is sent home and told to stay away from Thursday’s practice.

    Thursday Brown unfollows the Raiders and Carr on social media, while thinking his $30 million was safe and secure.

    Thursday night: Brown’s agent explained that if he is suspended all the guarantees will be washed away from his contract and it will be hard to find another team willing to sign him.

    Friday morning: Brown issues an insincere apology.

  30. What NEW legacy MARK DAVIS could create for himself if he came down to the lock room and fired him HIMSELF! Then has his own speech and tells the players we are here to WIN…not be a soap opera. Wow…all the owners would have new respect for him…and fans. But he won’t do it.

  31. If Gruden gives Brown another chance I don’t see how Mayock can stay with the Raiders. If Mayock does stay then he doesn’t have an ounce of self respect

  32. Accept his apology then kindly show him the door – freeing up all kinds of cap space for more reliable (and less volatile) players. Who needs this headache?

  33. I would still suspend him so that none of the money is guaranteed. If AB has leverage, he has proven that he will use it. For the Raiders sake they need to protect themselves from this guy’s explosive personality. It won’t be the last time they address his behavior.

  34. Oakland shouldn’t fall for this trap, suspend the guy for a game, viod the guarantees and make him play knowing he can cut for nothing…

  35. Someone must have sat him down, probably his agent, and said Antonio if you get released the best you can hope for is signing for the veteran’s minimum. Oh someone will eventually sign you, the talent is too great to ignore, but they will not marry themself to you with a big contract.

    Losing out on multiple millions has a sobering effect on people.

  36. JustMyOpinion2000 says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:49 pm
    WTF! Gruden (coach) has final say of Mayock (GM)?


    Maybe this is their agreement? If it’s not then Mayock should tell Gruden to stick his GM title where the sun don’t shine.

  37. Well, I’d say take him back and keep him on a short leash. You gave up the picks to get him, get some value. If he so much as sneezes going forward, wipe his nose with a pink slip.

  38. Whatever. He’s not sorry. He’s sorry he is facing the possibility of losing $30M. I think the Raiders should suspend him for at least the first game thereby voiding his guarantees. That should ensure AB would be on his best behavior the rest of the year–if that’s even possible anymore. However, they could keep him on the team (and away from other teams) and suspend him for a game whenever he acts up. That’s probably the only way to rein him in.

    I think it’s ridiculous that your agent has to go out and lie for you to keep your job. “AB only wants to play.” Really? So what about the CONSTANT drama so far and the season hasn’t even started! AB wants to get paid, that’s all he cares about….and being a diva.

  39. Recent OAK and PGH trades

    Martavais Bryant traded to OAK for pick that becomes PGH potential future franchise QB Mason Rudolph.

    AB traded to OAK for picks that become WR Diontae Johnson and TE Zach Gentry.


    Hey OAKies,

    When you’re done sorting out that whole AB suspension thingie, please give us a call. Based on who we’ve traded to (read, “dumped o”n) you in the past, we think we got a couple more guys you will be interested in acquiring.

    Steelers FO

  40. The Raiders would be absolute morons to not cut him loose. There’s a reason that a perennial playoff contender let him walk away for pennies on the dollar + a cap hit. Past behavior is the best predictor of the future. Him trying to salvage that guaranteed money is as predictably transparent as it gets. Once he clears that hurdle, and without that money carrot for him, it’ll be back to chaos with him. But then again, better he stay there and rot rather than have the “light go on” after getting cut, and embracing the “Patriot Way”, or be another toy for Sean Payton to tinker with.

  41. If the Raiders cave to this last ditch momentary fake tears pitch….Mayock and Gruden should be fired. A GM would be forced to resign and never get a job in the league again if he had said those things to a player.

  42. Brown shouldn’t have been allowed in the Raiders facilities. The league needs to step in her because the Raiders clearly have a conflict of interest and Gruden’s desire to win at any cost will trump taking appropriate actions against Brown.

    As I recall Richie Incognitio was involved is a similar, albeit a longer duration, situation with a fellow player. He used racial slurs (as did Brown), he used inappropriate expletives (as did Brown) and he threatened physical harm (as did Brown). That was during the 2013/14 season and he served a 3 month suspension before become a team outcast and being cut. In that situation the commissioner’s office stepped in and launched an investigation and came to an agreement with the team to extend the suspension from an initial 4 games to the rest of the season. That was 7 years ago, has the NFL made any progress toward eliminating this neanderthal behavior by these cavemen mentality divas? They claim that they are going to take action to curtail the mentality that contributes to domestic violence and racism, well here you have it in spades. So unless the league steps in here and issues a lengthy suspension or puts Brown on the commissioner’s ineligible list, well then we will know that the NFL really doesn’t care about the well being of the league’s employees or even the mental stability of its players.

  43. Disgusting. But we all know the ALMIGHTY $ always wins.

    Vegland Raiders worth more if they win more.

    Crazy, cancerous, I am the Sun AB gives them better chance to win.

    It’s sadly this simple.

  44. The only way this was going to go. Gruden isn’t cutting him until he destroys that team. More and more respect for Tomlin as the days go by since he had to harness this for 8 seasons and not only did but got great production out of him in the meantime. Gruden I don’t think will have the same success.

  45. All of you who are buying into this “apology” by Brown — please line up. I have a couple of bridges for sale…..

  46. if the racial slur story is true, he should be suspended. i’m telling you, if he’s allowed to say that, then that is really going to anger fans like me. i’ll see how this plays out beforehand first.

    if the “other word” was used by a white teammate, not only would somebody be kicked off the team, he’d be ostracized in the media and would never get a job again. it would “highlight the continued racial divide that sports propagate” and all that other junk.

  47. Put a bunch of A type personalities in a room and there are going to be arguments and fights. Fact. If the Raiders want to win this year they need Brown.

  48. Guarantee this isn’t the last time Brown acts this way. His emotional apology is to save his money. Just give it a little time. When times are tough, he’ll go back to his temper tantrums.

  49. I’m so sick of the double standards in our society. If a white player had said anything like that to a black gm he would’ve been cut and probably jumped before he was even kicked off the practice field. If they let this pos back on the team I’m through watching the nfl. Not that I matter too much them.

  50. Others have mentioned it already, but the real story is Mike Tomlin and the Steelers organization. They kept a lid on this maniac for 8 seasons! He gets to the West Coast and he has literally lost his mind in the blink of an eye. Huge props to the Steelers for controlling this man-child.

  51. This is going to be an on going saga as long as the Raiders allow it to be so. Every AB situation story ends with “Now we can move on,” but the only thing that is going to be moved on to is the next AB situation. Circling down the drain is how this season will play out for the Silver and Black on the path they are on with AB now. He plays Monday, of course he plays Monday.

  52. He finally understands the risk he was taking. The loss of $29 million and a potential one way ticket out of football, if he does not act like a responsible adult.

  53. Mayock should walk if Gruden allows Brown to play Monday. This is the one chance the Raiders have to gain control over AB, and that’s by taking away all Gauranties in his contract.
    I agree they should give him another shot, but not without consequences.
    Suspend him 1 game so you control his money. If you do that, then you control his emotions too.

  54. Unbelievable but not really! That’s the way the world works there’s double standards everywhere and for some people there aren’t rules. No responsibility or bad feeling at all. It’s always been AB is only about AB. Hello Oakland to a two win season and plenty more AB in the news.

  55. Gruden better show that he backs his front office, or this could get real ugly across the league, real fast.
    If you want to keep Brown, fine. But you better send a message to his teammates that this is not tollorated. Period

  56. As a Steelers fan for years we kept trying to make the excuses for this guy because the production outweighed the distraction. But that’s before it became an issue with him showing up for practice and games. That was the breaking point. And his behavior just continues to erode over time and I just don’t think this is the end. I hope for the Raiders fans he can be a valuable team mate or that Gruden makes the decision to cut bait. Again from experience last year was terrible watching this guy ruin a team and make you not want to watch your team.

  57. Can’t believe y’all fell for all this marketing the last couple months. All to keep attention on NFL and give people a reason to watch Hard Knocks. Suckers!

  58. Mayock should walk. It’s clear that he has no power in that organization. Somebody makes the suspend/not suspend decisions in that organization. The person with the power is not Mayock. If a player uses a derogatory term like that directed directly at the GM of the team, he should be, at the very least, suspended for a game. That is the ABSOLUTE minimum that he should be facing.

  59. Racial slur – Check
    Threaten violence – Check
    Miss practice whenever you want – Check
    Still get to play and get paid – Check

    Raiders should be ashamed of themselves. No respect for them now. This is ridiculous!

  60. I really hope they are videotaping everything. This will be the best comedy of the year when they release the movie.

  61. If the threat and racial slur can be corroborated; Roger needs to grow a set, step in and suspend him for the season. Set the precedent, that those actions are NOT tolerated !
    This is a bad look for the league, not just the Raiders.

  62. What a loser! Did not care about any of his teammates, when he was the diva. Who tf goes into cyrotherapy with no socks? is an idiot with extreme talent.
    Cant save him from himself. Suspend him, don’t pay him money this year. If Gruden wants him, good luck, knock on wood.

  63. I’ve lost all respect for Jon Gruden as a season ticket holder. I am done. I won’t attend a single Raider game this year. Already gave my Monday night tickets away.

  64. If a racial slur was uttered, aren’t we supposed to immediately fire him and shun him from society forever? Isn’t that the way it works nowadays? Even if it took place decades ago? Pretty sure that is what’s supposed to happen…..

  65. Does AB do anything non-emotionally? I wonder what a relaxing day in the off-season for him is like? I bet it involves yelling at squirrels and birds that they be hating on his yard but ain’t gonna hold his perennials down.

  66. A load of BS. Rosenhaus sat him down and told him under cba and conduct detrimental to the team the raiders can cut you and you get NO money, which is exactly what they need to do. Enough of his nonsense.

  67. What a joke

    Gruden, Mayock and Davis just lost any remaining shred of respect/credibility they had left.

    AB will continue to be a problem, especially since they just enabled him once again.

    This is why teams like the Raiders toil away in the basement of the league and professional organizations like the New England Patriots are perennial super powers.

  68. shouldn’t AB be getting “canceled” for using a racist word? isn’t that how it works in 2019?

  69. imagine trying to gain the respect of your other employees if you let someone threaten you and hurl racist insults at you just because they are talented?

  70. Its really a very simple formula for A.B.
    Wait till you are guaranteed the millions and screw the Raiders, and its a win win situation for HIM!

  71. Did the Cowboys treat Zeke how the Raiders are treating AB?

    Tell Mike Mayock to sit down and learn how to be a GM. Praise publicly, and discipline in private…he’s an idiot.

  72. Is there video? I’d be curious to see just how “emotional” this apology really was.

  73. America is full of imperfect people. Actually, the whole world is full of imperfect people. Antonio Brown plays pro football. He’s not our president. He’s not a children’s doctor. We accept people here in this land of the free. The sun always seems to come up the next morning. Many of us would love to have the power of an NFL head coach or GM. We can sit back in our living rooms and second guess all these people. That’s what we do. I do it as much as anyone. Jon Gruden was hired to turn the Raiders into something they haven’t been for years. Something they haven’t been since the last time he was in Oakland. Winners! Gruden is turning the Raiders into winners. Everyone is not going to be happy, but everybody isn’t happy anyway. Gruden is a football genius. He’s going to do it his way. All great coaches do things differently. A lot of us admire great people. A lot of us resent great people. We’re human too. We’re not perfect either. Just Win baby!

  74. If AB first heard about the fine through the letter from Mayock then this is ALL Mayock’s fault and AB should be ON THE TEAM. Mayock should have told AB face to face about the fine prior to sending the letter. True, AB over-reacted, but given AB’s history and statements this was easily anticipated. This gives me a very low opinion of Mayock’s management skills.

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