Antonio Brown: I apologize to my teammates and the organization

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Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown delivered a brief statement this afternoon, shortly after coach Jon Gruden confirmed that Brown is expected to play on Monday night.

Brown, who was expected to be suspended after an altercation with General Manager Mike Mayock, spoke briefly to reporters but did not take any questions.

“I’m excited to be out here today. I want to apologize to my teammates, the organization. Enough talk, man. I’m excited to be out here with my teammates, grateful for all the fans, and I’m excited to be part of the Raiders, and see you guys soon,” Brown said.

Brown didn’t mention Mayock or anyone else by name, instead simply offering a general apology and stating that he’s excited to play. We likely won’t hear from him again until after the Raiders face the Broncos on Monday night.

79 responses to “Antonio Brown: I apologize to my teammates and the organization

  1. Translation (Steve Miller Band): “Hoo-hoo-hoo, go on, take the money and run
    Go on, take the money and run”

  2. OK, now that this Raiders-Brown drama is about to wrap up, the countdown is on for the next one in 3, 2, 1…

  3. “We likely won’t hear from him again until after the Raiders face the Broncos on Monday night.”


  4. Wow, never in my life would I consider the Tom Cable and Hue Jackson days to be considered halcyon days. Say what you want about Al’s latter years,
    but he always put the team first. DeAngelo Hall? gone. Randy Hanson, his protege gone after being determintal to the head coach. This
    really makes a mockery of who runs the team, and it’s loud and clear that Mark and Chucky believe that squeaky wheels get the grease. Mark Davis got
    rid of the voice of the Raiders, Greg Papa, because Greg said it was disrespectful to Mr. Davis to interview Mike freaking Shanahan for a coaching job,
    but Antonio Brown threatening physical violence to where Burfict needs to hold him back isn’t enough?!

  5. He apologized to his teammates. Did he personally apologize to his GM, who he racially insulted and threatened violence? I wonder how this would have played out if the roles had been reversed.

  6. how the steelers kept this malcontent under wraps the past 10 years is beyond me.

    wow. just wow.

  7. nope sorry, raiders should cut him. no room for fake prmia donnas craving attention at the expense of the team. And he should be fired for racist comments.

  8. So will Mayock being issuing new fines and a letter – for the time missed this week? If so I would love to see Brown’s reaction to that!!!

  9. Is it too much to ask that somebody wake up Roger? He’s got some commissionering to do.

  10. But Raiders are a trash organization and the fans needs to Boycott that head case Antonio Brown. I’m African American and to call Mike Mayock a racial epithet is despicable. And Gruden will allow him to play after this he needs to be banned and the owner Mark Davis should not let this slide by the waist line. The dude is a head case he needs to be evaluated for CTE. He is worse then T.O. In his playing days. They think they can win with this clown on the field is all they worried about and his antics won’t end because in his mind he is the team.

  11. Just shows where the power is in the Raiders organization. Gruden wants AB to play so he’s playing. Mike Mayock ought to resign immediately.

  12. You will hear and see plenty from him on Monday night!! What you will see is 12/188/2 td’s.

  13. Avenging Cowboy says:
    September 6, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Too little, too late for diehard NFL fans.
    You’re not a diehard fan. You love the TMZ stuff from the media.
    I love football and can’t stand the TMZ stuff.

  14. Oh no! What, no suspension like how certain media members promised?!? Or how commenters wanted him kicked off a football team, for gosh, talking like a typical football player from the past 100 years?!?

    This is going to make all the SELF-RIGHTEOUS, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS heads explode!!

  15. So apparently he can drop racial slurs and threaten violence and it’s no big thing. Got it.

    I think we all know how this would have gone down had it all been reversed.

  16. Mike Tomlin let this clown get away with everything, and here is Jon Gruden following suit. Zero respect for either.

  17. He also violated league policy and Goodell has done nothing.

    Another AFC cover up, as predicted.

    If it happens in the AFC, Goodell changes rules or ignores them, unless it is the Pats.

  18. Gruden essentially said earlier – “Mike Mayock and I are spineless worms. I’m not sure how we manage to stand like a human with no bone structure but somehow we manage”

  19. We’ll see how long this lasts. Can’t practice over helmet issues? Freezes out him feet? Threats to punch the G.M. in the face? Wait till he has a few drops and starts blaming Carr. This guy is a grease fire looking for a match.

  20. It’s amazing that people in positions of power and authority are so absolutely blind to reality…Mark it down, once his $14.9M is guaranteed after Monday night’s game he causes a poop storm within 24 hours so he gets cut or suspended for the rest of the year. Easiest 15M he’ll ever make…it’s happening, just wait for it….

  21. Gruden I thought you were a better man, to allow a plyer to threaten and use the language that was by Brown to not step up for your GM. You are no better than Brown. A big black eye on the Raiders and league office on this cover up

  22. Now a days can you can apologize for anything and it don’t mean nothing. The raiders are of course a team that will overlook this like nothing ever happen for production.

  23. I have got to see many comment Brown should go to the Patriots and Belichick could somehow save him. He is probably the best coach that football has ever known but it didn’t work with Albert Hayneworth, Chad Johnson, Michael Floyd, Aaron Hernandez and even Josh Gordon has yet to prove successful.

  24. The NFL has become such a sham. Such a phony, disgusting, inauthentic sham. It’s now little more than a thinly-veiled multi-billion gambling operation, squeezing every last bit of money and patience out of fans until there’s simply no reason left to support it, admire it, or even care about it.

    How much longer can “that was a great play!” make us forget all the awfulness that fuels this debacle? Money has consumed everything. Turn the worst creeps you can find into mega-millionaires, so long as they can catch or run. Turn naked greed into a virtue, and soulless materialists into role models.

    The NFL continues to reflect its society. And what we see in that mirror is emptiness, devoid of any dignity, honor, or aspiration to anything other than more, more, more, more money.

  25. The problem the Raiders have now is that by issuing a apology even if they did want to suspend him and drop that salary he has more grounds to contest that kind of action. I suspect it would be far less of a sure thing now than it would have been last night.

    Plus, most teams do not actually want to get rid of their best players. Yes, he’s acting like a nutcase, but he makes their team better if he plays and I’m betting this was presented to Mayock as “taking one for the team” as they all cross their fingers and hope he settles down once the actual games start.

  26. If the Raiders aren’t going to suspend Brown, why isn’t the NFL stepping in and suspending him? His actions were threats to a person and he should be punished.

  27. This apology is no worse than Grudens explanation. “He’s had a lot of time to think about what he did”? It happened yesterday! The problem starts with Gruden. If Mayock isn’t on board he needs to save his potential career and a GM and resign ASAP and pin this all on Gruden.

  28. Mayock should resign immediately and file a discrimination law suit against the Raiders, and the NFL.

  29. Antonio wins again. Gruden has a history of talking tough but backing down and this is just one more example. Can’t believe Raider nation still supports this guy who trades away guys like Mack, Cooper, etc and puts up with this disobedient prima donna crap. Good Luck Las Vegas fans. This is what you’re getting.

  30. What’s lost in this is the over 30 declining skilled receiver who was pushed out of Pittsburgh by a younger, cheaper, better version of himself without the crap.Props to Tomlin for being what Gruden faked being, a hardass coach


  32. packerfanallday says:
    September 6, 2019 at 3:14 pm
    Mike Tomlin should retroactively be awarded Coach of The Year for the last 5 years.


    Tomlin helped enable this guy and created the diva he is today.

  33. He should have been man enough to tell us what he was apologizing for, and to personally apologize to Mike Mayock. He should consider himself lucky that he’s still an NFL receiver, because after that nonsense he put the Raiders through, there’s not another organization out there that’d be willing to tolerate his garbage. No one should expect to continue to be employed after threatening to physically harm one’s boss. Good luck with this prima donna, Gruden; you’re going to need it.

  34. You can’t win in the NFL with teammates like AB and Meveon Bell. Pittsburgh a lot better by subtraction.

  35. Him and Bell should have both been left to twist in the wind. The Raiders and Jets deserve everything that happens.

  36. Gruden:
    Hey Mike, I’ve got your crank in my desk drawer. Let me know when you need it.

  37. As I stated all along…and got plenty of thumbs down but was right. A dust up…cooler heads will prevail as they did.

    He was wrong no question. Deserving of the death penalty…relax now. The comments here are so telegraphed at this point. And yall will be watching him sundays earn that check.

  38. I have lost all respect, what little I had, for the Raiders. I blame Gruden for this nonsense, its very simple… he wanted Brown on the field regardless.

  39. “because after that nonsense he put the Raiders through, there’s not another organization out there that’d be willing to tolerate his garbage”

    Just ask the Browns and Chiefs. And most of the other NFL teams for that matter.

  40. Its good he apologized BUT he should still be punished for what he said and did.Unless he operates on a different set of rules

  41. So now after playing Gruden Davis & Mayock as fools he gets his contract guaranteed for 30 million all with a little insincere apology. And when he blows up next week or the week after ( And he WILL blow up ) then what? Mayock needs to quit & go back to the NFL Networks now as he has no say & no power as long as Chucky is there.

  42. It’s really a pathetic shame that some people are held in such high regard, above the rules and all simply because they can throw, run with or catch a football.

    It really is.

  43. One would have to wonder what the silent thoughts were among the teammates in the room during the “apology”. What is the under/over on what percent of the roster Gruden/Mayock have lost over this circus?

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