Antonio Brown posts video titled: This is my life. Ain’t no more games

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At some point, the Raiders will have had enough of Antonio Brown. Could that time be now?

Not long after a report that the Raiders had fined the star receiver, and he was not happy about it, Brown posted a video on YouTube titled “This is my life. Ain’t no more games.” It appears to include a conversation with Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

He also posted an explanation, writing, “With all these false narratives antagonizing me, it’s time for me to control my own narrative. Show the world I’m not the bad guy. Show the world you can free yourself from the lies and become your own person. I am not just AB the football player. I am Antonio Brown, the person, who paved a way from himself to be in charge of his own life. Watch for yourself. Link in bio. Free me!”

The 1:57 video includes what appears to be a phone conversation between Brown and Gruden.

“What’s up coach?” Brown answers the phone.

“What the hell’s going on, man?” Gruden asks.

“Just a villain all over the news, man,” Brown answers.

“You’re not a villain,” Gruden said. “You’re just. . .You’re the most misunderstood f—ing human being in my entire life I’ve ever met. I mean I brought you here because you’re my favorite guy. I’ve never seen a guy work harder. And I don’t know where you are in your life right now off the field. All I know is you got a lot of things going. There’s a lot of people that have an opinion about you, and whether it be good or bad, you’re in the spotlight all the time.

“Let me ask you this: Do you want to be a Raider or not?”

Brown answers, “Man, I’ve been trying to be a Raider since Day One. I’ve been f—ing working my ass off harder than anyone. I don’t know why it’s a question of me being a Raider. It’s like do you guys want me to be a Raider?”

Gruden follows with, “Please stop this s— and just play football. How hard is that? You’re a great football player. Just play football.”

The video ends with Brown saying, “I’m more than just a football player, man. I’m a real person. It ain’t about the football. I know I can do that. I show you guys that on the daily. This is my life. Ain’t no more games.”

It is unclear when the conversation took place or if Gruden knew he was being recorded. The video appears professionally produced.

It leaves only one question: What happens now?

139 responses to “Antonio Brown posts video titled: This is my life. Ain’t no more games

  1. Unreal how this keeps on and on.

    Nevermind CTE, that hit (and fallout from the hit) from Burifact sure made him seem to feel that it was time to go 100% selfish and have total disregard for anyone else.

    Gruden cannot like the secret phone call recording either.

  2. I personally like Gruden’s reaction and comments. I doubt if he knew (but OK, he might of been warned) that he was going to be recorded, but, He’s the ‘good cop’ so he needed to dig in a little, but not too hard.
    Working with diva’s is not exactly human logical science. Maybe the Raiders should hire Dez Bryant to be a go-between.

  3. Gruden the enabler.

    If Mayock ever wants to have an opportunity at being a GM ever again or have any respect in this league the only thing he can do right now is resign. He’s done well with the money and bringing in the right guys and even drafted well. He’s proven he can do the key parts of the job but if he can’t do what he needs to do in this situation he needs to take care of #1 and walk.

  4. You asked in an earlier post when would the next eruption would be. I’ll bet even you didn’t guess that we wouldn’t even make it to the weekend. The Raiders should be happy Brown did this now while they still have time to do the right thing – the thing they should’ve done after the blowup on Wednesday. Suspend him for Monday nights game to get rid of the guaranteed money, and cut him Tuesday morning.

  5. If the Raiders don’t cut ties with Antonio Brown after this, they have no balls. They’re letting that narcissist run that team and it’s an embarrassing look for a professional organization at any level.

  6. How can a person be so totally clueless and unaware of anything except himself? He just doesn’t get it.

  7. Great way to stop playing games: more talk, less action. Recording your head coach, presumably without his knowledge and posting it to twitter like an adolescent. Be a man.

  8. This guy is getting extremely scary. I hope that a mass shooting/suicide is not in the near future.

    Could it be CTE?

    The Raiders have yet paid him a dime. It may be time to cut bait.

    I’m really hoping that he continues to play the game as long as his health issues are addressed.

    Get well AB.

  9. At some point AB is gonna piss off the only guy who has his back right now (Gruden). When that happens they are really going to wish they’d suspended him and had an out from his contract.

    But hey, Raiders gonna Raider.

  10. A true dumpster fire.

    Let’s look at the positive side of this. At least Gruden is no longer on TV and we don’t have to listen to him weekly anymore

  11. If he is not the bad guy, why is he getting fined while other Raiders players have not been fined the same amount? Why did he miss practice? I guess in his mind, all other people are bad guys and he is the only good guy.

  12. Jon Gruden is being played like a fiddle. Go ahead.. Give him his G’d money by letting him suit up on Monday. Brown only cares about himself.

    “I show you guys that on the daily. This is my life. Ain’t no more games.”

    The joke is on you Coach.

  13. He said he wants someone to free him. How much more clear does he have to be. Free him Gruden.
    Everyone already considers you a clown

  14. Men, this is football. If you don’t want to play football, you shouldn’t be here. That’s why we’re going to cut AB effective today. Knock on wood if you’re with me.

  15. As a professional television editor, I can say without a doubt in my mind, that that audio has been doctored or edited. The “air” changes behind AB’s voice and that is not how that phone conversation went down. I’d be willing to be that those comments AB made about it being his life were recorded post phone conversation.

  16. Posting a private memo…..recording and posting a private conversation…..this moron just doesn’t get it.

  17. Maybe Brown should have started using a better helmet years ago. What he is doing really raises questions about his mental health.

    A normal person would let this go and just do his job.

    The Raiders had better realize the circus never leaves town when AB is around.

  18. This could be really bad. California law prohibits the recording of a conversation without consent from both parties. If he didn’t receive Gruden’s permission he could be facing legal issues in the state of California.

  19. I will take an injured AJ Green who misses 4 games this year over an AB who misses….most everything else, any day of the week. The hot air balloon episode of hard knocks was a fitting allegory of this dudes brain. Just play ball man, or hang em up..

  20. WOW….. just WOW….Hey Raiders, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!
    enjoy the train wreck, you NOW deserve every second of it!!!

  21. The league needs to step in at this point and investigate a potential racial slur and suspend AB if it did occur. This has gotten way out of hand.

    So glad he denied the trade to Buffalo.

    GO BILLS!!!!

  22. AB: Ain’t no more games.
    also AB: *posts video of private conversation without consent with cheesy string music*

    I’m crying crocodile tears…

  23. Brown is an I player, not a team player. I did this, I feel better, I shouldn’t be fined, I can do what I want, well, because I am the team. The Raiders are fools if they don’t suspend him, if for no other reason than to get the guarantees thrown out. When the Steelers were willing to dump 21 million to get rid of him, every team out there should have known not to touch him with a ten foot pole.

  24. Serious talk for a minute…couple years after AB is done playing I have a funny feeling his story ends badly. He has some serious mental issues and probably isn’t dealing with them. I truly hope he doesn’t end up taking his own life or killing members of his family or something else equally bad. But this man isn’t right in the head. He needs help.

  25. So there you have it. Being a Raider means doing divisive stuff like tape recording your coach, calling the GM names, missing practices. It’s not his fault!! He’s just trying to be the best Raider he can be.

  26. >>It leaves only one question: What happens now?<< Nostradamus says Monday Night AB has 10 to 12 catches for 150 to 175 yards and 2TDs in a rout of Denver….So it is written and so it shall be done….

  27. “Your honor, my client Mr Gruden through no action of his own was unduly slandered by Mr. Brown an we are asking for damages in access of…”

  28. I might be mistaken, but I think it’s a crime in California to record someone without their consent….but Gruden has already proven that AB is in charge anyways……so he’ll play along.

  29. Watched the vid despite my dislike for the individual and the situation. Egomaniac. I doubt there’s hope to be had that he can realize the sun doesn’t revolve around his flat earth existence even if the lights are turned off on him. Nobody should express that this individual needs help unless they don’t believe in free will. He’s a mOrOn. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt for as long as I possibly could but with all the headlines and first hand accounts of his antics I find myself wishing he’s Weinsteined. Crimes aren’t as severe but I doubt there’s anything worth admiring in the individual.

  30. This is a League and Legal issue now. Enjoy. Mr AB made the beginning of a supposed League wide and fan wide celebration, about HIM.

  31. What happens now? Gruden flies off the handle when he sees Brown showing the world their private conversations. That’s what happens now.


    No more games?? Every minute of this clown’s life is a game! He has no idea what the phrase “no more games” means! He says “no more games” in a video that he posted specifically because he’s playing games.

    Just like when he first came to OAK and said in his presser “I bring accountability.” Doesn’t know the meaning of the word!

    What does he think he accomplished here? Does he think he unveiled some kind of anti-AB conspiracy that we’re all going to ooh and aah over and pat him on the back and say “OMG, AB, we had no idea what was really going on! Clearly you’re the victim here!”

    Well, SORRY BUDDY! Cuz if that was the goal, it’s an EPIC fail. But I AM seriously starting to think you have a major CTE problem. GET HELP!

  32. This is going to be a daily soap opera.
    Admit it was a mistake, let him go, and preserve the sanity of a lot of people.
    AB, as Bob Hope would say, thanks for the memories.

  33. Mayock is a powerless puppet like the queen of England just around for pomp and circumstance. If he doesn’t suspend the fool he should just go run the 7-11

  34. I hope this isn’t the new reality of football. I admit, I’ve been clicking the pages to see what comes next. It reminds me of the old WWF villains we would root for to lose, but those guys got paid.

  35. It leaves only one question: What happens now?

    The answer will come in three days. Let the count down begin. The best WR since Jerry Rice will be in the house in Oakland. DC to AB. All night.

  36. I was taught in school that the Earth and all the planets revolve around the Sun. Antonio Brown disagrees. He believes they all revolve around him.

  37. Pretty clearly, Antonio Brown is in the throes of an extreme case of narcissism. Hey man, get over yourself.

  38. It’s getting to a point where it seems like a cry for help. Not trolling this man or team. What I mean is, it’s legitimately concerning, his mental state and all.

  39. I’m still sticking with my belief that when those cold weather games start near the end of November and into December (@NYJ, @KC and @DEN); that is when the real issue with AB’s foot injuries will surface. I have no doubt that he will continue to battle through discomfort while cutting; however, when those cold weather games start… yikes!

  40. Raiders should have loosed him. AB now owns the team and org and its headed for a other disaster. Terrible move to keep him and in less than 24 hours after “reconciliation?” He’s creating more drama.

  41. Dear Jon Gruden,

    Winning isn’t worth it!! Please end this misery before Saturday Night we’ll get a number 1 receiver next year.

    Recorded and deceived. Oakland Raiders take the money and run!!

  42. Sometimes when people show you who they really are, you should just believe them. Did the Raiders really think AB would be any different than he was with the Steelers. Now they’ve exacerbated the problem by allowing AB to play without suspension without consequence (ok, maybe a fine) for outlandishly prima donna behavior. This is all on Gruden and will be destructive to the Team.

  43. Antonio Brown needs help. Something is wrong. How long do we want to say that he’s a me first guy just looking for attention? That was my take for a while but this, to me, seems like it’s a lot deeper than a guy looking for attention. Some kind of split personality / dissociative identity disorder.

  44. He’s doing his job.

    The Raiders have been unable to field a relevant football team for years, and if it were up to their on-field performance, they’d be as invisible on a national level as the Detroit Lions. Nobody would ever think about them at all, except dedicated fans. They’re moving to Las Vegas–even if they weren’t, they live on a brand identity and sell a lot of merch based on it–and they can’t afford to be invisible.

    If you can’t make yourself relevant on the field, and if you need to be talked about, than you need to bring in the clown circus. This is what they’re doing with Gruden, and Gruden can’t do it on his own, so he brings in a faux-GM off of television, then AB, Vontaze Burfict, Richie Incognito…a circus built for Vegas. AB understands this on some level, and he’s doing EXACTLY the job he was brought in to do.

    Who doesn’t understand this?

  45. That video definitely looked well produced. Kudos to the producer, but what the heck is he doing. This guy needs serious help. He is not well. At first the headlines were entertaining and some what humorous but now it’s sad. I feel bad for everyone involved. The NFL needs to stop enabling this guy and get him the help that he needs to live a normal life. Rational humans do not behave like this.

  46. just more self-promotion trying to make everything out to be everybody else’s fault, he’s simply misunderstood, and we should feel sorry for him suffering this way
    Complete and total BS from a man-child

  47. I’ve never seen a more selfish person in my life. This guy makes T.O. look like Mother Teresa. If AB really wants to change his image, he would stay off social media and just do your best in the field. Don’t think he will though

  48. I thought AB was another Terrell Owens but he surpassed Owens on the stupid scale. Just sayin. He’s making Owens look like a choir boy in comparison.

  49. Gruden is on his knees with this fool. When did it become a league where ONE FREAKIN PLAYER was worth all this???. There are tons of receivers who would kill to work hard, shut up, and play football without all this nonsense.
    This dude isn’t GOD!! Feel bad for their fans cause he’s gonna blow that team up, and because of him, Gruden will be toast now!!

  50. Assuming they were in California, AB probably broke the law, right? CA is a 2 party consent state, so if Gruden didn’t know he wad being recorded, AB could be in trouble.

  51. I just want to point out that California is a “two party consent” state, meaning it’s illegal for one party to record a phone call without getting the consent of the other party.

  52. You do realize that all these things happening are done for the storyline? There is something each and every year done to make people shake their head just to talk about it. I see all these comments daily about this topic and people will continue to do that. Of course Gruden knew this was going to be published. He may not admit it, but this is all part of the storyline to have people talking about it.

  53. I believe that this guy is disintegrating before our eyes. It’s hard to see the people around him looking out for his best interest. I’ve taken pleasure taking shots at him but I’m done goofing on this guy; he needs help.

  54. I actually just watched the video….
    this HAS to be some type of STAGED REALITY TV TYPE PROMOTIONAL DISPLAY for the Raiders Upcoming season, right???!!! I mean this can’t be real life AB we’ve been seeing these past few months is it??!! Man I pray to God it isn’t!!! YIKES!!!!

  55. $250,000 fine for his interaction with Mayock. Which voids out AB’s guaranteed money. AB has to play week to week to earn his Raiders money. AB asks for his release on instagram. He gone…

  56. This is taking things to a whole other level he’s definitely displaying some type of mental illness and the Raiders should be concerned about him on that level forget about football

  57. “Stop this sh*T and come play football.”

    Exactly. Gruden nails it. I think the recording makes Gruden sound reasonable and AB like a selfish jackwagon. Gruden knows AB is destroying himself, but can’t just bluntly say it because AB would flip out. He is trying to be tactful.

  58. ndallasruss says:
    September 7, 2019 at 8:43 am
    Assuming they were in California, AB probably broke the law, right? CA is a 2 party consent state, so if Gruden didn’t know he wad being recorded, AB could be in trouble.

    Show me the DA in California with the stones to charge AB for this.
    You dreamin.

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