David Carr says Raiders captains are behind Jon Gruden in Antonio Brown decision


Whatever course of action the Oakland Raiders decide to take regarding the missteps of star wide receiver Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden and the Raiders front office will have the backing of the team locker room.

David Carr, the brother of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, said on NFL Network Thursday night that the team captains had asked to meet with Gruden earlier in the day to let him know that they will back the team’s decision on Brown.

They’ve gone to bat for this guy,” David Carr said. “With the helmet, missing practices, through all that Jon Gruden, Derek, a lot of the players… they like Antonio Brown. They want him to be part of this team. But then you do things that are irrational and we try to sit up here and explain irrational moves and the things and actions that he does and try to defend him, it’s almost impossible to do. And so you find yourself in a situation where as a player, as a team, you go in – as the captains did today – and talk to Jon Gruden and say whatever you decide to do, because it was so bad, because of what happened to Mike Mayock and what happened on the field was so bad, they’re fine with whatever they decide. The players are fine with whatever happens.”

The Raiders with Brown have been a continual soap opera throughout the offseason. Brown accidentally froze his feet in a cryotherapy mishap, refused to practice and launched a grievance against the NFL because he couldn’t wear the helmet he wanted to wear, skipped a team walkthrough ahead of a preseason game in Winnipeg and then launched into a tirade against G.M. Mike Mayock after the team had the gall to levy fines against him for his repeated transgressions after Mayock made it clear Brown needed to be “all in or all out.”

The Raiders have made it known they are heavily considering suspending Brown over his actions, though that suspension has not been handed down yet. If it ultimately is, it could set the stage for the Raiders trying to recoup over $29 million in money guaranteed to Brown in the contract he signed with the team this spring.

David’s relationship with his brother makes his comments about the ongoing Raiders saga compelling. If the locker room is getting as equally tired of Brown’s conduct as the front office is, it could make it difficult for the relationship to continue.

“The players are fine with whatever happens,” Carr continued. “They would love to have Antonio Brown back. They would love to have him back, but there’s a culture they’re trying to establish in Oakland and they’re trying to do things the right way and there’s one guy that’s kind of holding them up right now. And that can’t be the case and those guys collectively went into Jon Gruden and said we’re going to make sure that we’re with you no matter what you decide to do.

“Right now they don’t expect to have him. He’s not going to play Monday night. He’s not playing Monday night as far as the players are concerned, as far as Derek is concerned, they’re not going to have Antonio Brown for the Monday night football game. What happens after that, it’s really on Antonio Brown and what he decides to do as a professional and as a man.”

76 responses to “David Carr says Raiders captains are behind Jon Gruden in Antonio Brown decision

  1. The Raiders need to set an example. They need to suspend him for the season without pay and rescind all his guaranteed money. Then let him come back and try over next year. Do not cut him so he can go somewhere else.

  2. If they can really ditch him and be off the hook of that contract, they need to bail, forget his talent, you don’t bring him to Vegas or have him around for a final season in Oakland.

  3. Wait. . .this is David Carr blabbing about what went on in a private meeting of a team he’s not on?
    Wow! Watch what you tell Derek!

    The Raiders need to make a roster cut to 51 today.

  4. As a lifelong Raiders fan this entire AB saga has been a headache. I along with most Raiders fans was(and still am) excited to see what this guy can do for the team on the FIELD, but all these other antics are embarrassing as an NFL fan and a fan of AB throughout his career.

    Whoever he’s taking advice from he needs to cut them out of his life because if you have people that are allowing you to think all these antics are acceptable without telling you a damn thing then they don’t have your best interest in mind.

    I’ve been following sports all my life and I’ve never seen anyone with this much on field talent behave in this way. He’s putting all other current/past cancerous players to shame and it’s unfortunate considering he’s on historic pace in his career numbers wise.

    He’s at this point at the very least forced two teams in 6 months to either give up on him(we’ll see how this goes with OAK) or have regrets about him.

    If he can’t at the very least not get himself to fall in line to the point that he can play in games, he’s not worth the hassle and doesn’t deserve a cent(and probably won’t get any) of the contract he signed this offseason.

    I hope he gets wisdom from someone he respects(if there is anyone) and realizes his legacy and more importantly his career is at stake.

    For the Raiders this is pretty much a no lose situation IF they suspend him for conduct because after that he either plays for no guarantees on a week by week basis with them having the ability to cut him at any time or they just cut/trade him and at that point only lost two pretty much irrelevant draft picks with no dead money on the cap.

    Hoping for a resolution to this sooner than later. Here’s to a great 100th season NFL fans!

  5. Lets be honest he hasnt been the same since the Burfict hit. People talk about Diva WR and Brown really didnt start acting out till the team drafted JuJu and the big hit soon after.

    No excuses though, his behavior is unacceptable and just like Kaepernick: when the head ache you cause with the team and media outweighs your talent, its time to go.

    Shame too, hes clearly the most talented WR in the league and we got him for a steal.

    Id also like to point out that Mayock isnt doing himself any favors either, he loves being in front of the camera and his mouth has cause a few issues not being on the same page as Gruden so far this year. If he stayed in the background like he was supposed too none of this wouldve been an issue in my opinion.

  6. I said it last year after he quit on his team when they needed him the most…I wouldn’t touch this guy for the league minimum.

    If they void his contract, which they should, who picks him up? Over the past year or so, this guy has repeatedly demonstrated that he is no longer rational. We’ve seen the Patriots take some players with behavioral issues and some have done well, à la Randy Moss, but I don’t think even Belichick can fix crazy.

  7. Cut him. Regain your cap money and reinvest it. Let Antonio Brown find another 30 million dollar job. Those jobs are plentiful so no problem.

  8. They will just have to find another way to wast all that money.The Raiders being the Raiders that shouldn’t be hard. Seriously how to you not pay Mack and sign and player who makes TO look like an alter boy?

  9. Wonder if AB turned his Diva dial up to Max because the Hard Knocks cameras were on him? Players like him always want to be front page news.

  10. i am actually worried about ABs health mentally. theres something wrong over the past couple years. he should seek professional help for his rage before it costs him more than money.

  11. i still think its funny that AB said HE WOULD help bring accountability to the raider locke room. Guess he meant accountability for ev1 but him…. and yourself is the easiest person to hold accountable. smh

  12. Brown went AWOL on the Steelers after the players did not name him the MVP of the team. What do you think he’ll do in Oakland where the players seem to have sided with the coaches and in Antonio’s mind, “AGAINST HIM!” If true, this story is the final nail in the coffin of Brown’s career – no matter what his agent says. Perhaps the story was leaked to provoke another outburst from Brown who will undoubtedly escalate his childish behavior. I bet he claims CTE is to blame.

  13. The Raiders are in a bad position concerning Brown. If they don’t discipline Brown sternly, then send the wrong message to their team. If they cut their loses now, they basically lost a 3rd & a 5th for a malcontent who didn’t give them anything but headaches since his arrival. It’s easy for everyone to say move on, but the Raiders brass has to consider everything, to include their foolish decision to trade for him in the first place. I believe they should cut their losses now and move on from this failed relationship before it gets any worse because history has shown Brown isn’t going to change. His presence alone could set the team further back as far as their rebuilding efforts are concerned.

  14. As a raiders fan its sad to see this man act like an individual, you’re part of a team, don’t think just bc your successful past you can do whatever you want now, your reputation is now tainted and I hope the next generation doesn’t look up to you. You don’t deserve to wear that gold jacket

  15. because of what happened to Mike Mayock and what happened on the field was so bad , they’re fine with whatever they decide.


    What happened on the field that was so bad? Man the league really need to fine the Raiders into oblivion for that poor showing on Hard Knocks. They might as well have shown the front door to the practice facility for an hour straight for all the insight they showed into the Raiders.

    Most compelling stories of the offseason and we hear it from Beat reports while hard knocks is all roses and sunshine with Gruden complaining he doesn’t know what the big deal is with Antonio.

    Knock on wood if your with me.

  16. AB is the scorpion in the story The Scorpion and The Frog. He knows he should behave properly but it’s just not in his nature.

    The Raiders put all the warnings in the contract. AB and Rosenhaus said all the right words and I’m sure they thought he would live up to the contract but the Scorpion says “I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature.”

  17. Suspend him for 1 game and turn his contract into a week to week deal with no guarantees. Solves a lot of problems.

  18. If the Raiders void his guarantees, could they then trade him to any team with his voided guarantees contract? His new team would then only have to pay him on a game by game basis. That would be better than cutting him and letting him pick which team he wants to play for.

  19. Suspend this clown and let the rest of the league blackball him. Love to see him running around crying when he is broke and nobody wants him. And when did all this “AB” nonsense start anyway? The two initial treatment is reserved for champions and guys who have done a lot more than him. The guy is a total cancer for his team and the league. Imagine if he played and Carr missed him a couple of times. Somebody should pull this punk aside and slap him silly

  20. Reading Carr’s statement between the lines goes as follows: Get him out of here, he’s locker room poison. You saw the way Brown acted, supposedly, over BR saying he should have flattened his route out. Wait until he sees Carr’s comments. More fireworks on the way.

  21. This is like watching the Terrell Owens saga repeat. All we need is a press conference where Drew R. says “Next Question!” Bonus points if AB does some pushups in the driveway, but not sure AB is that motivated.

  22. What happens after that, it’s really on Antonio Brown and what he decides to do as a professional and as a man.”

    Well there’s the problem. Brown’s showing he’s not much of either.

  23. If they don’t suspend Brown it will show Mayock to be the most spineless GM partnered with the most spineless coach in the league.

    You simply can’t threaten the general manager on the practice field in front of the entire team, coaching staff and media and get away with it.

  24. If the Raiders can get rid of him and not be obligated to pay AB another cent because of contract violations then CUT HIM LOOSE! He is locker room cancer, plain and simple.

  25. I’m beginning to think the Raiders aren’t going to do anything to AB. Must be nice to be an entitled athlete and never be held accountable for one’s actions.

  26. I hope Antonio Clown never plays another down in the NFL ,BEHAVE OR BEGONE !

  27. The dumb sheet! What a fool. Big waste of talent. Steeler nation laughing their collective butts off, and rightly so. Brown is a classic example of a spoiled, coddled, enabled cry baby, not a man. There are way too many of these diva wide receivers. Too bad more of them can’t act like Larry Fitzgerald or Julio Jones, but no, these jerks have to have everything their way or they throw temper tantrums, just like the big babies they are. Who would possibly want this loser…. Suspend him, get the money back, and spend it on a good guy, not another one of these spoiled morons….

  28. AllProArmchairQB says:
    September 6, 2019 at 4:25 am
    Sources close to Derek Carr say that Derek wants Antonio Brown to play.

    and sources close to a.b. say that he wants to play. thanks for that.

  29. Fear stalks Antonio after the Burfict hit he no longer wants to play, but can’t man up and admit it.

  30. What are the captains going to say? Are they not going to play? AB helps the team. AB helps with establishing rules of conduct. Fine him but pay him. Suspend him, but play him. The team looks tough. The players are united. The media has copy and is confused. Perfect.

  31. It’s just Karma. You run two All Pro players out of town that never caused any trouble because you can’t afford their salary demands. Then you bring in this guy and agree to his salary demands, even though you know he has a history of drama. You get what you pay for. No one takes Gruden or Maylock seriously. Gruden and Maylock are going to have to overpay for talent and take chances on questionable characters for as long as they are with the organization.

  32. Gruden show some maracas and cut this clown loose. Void the contract and he gets ZERO because he is a ZERO!

  33. Denver fan here loving this – couldn’t have come at a better time for us – lol. Go ahead after the lawers get done checking the lay on the contract suspend him. He has to be be cut today to save all that money. And if not, what would he do next? LOL – all he had to do was be a big man and pay the fine which is like petty cash to him. Or even apoligize to Mike & the team. Passion is fine, but not this.

  34. If the Raiders management does not suspend this guy and cut ties completely, they are clearly the dumbest, wimpiest, most desperate chumps in the NFL. AB is just not worth it. The only thing greater than his talent (which is substantial) is his dysfunction (which is monumental).

    I wonder if the Steelers will ever stop laughing?

  35. Raiders are not responsible for a man’s ethics and character. You must sacrifice the one to save the others. The season has now started and there can be no distractions. Time to suspend and/or release Antonio Brown. Antonio, if you are reading, please know that you are solely the problem. Fans love your talent and play, but as fans we are tired of your constant drama and “me first” attitude. The Hall of Fame doesn’t have a spot on the wall for a player like that. Please take some time and stare into the mirror. Long and hard. Then accept your part and just change it. Simple. We are behind you man. You got this. You can do it.

  36. Anyone who thinks he will be blackballed by the other teams in the NFL, if Raiders cut him, are fools.

    Washington is probably already working backdoor channels.

  37. elvoid says:
    September 6, 2019 at 9:45 am

    I wonder if the Steelers will ever stop laughing?


    Perhaps they should take a look at their record against the Patriots under Mike Tomlin….that would quiet them down

  38. WOW AB!!!!
    And I thought GGG was the man known for the BIG BIG DRAMA SHOW!!!

    Just imagine if the self-proclaimed Buff Chest was allowed to continue using his outdated helmet. All hell would have broken loose!!!

    3 quick NOTES…A) I’m sure everyone would agree that there are much better ways to rid yourself of 30 million AB!!

    B) How can Mayock or Gruden hold any other Raider player accountable if they let what AB did slide? AB’s track record from PIT up to now suggests nothing will change without him suffering some serious consequence to rid his “entitled” attitude.

    C) While I don’t condone someone who commits horrendous acts off the field/outside of the locker room, it’s usually easier for a teammate to forgive that. But when the horrendous acts are inside of the locker room, against teammates, coaches or GM, you have to go.

    The warning signs were there in PIT. Now in OAK, they are there. Usually these situations in life f*k you and you’re stuck with no out. Raider Nation has one. Please use it.

    And don’t easy street cut AB either.
    Suspend him a year with no pay. Then rip away his guaranteed money.
    Then, he either plays for you and acts accordingly or plays for no one and retirees which it seems like he wants to do anyway.

  39. Problem I have is David Carr has been acting as a spokesperson for his brother for 2 years and now in a situation such as this…he needs to take a back seat. Or his brother needs to stop providing inside information. It’s detrimental to the team. At least Rothlisberger was his own spokesperson. David now gets to hide behind his big brother.

  40. Endtimesparty says:

    Are they thinking of suspending him for the first series or for the entire first quarter? We need to be clear on this.

    Best comment of the day.

    Dividedwiistand says: Anyone who thinks he will be blackballed by the other teams in the NFL, if Raiders cut him, are fools.

    Second best comment of the day

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