Louisiana Supreme Court dismisses Rams-Saints lawsuit

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Commissioner Roger Goodell won’t be answering questions under oath, after all.

After a Louisiana trial court judge ordered Goodell and three game officials to testify in the lawsuit filed over the outcome of the NFC Championship game, the NFL took the matter to the Louisiana Supreme Court — and the Lousiana Supreme Court gave the NFL the ultimate win.

The Louisiana Supreme Court threw the case out on Friday, ending the litigation.

“[W]e find plaintiffs’ purchase of a ticket merely granted them the right of entry and a seat at the game,” the Lousiana Supreme Court explains in its four-page ruling. “[W]e find public policy considerations weigh in favor of restricting the rights of spectators to bring actions based on the conduct of officials of professional sporting leagues. . . . While we are certainly cognizant of the passion of sports fans, and particularly those who are fans of the New Orleans Saints, the courts are not the proper forum to litigate such disputes.”

So even if the outcome of a sporting event is influenced by gross fraud or outright corruption, those who bought a ticket to the game have no right to do anything about it, in Louisiana. Which means that, if the outcome of a sporting event ever is influenced by gross fraud or outright corruption, the effort to get to the truth will have to come in some other forum.

Of course, there’s no evidence that the Rams-Saints outcome resulted from gross fraud or outright corruption. The missed pass interference call resulted from a mistake by the officials, and from the absence of a mechanism for fixing it. The NFL has adopted, at least for 2019, a system for preventing such mistakes.

46 responses to “Louisiana Supreme Court dismisses Rams-Saints lawsuit

  1. Obviously biased, I’m past it. For argument sake however, did not one official try to explain that the interference happened and he was waved off?

  2. Steve Cunningham says:
    September 6, 2019 at 6:30 pm
    For your first life lesson: The one with the most money always, A-L-W-A-Y-S WINS, PERIOD!


    That guy Epstein had a bunch of money, much more then his accusers. Is committing suicide (or being murdered in jail) winning?
    Harvey Weinstein won?
    The makers of Roundup won?
    McDonald’s (though the verdict was reduced) had less money then the coffee in her lap lady?

    Yes, there are a great many advantages to having money. Money helps buy good/great/better attorney’s.
    But “A-L-W-A-Y-S WINS, PERIOD!” is simply not true. Plus it doesn’t even apply here.

  3. “Can we be done with this now? I can’t believe this is still a thing”

    Lol what are you new to the internet? We’ll be hearing about this for many years to come, from Saints fans if no one else

  4. Whether you like it or not, gamble money on it or not, ultimately pro-sports is entertainment that sets it’s own rules which all the teams and players have to agree to and get well paid for.

    Is it fair? – sometimes, sometimes not, but that’s a subjective point anyway. Courts aren’t always fair either – as Judge Dredd said: there’s no justice ma’am, there’s just the law.

  5. I’m sure Payton, Brees, saints fans and Florio will still be complaining this time next year.

    It’s a great mentality to have going into the new season.

    And again, none of this is news if Brees isn’t outplayed by Goff. If Brees doesn’t throw a pathetic int. If the officials don’t miss the face mask on Goff.

  6. I was in New Orleans for Super Bowl weekend, and look, I get it, but the Saints fans in the city had such a persecution complex about the whole thing that it seemed like they almost preferred and actually enjoyed what happened in the Rams game vs. them actually winning the game.

  7. If it a game is fixed it will have standing in the courts since it violates other laws and being a ticket holder isn’t a condition to having a grievance. The Boston Point Shaving scheme, the Black Sox scandal, and I’m sure other cases have already set the precedent on that front.

  8. Rangers84, you failed to mention the PI against Ginn on 3rd and 7 that didn’t get called. You also failed to mention Cam Jordan getting held the entire game and not one flag.

    And that Brees pick doesn’t happen if the refs do their job and throw a flag on an obvious penalty THAT GAME IS OVER !!!

    You also failed to mention Brees getting clubbed in the head by Fowler in OT as well. And again, no flag. And oh ya Johnson running into Michael Thomas way down the field allowing him to pick the pass off didn’t get called either on the same exact play.

    Your silly little facemask scrape on Goff doesn’t compare to all those missed penalties I just named. That game was a mockery and the whole world knows it.

    That was the biggest robbery in pro sports history and the league sent a FRAUD team to the Super Bowl and it was proven to be fraudulent when such a so called high powered offense scores only 3 points in the Super Bowl because they couldnt make adjustments.

  9. Finally, someone to tell the fans “you’re not as important as you think you are”. That this case had to work it’s way to the Louisiana Supreme Court only to have them issue a ruling based in common sense speaks volumes about our intelligence and feelings of self-importance as a society. Maybe finally being told “you’re nothing special” will help things trend back to normal.

  10. another ridiculous lawsuit. Just like when Zdeno Chara of my Bruins blasted Pacioretty in 2011. It was unintentional, and a bang bang play into Montreal’s goofy ass boards.

    The following week, Montreal requested an internal investigation into the hit. Really?!


  11. “the league sent a FRAUD team to the Super Bowl and it was proven to be fraudulent when such a so called high powered offense scores only 3 points in the Super Bowl because they couldnt make adjustments.”

    So what was the Saints excuse? Couldn’t hold a 13 point lead with home field advantage in the NFC Championship.

  12. It was a frivolous lawsuit that wasted a lot of taxpayer money in a state in which the poor do not get Medicaid expansion under Obama Care because politicians do not want to tax businesses or the rich.

  13. Love the people on here that are so enthusiastically against the Saints that they celebrate Goddell once again not having to answer for the mockery of the nfl that he has created

  14. I’m no lawyer but I don’t like the language in this decision. Even though I agree the Saints fans lawsuit is bogus ideally you would leave some room for gross negligence or fraud. If a game was knowingly fixed fans should have the recourse of getting their money back through the courts. You would in that case be defrauded of a fair experience. That didn’t happen here but a smarter court would allow for that possibility.

  15. basically what this says for those that cant understand is that you are not guaranteed the right to an expected outcome just bc you bought a ticket. saints fans are beyond sad at this point.

  16. Savagestarlight, a 13 point lead ain’t nothing in football whether you’re home or away.

    We lead the whole game and the Lambs needed the refs and about 4 or 5 awful no calls to even get to OT and then got another one when Fowler clubbed Brees in the head and another no call.

    Hands to the face or anywhere in the head is a penalty in the NFL. Not sure if you know that ?

    But in the AFC Title game Brady gets slapped in the shoulder and the refs can’t throw their flags fast enough.

    Stop trying to downplay the Saints performance and justify the refs incompetence…..

  17. Whew! So, are they going to let the Patriots keep the Lombardi they won, or do we still need a ruling on whether or not a coin flip is a fair way to start overtime? Somebody get Ted Wells in here! He always gets to the BOTTOM of these things!

  18. Once again, the problem with that game wasn’t just one bad no call. It was bad no calls going both ways all day for both teams. The refs wrongly decided “Let them play!” rather than do their job and it’s been a problem numerous times.

    Those who refuse to see it either didn’t see the game or didn’t care when the no calls benefited the Saints.

  19. Why haven’t the stadium workers’ unions sued the Saints for excessive noise during the NFC Championship Game? The decibel levels caused by screaming, illegal-whistle-blowing Saints fans resulted in a work environment that went far beyond legal limits, according to Louisiana state law and local ordinances.

  20. As good as this decision is it would have been even better if the court ordered the buffoon who filed this suit to pay all costs incurred in dealing with this lawsuit .

  21. The courts are not the place to litigate or resolve these kind of disputes?
    Good to know.
    So then, just where are they to be resolved?

  22. This lawsuit was never about money or reimbursement of the ticket price or anything. It was designed to get Goodell and the refs into a court room under oath to answer questions about if the NFL is rigged. This would have been a huge win for everyone, no matter what team you support.

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