Matt Nagy: Fair to question me for not playing starters in preseason

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The Bears offense fell flat against the Packers on Thursday night and one of the questions that cropped up after the game was whether their performance was tied to the decision to keep starters on the bench in the preseason.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky faced that question immediately after the game and said, via, that it was “kind of a stretch” to link the two things because the team had been smooth in practices. Head coach Matt Nagy got the question on Friday and had a different take.

While Nagy said he didn’t think plays that went wrong — he used Tarik Cohen bobbling the ball on the first offensive play of the game as an example — were related to preseason inaction, he doesn’t seem to think it’s a stretch for people to call the approach into question.

“When I go ahead and make that decision to not play in the preseason like we did, I open myself to criticism for when you don’t play well. I get that,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Tribune. “So that’s a fair question.”

The Bears now have a game under their belts and another dismal outing by the offense in Denver next week will lead to different and likely louder questions about the unit’s capabilities this season.

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  1. Both teams were awful on offense. Save for ONE drive that Ewwin Wawgers had time to pass (where was the overrated clown Khlalil Mack for most of the game?), this shows the need to enforce having starters to play a set amount of downs so that the regular season product on the field doesn’t stink – and this was a wretched fresh stool smell.

  2. Maybe Trubisky isn’t who they thought, on that day they took him over Mahomes… Or not even now, when they just need him to be average.

    I would say most teams who hold the packers to 10 points would win. But the bears found a way to lose, simply from not having an offense.

  3. If that loss last night costs the Bears a playoff spot in a tiebreaker scenario, Nagy will be facing even more questions about this at the end of the season than he is now.

  4. The same people complaining about how ugly the football was last night are the same ones that think preseason football should be done away with. You can’t win

  5. Preseason football used to be entertaining. Now coaches don’t play their starters because they receive so much criticism when someone gets injured. The result is horrible week 1 games like we saw tonight.

  6. Man…Nagy is just way too candid with what’s going on in his mind. Since the double-doink, he has said *so many things* that make me think “really? a coach is saying that?” I’m sure journalists, love it, but press conferences are not therapy sessions. He needs to learn how to minimize his content, like his former head coach, Andy Reid.

  7. bassplucker says:
    September 6, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    If that loss last night costs the Bears a playoff spot in a tiebreaker scenario, Nagy will be facing even more questions about this at the end of the season than he is now.


    There’s not going to be any playoffs for the Bears if Mitch can’t score points.

  8. September has been about getting on the same page with the rest of the offense since the last CBA. No one was expecting the Packers defense to be that fast or good, but 19 pressures, 5 sacks, and an INT vs a division opponent, on the road, is good no matter how “bad” the other offense is. Could the offenses have looked better? Sure. And they will. Both these teams get to play the Vikings and their “has been” secondary twice this year.

  9. Playing preseason was not going to change the outcome. Sadly for Bears fans this is Trubisky’s ceiling, can’t get any better than this. Whoever decided to draft him (even trading draft picks to move ahead in the draft) should be out of work immediately.

  10. When you have no lead back, no TE and no real #1 pass receiving option that at least somewhat commands a double, that is on the hotshot GM with the team in cap hell, not Trubisky.

    How are these 2 1st rd picks for Kalil Mack doing? Hmm?

    Tried to warn how badly Oakland fleeced the Bears there.

  11. The thing that would concern me as a Bears fan is Trubisky’s inability to read the D and progress through the reads (or force the ball to his first read). It even got to the point that they were running plays to limit his reads to half the field. Would playing a 3rd year player in the pre-season make a difference in those areas? Another burning question — will Tokyo ever overcome his obsession with the Vikings?

  12. Looking over the numbers so far, taking Trubsiky over Mahomes and Watson was a huge reach. And after they paid huge FA money for Mike Glennon, who wasn’t worth it. And why sign a QB to a huge FA deal if you planned to move up to draft a QB? Taking a QB that high means they generally have to play sooner than later. And Glennon Stunk, which forced Bears to play Trubisky…it was a mess.

    I think the Bears can still be decent with their defense, but hard to say what the Ceiling is for Trubisky-this is just one game–but a bad one. I always worry about QBs that are one year wonders in college. Watson and Mahomes had much more starting experience than Trubisky. That being said, it was one game.

    At least Bears didn’t take Solomon Thomas, who looks like much bigger bust. And the 49ers had another 1st rd pick they already had to cut…who is out with a torn ACL and another suspension waiting to happen with the Redskins.

  13. I don’t know which game some observers were watching last night, but my assessment to this point is that Bears coaching/front office, and any other decision maker for the team has been misjudging Trubisky for quite some time now. He DOES NOT look like an NFL QB to me, and there are a host of reasons why. The main reason is because I don’t think he has “the vision” – that one, uncoachable, unlearnable thing that an NFL QB MUST have to be successful. He just does not see the whole field at once, as all the really successful QB’s do. He doesn’t recognize open receivers quickly enough. He just lacks that talent. Time will bear this out….this is going to be a long season for the Bears.

  14. One bad game and the fans break out the pitchforks. We got embarrassed last year Week 1, why would last night be any different.

    Pace is responsible for Mack/Floyd/Roquan and the squad that’s built. Trubisky was rated higher than Mahomes/Watson. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Bears chose Ced over AR12. 9ers took Alex Smith. I mean, stop looking at the past or comparing. Trubisky is QB1. If he doesn’t progress in the Nagy System (Year 2) Pace will have to make some decisions.

    And Fangio? Sure we’re playing his defense. But our defense is playing Flacco. That’s why the play the game.

  15. How many passes would Trubisky have had if he played in the preseason? About 15? He threw 15 passes last night and passes 16-45 didn’t look any better. He wasn’t bad because he didn’t play in the preseason, he’s bad because he’s the second coming of Christian Ponder.

  16. There are so many issues with the Bears and Nagy, beginning with the false positive last year of playing a last place schedule and a one legged Aaron Rogers twice; the result is the fans, press, and players all blowing kisses to everything Mr. Gimmick, Coach Nagy says and does. This team is a little to comfortable with it self, and that started with a fandom that is incredibly loyal, and starved for a winner. The false positive had them drink the koolaid, the poor showing, (1st and 40) TWO delay of game penalties, Trubinsky stubbled around, and Tarik Cohen mishandle the ball on the first play, had the folks at soldier field grasp with reality quickly. I look forward to next week when the offense gets pounded on the road by Vic Fangio.

  17. Yeah, it’s all Trubisky’s fault. Just look at how the high powered Green Bay O romped all over the Bears’ D.
    You play like you practice folks.
    Let’s see how many upsets we have by teams that actually played their starters enough to get them in some kind of sync.

  18. Trubisky doesn’t have the same ceiling as Mahomes, and it’s fair to question what Pace saw in him (in his one year of work). At the time, though, John Fox was still the Bears’ HC. It’s hard to imagine a team coached by Fox drafting Mahomes, who had played in an Air Raid offense. Remember, the so-called draft experts hadn’t pegged Mahomes as a top-3 QB. They labeled him the second coming of Jay Cutler, whom we had just cut.

    Back to the game, after rewatching the game, I think Trubisky played one of the best games of his career so far. He does overthrow his receivers at times, cutting into their YAC (when they have to jump to secure the ball), but that loss was a mix of a poorly called game and an unscouted (and better than expected) Packers defense.

    Overall, Trubisky seemed to see the field well and he threw some good balls. Nagy, on the other hand, called a bad game. It felt like he was trying to confuse the Packers with all of his different personnel groupings, but that seemed to impact the Bears worse.

  19. Step away from the ledge, fellas. It was game one of sixteen and every team in the league has started slowly ever since the CBA restricted padded practices so severely. And especially slowly on offense.

    Trubisky made some seriously good throws in this game, into tight coverage. Not due to poor decisions on his part but due to there being no other choice. In previous years, instead of trusting himself and/or his receivers, he would have immediately tucked the ball and ran. It’s a great ability to have when needed… but only when needed.

    I thought he did some good things out there and definitely showed some growth.

    ~Not a Bear fan

  20. Denver has not played game 1 yet and still opens as favorites for this next Sunday. How quickly they can fall.

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