Matt Nagy: “Three points is ridiculous”


Three points. 254 yards of total offense. Twenty percent on third down and a 4-to-1 pass-to-run ratio.

Not exactly Matt Nagy’s fondest moment coaching a football team.

“Three points is ridiculous,” the Bears head coach said following his team’s 10-3 loss to open the season against the Green Bay Packers.

“Every fan that showed up from Chicago today that was a Chicago Bears fan, they should be upset. Because that’s not who we are, we’re better than that.”

The Packers offense wasn’t exactly prolific either but they found their way into the end zone while the Bears never could. Allen Robinson was the only significant factor on offense for Chicago, amassing 102 yards on seven receptions. That’s 40 percent of the team’s offensive output on Thursday night.

“Obviously unacceptable,” Nagy said. “Starts with me, so this… I just told the guys in there this is not who we are. I was proud of our defense. I thought they played their ass off tonight. Offensively, not good enough. And we’re going to fix it. Our guys know that”

Mitch Trubisky threw the ball 45 times and was sacked on five additional drop backs. Throw in a pair of scrambles as well and the Bears intended to pass on 52 separate offensive plays Thursday night compared to just 13 total runs, which amounts to an exact 4-to-1 disparity from a play-calling perspective. While the runs the Bears did try weren’t exactly effective, the game was always within reach to where Chicago could remain far less one-dimensional. Instead, Trubisky completed 26 of 45 passes for 228 yards (5.1 yards per attempt) with five sacks and an interception.

“We ended up throwing a lot more than (rushing). And for whatever reason we did, that’s not what we want,” Nagy said.

“I didn’t help (Trubisky) at all. I didn’t help him. I’ve got to help him. And then we’ve got to get the run game going. That’s 15 rushes in 65 plays, you’re down 7-3, but we… again, that’s something that we’re going to as a staff get back together and we’re going to figure out, OK, what are we doing as coaches and how can we get better to help these kids out.”

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  1. Well all that wanna be trickery offense you’re running isn’t good enough.
    You were in shotgun majority of the time.
    You have a great backfield. That boring I formation stuff works.

  2. “We ended up throwing a lot more than (rushing). And for whatever reason we did, that’s not what we want,” Nagy said.

    The play caller is in obvious trouble.

  3. Trubisky just isn’t the guy a team wants to put the game in his hands. They weren’t running the ball particularly well either.

  4. well maybe not playing any starters in the preseason had something to do with it. For the record for all those the preseason games don’t mean nothing how did you like your 10-3 game last night

  5. “Ridiculous” is a massive understatement. Neither team was ready to play! The offensive line coaches need to go back to high school football and take Trubisky with them. The NFL Patriot phobia claimed another victim last night – the fans who were forced to endure a frightening indictment of mediocrity. The game should have been New England v Kansas City. The Patriots earned that. But they win too much and the losing owners whine too much so the fans had to be satisfied with two bewilderingly unprepared mediocre teams. Disgusting. At least we know that neither the Bears nor the Packers will be in the Super Bowl. It should be another 100 years before the NFL will allow the Packers and Bears to kick off a season! At least the fans who watched last night will all be dead.

  6. If playing your starters in a preseason game for one quarter is the difference between winning and losing game one, what do you do?

    If you miss the playoffs by one game do you look back at preseason and think to yourself, it really wasn’t as meaningless as we told everyone?

    Thank god the Packers didn’t play Aaron in the preseason or you would not have had a chance in this game.

  7. The Bears traded 3 draft picks to move up in the draft and get David Montgomery, whose skill set is far better than the player they sent to Philly for one 6th round draft pick, Jordan Howard. And the Bear’s coach only runs the ball 15 times in a close 10-3 game, and Montgomery had a grand total of 7 touches? Howard averaged 16 touches PER GAME last year!

  8. Nagy is in WAY over his head. He is a great co-ordinator when he has John Dorsey selecting talent, and Andy Reid watching over to assure he does not freak out, like he did last night. A guy needs to know his limitations. This is gonna be a whole new year, no last place schedule plus he gets the AFC West. 7-9 is how this ends. Nice work in the preseason. The hubris is immeasurable.

  9. no one to blame but themselves. they refused to run the ball, and when they did, it was with little imagination. i know the league insists on changing football to a passing only game, but the run game is still very important.

  10. Zero offense from the Bears. Crazy. The season is on folks. As Brady said – [para] the first game is as important as a game later in the year. WAKE UP or the season will be over really quick.

  11. I am not sure why Nagy is making all these “we” statements! We statements are great when you are talking about success and execution, but the fact is he is talking about the game management . . . which should be stated squarely in the “I” statements. As in:

    “I” executed a game plan that resulting in 3 points of offense and “I” blew it.
    “I” allowed an offensive game plan that only accounted for 20% of run plays.
    “I” didn’t put my QB or offensive line in a position to win this game.
    “I” need to do better in my game prep and half time adjustments.
    “I” need to use our running back talent better than I did.
    “I” need to be able to win a game when our defense allows only 10 points.

    His whole statement is spreading around blame, as if he isn’t the head coach . . . jesus when did these guys become Teflon? At least Andy Reid would always say “I” need to do this or that . . . this guy is not fit to sit in the head coaching chair if he can’t take the heat after a terrible game and horrible game planning, with absolutely no half time adjustments.

  12. well let’s see… getting cute with a trick play on 3rd and 1 when you could have just sneaked it for a first down. not one but TWO delay of games on one drive when you actually had some momentum. how does the coach not say hey, lets keep an eye on that after the first one. totally unprepared and he even managed to out coach himself. ugly ugly game, awful preparation, terrible game plan and terrible in game coaching with no second half adjustments.

  13. They lost in the playoffs last year because their offense sputtered but spent the entire offseason scapegoating the kicker. Then they didn’t play most of the starters in the preseason. And in a 1950’s style 10-3 game they refused to run the ball despite their QB looking shaky all game long. ALL of this came directly from Nagy.

  14. I’m a Packers fan and am very thankful for a win that could’ve gone either way. The puzzling things to me were:

    1) Why didn’t the Bears establish a straight ahead run game? That had a chance.
    2) Why didn’t they use Montgomery more? Davis looked good for using a smash mouth attack, but Montgomery is really good, and can also catch.

    Not sure they would’ve won or even done any better, but it sure seems like they would have.

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