NFL has no comment on whether Antonio Brown faces Personal Conduct Policy scrutiny


The Raiders won’t be suspending receiver Antonio Brown for his reportedly hostile interaction with Raiders G.M. Mike Mayock on Wednesday. The NFL, as explained on Thursday, still could.

For now, however, the NFL is saying nothing about whether Brown’s alleged misconduct has triggered possible scrutiny under the Personal Conduct Policy.

A league spokesman declined comment regarding the situation on Friday, when asked whether Brown is subject to potential discipline for whatever it was that resulted in Brown being told to stay home on Thursday and that prompted him to make an emotional apology to teammates on Friday.

Because the Personal Conduct Policy expressly prohibits “[v]iolent or threatening behavior toward another employee or a third party in any workplace,” the league could take action against Brown, if it wants to take action against Brown, over the claim that he threatened to punch Mayock in the face. At a time when the league seems to be resisting the temptation to look for ways to suspend highly-talented players, it could be good for business for the league to look the other way on this one.

But if the league remains irritated by Brown’s futile fights over his desire to wear the helmet he wants to wear and if the league wants to give former NFL Network employee Mike Mayock a boost at a time when he’s clearly being undermined by coach Jon Gruden, maybe the NFL investigates the situation and, if the threats can be substantiated by interviewing Mayock and others, takes action against Antonio Brown.

Whatever the league plans to do, it’s currently not saying.

17 responses to “NFL has no comment on whether Antonio Brown faces Personal Conduct Policy scrutiny

  1. “Whatever the league plans to do, it’s currently not saying.”
    I jumped ahead of myself and figured the last sentence was ending ‘it’s clearly not working.’

  2. Reeks of a Gruden move where the league can be the bad guys while he continues to enable AB. I’d feel bad for Mayock, but he chose this job. I do feel sorry for Raider Nation as you guys are still facing 8+ years of this with Grudens contract.

  3. “Because the Personal Conduct Policy expressly prohibits “[v]iolent or threatening behavior toward another employee or a third party in any workplace,””

    Um, 3/4 of the NFL players would be suspended then. Have you guys not heard the type of trash-talking that goes on EVERY GAME on EVERY PLAY??? Because I’m pretty sure the football field counts as a “workplace”…

  4. Wow, waiting for the league to do their dirty work (or hoping the league turns a blind-eye so, the organization gets what they want) reaffirms what I’ve been feeling all day… This organization is not run by; Gruden, Mayock & Davis, it’s run by; a carnival sideshow man, a coward (if you can discipline for missing meetings but not racial epithets & threat of workplace violence, YOU’RE A COWARD!) & a dope. Raiders fans deserve better than this. Well, Chucky & co., you got your guy; a man with a $30 million dollar smile & 3 cent character.

  5. So, we actually have evidence in this case that Brown clearly violated the policy. If Goodell suspends players based on circumstantial evidence (see the Zeke case), then he has no excuse for not suspending Brown.

  6. I now hope AB gets his guaranteed money & wigs out again & many more times…. Raider deserve everything Bron throws at them….. he hasn’t even played a game yet & he’s been a freakin nightmare….. you reap what you sew

  7. It seems undisputed that Brown threatened Mayock with physical violence; the threat was heard by several teammates giving the NFL and California law enforcement and lawyers under the California Workplace Violence Safety Act a huge … HUGE … issue that must have been addressed before Brown was welcomed back to practice. If not, the Raider lawyers are mainlining antacids – particularly if they did not report the credible threats (Burfict had to restrain Brown) to law enforcement! I suspect Brown agreed to void his guarantees if found guilty of illegal conduct without knowing the statutes that govern his conduct. The next blow up may feature Brown being led off in handcuffs!

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