Jon Gruden: Plan is for Antonio Brown to play Monday

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The Antonio Brown saga has come full circle in a little more than 24 hours.

When Thursday started, there was no sign that the wide receiver would miss Monday night’s game against the Broncos but that changed with a report that the team was planning to suspend him after a verbal onslaught against General Manager Mike Mayock at Wednesday’s practice about posting a picture of a fine notification on social media.

Such a suspension would have voided the nearly $30 million in guaranteed money left on his contract and possibly led to his departure from the team, but no suspension was put in place.

Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus said the wideout wanted to work things out and he offered an apology to the team on Friday morning. It was apparently accepted because head coach Jon Gruden said the plan is for Brown to play against the Broncos after all.

“Antonio’s back today,” Gruden said, via Scott Bair of “We’re really excited about that. Ready to move on. He’s had a lot of time to think about things. We’re happy to have him back and I know Raider nation is excited about that too.”

There’s been no word from Mayock about whether he shares Gruden’s excitement for having Brown back on the team, but if there was a difference of opinion on that front it seems clear which of the two men got his way.

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  1. I really missed Mayock at last year’s NFL draft. I guess he’ll be there in 2020. Gruden just abdicated his control of the team to Brown. Idiotic.

  2. Am I the only one who is furious they arent disciplining him? Take about enabling. How can any other owner or GM take the raiders serious when they allow a player to threaten the GM and not even be held accountable other then saying he had to to think about his actions. I honestly hope Roger steps in on this one.

  3. So Gruden is the enabler and has all the power and Mayock is looking more and more like a puppet GM. If Mayock had any self respect he would leave this circus.

    Because it is a circus and Gruden and Brown are clowns.

  4. 2tall14 says:
    September 6, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    so the use of a racial slur is acceptable?? just wondering

    You think Raiders care? They lured Richie Incognito out of retirement and he got caught on camera dropping the N word. Not to mention all the death threats hes made.

  5. I will watch the game if Brown plays. I wouldn’t normally watch a Raiders game. This must have been orchestrated by 345 Park Avenue.

  6. For most of his public life I’ve been ambivalent about Gruden. I never thought he was a great coach nor did I think he was very good on MNF. But I was neither here nor there, just pretty much neutral on him.

    I stayed that way when he returned to the Raiders. Give him a chance, let’s see what he can do with the experience he gained in the years since Tampa.

    But this deal with Brown is defining. To undercut Mayock for this clown is too much. Gruden is very foolish and will live to regret this move. This will define him.

  7. Unbelievable. I wonder whoever made this decision? Probably Gruden. How would you feel if you’re Mayock. Mayock is probably wishing he had stayed on the NFL Network. If AB can get away with this without any repercussions what do you think he’ll do once the season starts? He’s going to go off the rails.

    Raiders are a JOKE.

  8. This insanity stems from the Top Down, starting with a fool for an owner.
    Couple that with giving a coach – who really might not be completely up to the task (for a myriad of reasons) – too much power.

  9. So when will the Raiders just come out an announce that Antonio Brown has ownership of the team? Because Jon Gruden who looks to had successful spine removal surgery is showing that Antonio Brown is clearly is running that franchise.

  10. What a lot of fols don’t realize is that he has already done enough to go after guaranteed money by skipping camp and meetings, they dont need to suspend him to do that at this point. That was clearly brought to his agents attention and told to AB. IF Tyreek Hill can come back and play why is everyone so up in arms about AB, he hasn’t beat a pregnant woman or broken a child’s arm.

  11. That sends quite the message to the rest of the team. Then they’ll release somebody here in a week or two for some minor offense and it’ll get worse yet.

  12. Oh my God, never thought I’d say this but what weak pathetic men are now running that Oakland franchise

  13. Old college football coach said at the start of every season. I treat everyone fairly but I don’t treat everyone equally.

    That’s what we have here.

  14. Does anyone think the Raider players are buying this good cop/bad cop thing Gruden is doing?

  15. If he plays Week One, then the guarantees or some of the guarantees get locked in, right? I’d think you almost have to suspend him just to keep the leverage. Why would he toe the line after the guarantees become guaranteed?

  16. When will this guy be held accountable? I’m hoping for AB that this episode will make him see the error of his ways but I doubt it. He’s a spoiled brat. He needs to hear the word “no” more often.

  17. This is ridiculous. Brown should have been let go immediately. You don’t use racial slurs and threaten your boss and then still expect to keep your job. The fact that he’s still on the roster and will apparently play on Monday is pathetic. Gruden has completely lost all my respect. (Not that he cares, but still…)

  18. Raiders are a TOTAL JOKE, win at all cost, no moral fabric, GM called a racist name & no suspension?!?!

  19. Dear Raiders ,this will be a problem every week ,move on ,no one will blame you one bit !

  20. What a spineless organization…no repercussions, no accountability. If I were the GM, I’d quit tomorrow. This is why this organization is stuck in purgatory.

  21. Complete b.s. from the Raiders. If roles were reversed Mayock would have been shown tje door quick.

  22. He’s never been told no in his life. Jon Gruden isn’t about to be the first. This will go on all year because Gruden won’t admit the mistake and he’ll be released as “a cap casualty” after the year is up.

  23. I thought it was something when David Copperfield made Diamond Head disappear.

    Rosenhaus just made a thirty million dollar suspension disappear. He should get a raise.

  24. What happened to the Raiders wanting players of high character. If AB did call Mayock a cracker that is so wrong to allow him to play let alone not be suspended. Can you imagine if a white receiver had called last year’s GM a racial charged word. Their delusional is they think this will be the first year a Super Bowl winner has a diva receiver on the team. AB new nickname is “Princess”.

  25. I know that veteran’s have their entire year vested if they play the first game. But if he gets suspended later this year, he still loses the rest of his guarantees.

    I guess the Raiders decided they’d risk this year’s salary?

  26. This “apology” wasn’t ever meant to be an actual apology. Gruden asked him to do it so they could justify playing him on Monday by saying, “he apologized to the team and we’ve moved passed it.” Gruden needs him to play to also justify the trade so he can keep thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room.

    If I were Mayock I would resign immediately.

  27. Gruden has made it clear that Mayock has no power and nobody needs to listen to anything he says.

    Mayock should tell the Raiders that he quits and just go back to TV.

  28. Suit Up!!! All the primadonna’s complaining here is staggering, get thicker skin. There’s no whinning in football!!

  29. This is just stupid. They are a 7 win team with him a 5 win team without. No meaningful run coming regardless. Why sell your soul for that? Shouldn’t they be working on building out a foundation to build upon, which includes culture?

  30. Watch…Brown gets “hurt” then claims he can’t practice or play. Raiders put him on IR, Brown collects his paycheck…Brown wins. We all say told ya so to the Raiders again.

  31. I doubt that Brown makes more than 60 receptions this year because he’ll likely be dogging it with minor “injuries” just as Randy Moss did when he came to the Raiders in 2005.

    Of course Gruden won’t assume responsibility for making this horrible trade but will lay the blame on Carr who is himself not suited for Gruden’s offensive “system”. This’ll be used as an excuse to get rid of Carr next spring and Carr will prosper again if he gets with a team with competent offensive coaching.

  32. I cannot be on board with this. Message Gruden, Raiders, and NFL is sending here totally wipes out what they have been preaching the last few years. An absolute joke

  33. Lost all respect for Jon Gruden.

    He just let AB make the whole organization look like clowns.

    And that’s what they are for putting up with that crap from AB.

    Raiders are a joke franchise under Gruden. Signing him may have been a worse deal than the AB deal.

  34. So there are consequences when you step out of line, but only if you’re not good enough to hurt the team if you’re suspended. That’s a wonderful message to send to the team. You can physically threaten and hurl racial slurs at the GM as long as you’re a star player. Wow. Just wow.

  35. This is wrong, just plain wrong. Mayock now has no respect from the players or anyone else!

  36. Gruden said that he thinks Raider Nation is excited to have AB???
    I am not a part of that nation but Gruden better hope that is the case cause if on Monday, the Raiders fans boo AB relentlessly, AB might snap on live TV in front of Millions.

    I don’t get understand this decision. I can’t believe Mayock willingly went along with this decision. This will not end well.

  37. Of course he had an emotional apology, thats what multiple personalities are experts at. Doubt the Raiders have even thought about helping this guy by getting some mandatory mental health counseling after this latest fiasco…..Mike do what I said yesterday and negotiate a buy out,your better than being a puppet….

  38. I would understand this ridiculous and spineless reversal if the team really thought it had a shot this year to get to a Super Bowl. But Gruden admitted to the Rams coaches on “Hard Knocks” that the Raiders were way off from that. They had a chance to do the right thing and blew it over the chance to win a few more games this year, maybe

  39. And come week two both AB and Tyreek Hill will be suited up and active for their respective teams. Won’t that be fun to watch.

  40. Are the Raiders going to rescind his fine too? I’m sure that apology put put him on the straight and narrow. At least if you suspend him, no more guaranteed money. Now you will have guaranteed chaos to go in hand with his guaranteed contract.

  41. Seriously what is the big deal?
    Two men get in a heated exchange about the team rules.
    One man puts him in his placed and the other apologizes.
    AB deserves a second chance and I’m pretty sure it will be his last.
    Move on.

  42. I remember when Gruden couldn’t tolerate Keyshawn anymore, but at least the Cowboys were willing to trade Joey Galloway for him. Once Brown’s torn that locker room apart, no other team will give squat for him and the Raiders will be on the hook for his guaranteed salary which will insure they will suck for that much longer. If Mayock has any self-respect left he will abandon that sinking ship now.

  43. I don’t see the benefit here for the Raiders. They’re a rebuilding team, they had a pretty good draft, have a GM and coach who are pretty safe in their jobs and could use the freed up money moving forward. They are no more a playoff team with AB than they are without him. They don’t need him. The only person who benefits from this decision is AB. Good luck convincing the other players that you’re trying to change the culture now.

  44. Now just let the resentment over his forced apology build until it boils over into an epic incident. Can’t wait. Will likely cost the Raiders a lot more by the time they acknowledge their mistake and cut bait than if they just admitted it right now, but what are you gonna do.

  45. Did AB live stream his apology? If so, the Oscar committee requests a copy. “Chest Actor Award” is wide open.

  46. AB is laughing behind their backs. He has just shown he can do whatever he wants and they won’t do anything to him. They probably even rescinded the fines. Yeah, this is going to end well. Raiders are fools for caving to that guy.

  47. chrisrivero1527 says:
    September 6, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    If AB did call Mayock a cracker that is so wrong to allow him to play let alone not be suspended. Can you imagine if a white receiver had called last year’s GM a racial charged word.


    Let’s not pretend that the two words are equals in any way with respects to emotional hurt-pain inflicted. Just the fact that you were willing to type one of them and not the other should have been enough to clue you in.

  48. he had a lot of time to think about it??? Really??

    This is a case of the Raiders willing to let him play and hopefully he balls out so they can gain interest from other teams willing to take him and his salary on

  49. I’m a black man, a Steelers fan, and all of this non-sense is disturbing to me. If a racial slur were directed at AB under the same circumstances, Mayock would have been dealt with (if not by the team, then the NFL). I don’t like the message this sends, & I hold Gruden responsible just like I held Tomlin responsible for enabling AB when he was there. I’m almost 50 and in my professional career (in the real world) I’ve experience a lot of instances of inequality, favoritism, racism, and every other ism you can think of and I dislike guys like AB because they perpetuate a stereotype that black men with money from inner city environments (such as I) can’t handle themselves. The sad thing is he has children & this kind of behavior can and likely will be repeated because he is setting the example to them. At some point teams and the league need set the tone. IMO of course.

  50. I feel really bad for Mayock. Only one in the organization willing to stand up to AB(“your either all in or all out”). What is his reward? Gets disrespected on the practice field in front of all the players and Gruden backs the player. What message does that send to the team? He is obviously a GM in name only. If I were Mayock I would tender my resignation and leave Gruden to deal with the consequences. This is a disgrace.

  51. Yikes. Raiders want to believe. There is exactly zero evidence that AB can behave like a team player. 30 million reasons to lie though. Talk about giving him all the leverage for the next 5 years. There will be another stunt, like demanding that the team vote him MVP by the end of September, or he isn’t going to practice or play anymore…

  52. I suppose it’s possible Son of Al told Gruden to make AB happy? And he also told Mayock to get over it?

  53. Raiders gonna Raider. Just when you think they can’t get any dumber…Gruden “Hold my Beer”

  54. Completely disfunctional organization, unbelievable, no suspension or anything for that kind of behavior-Steelers were wise to cut ties with AB

  55. Less than 24 hours later… “We’re glad to have him back”, “He’s had a lot of time to think about things”, “I know Raider nation is excited about that too”. The circus has arrived in Oakland.

  56. “he’s had a lot of time to think about things”

    the guy is a day removed from threatening violence against and using a racist slur towards his boss.

  57. Al Davis would have dumped this drama queen on Weds. His son is a pansy. Gruden is an enabler. If I were Mayock I’d resign.

  58. There is no way this is the end of his childish behavior. How long until the losing or not getting enough passes thrown his way will it take before his next temper tantrum? All the talent in the world does not hide the fact he has some serious mental health issues.

  59. Gruden, who is supremely overrated as an NFL coach, just lost all respect from the fans and probably the rest of his locker room.

    This is why teams like the Raiders will continue to circle the drain in perpetuity, while professional organizations like the New England Patriots are perennial super powers.

  60. I think Mike Mayock might have a legitimate case to resign but retain all the money in his contract. An employer can not force an employee to remain in a hostile work environment that the employer allowed to become hostile. Mayock should send the Raiders owner a letter informing him that Gurden has, on the part of the organization, allowed a fellow employee to threaten him, use a racial slur against him, use unprofessional and offensive language towards him and created at least one incident wherein said employee had to be physically restrained by at least one other player, with no discipline or any other repercussions. Therefore a hostile and dangerous work environment has been create that forces Mayock to forgo performing his duties, but due to this being created by ownership (via spineless Gruden) no financial harm should be incurred by Mayock.

    Then he can get a full payout settlement of his contracted salary and return to ESPN.

  61. “he’s had a lot of time to think about things”

    aka Drew Rosenhaus said he better go beg for forgiveness or he’d be kissing $29 million good bye (along with Rosenhaus’s cut of that money).

  62. Just keep appeasing him, been working great so far. Seriously, if you’re AB this just further reinforces that you are above the team and rules don’t apply to you. Why change if there are no consequences?

  63. The Raiders once more showed us they are what we thought they are. Shame on this team shame on the NFL league office .

  64. I am not a patriots fan, but incidents like this show the difference between an organization like the Raiders and an organization like the Patriots. Forget about the bad signal it sends to the team letting him get away with it, it’s a terrible organizational business decision. Suspending him one week would give the Raiders complete control over all of the rest of the money. Brown would literally be on a week to week leash forced to behave or risk losing his contract. Now the money will be guaranteed and Brown can do what he wants for the next two years. Belichick would never have done something like this. Antonio Brown and this contract will haunt the Raiders for at least the next two years and they could’ve prevented it. Idiots

  65. I miss the good old days. Guys like Lombardi, Landry and Noll wouldn’t allow this.

    There are many coaches today that would not allow this. Just imagine Bill B. in this situation…

  66. Actions have consequences!


    Apparently that isn’t true for everyone and there are some players that are above the LAW and the NFL feels are so good that they don’t have to abide by the “personal conduct policy”, we’ve seen 2 of them just this summer!

  67. Gruden is a spineless jerk. All he did was enable his imaturity. He deserves all the bad headaches he’s about to deal with.
    Just disgusting.

  68. So now that Gruden has hitched his wagon to AB’s star, it looks like he’ll be the one taking the fall when it all goes sideways. By him completely undermining his GM, there’s no one left to hide behind.

  69. Congratulations Gruden, you just abdicated your authority over team rules to Antonio Brown. If you discipline any other players, you will lose the clubhouse. Welcome to the unemployment line sir because you cannot run a team that way.

  70. Thank you Mr. Gruden and Mr. Mayock. You have continued in the fine tradition of past role models/ “managers of men” who allow these pathetic entertainers to be completely ignorant and pathetic indivduals. I did expect better from you Mr. Mayock because the Gruden brothers have shown consistently that they care more about themselves and trying to win a GAME than they care about molding boys into men and making them valuable human beings. I am embarrassed for you by your lack of integrity or character. I am without speech right now trying to figure out how I can tell me son that it is OK to be a total DB in life as long as you can run, pass/throw or catch. If all of you readers really want to see a change for the better of humanity, quit paying to see these clowns make millions of your hard earned dollars. The majority of athletes today are not worth it.

  71. Antonio will “hurt” his leg during the game and that will trigger a whole lot of guranteed money. Smart play, by Antonio.

  72. Mayock made the d3cision. If raiders win he saves his job gruden too. They need brown to save their own patute.

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