Report: Jon Gruden amused by AB’s video, thought it was “awesome”


Well, that wasn’t the expected reaction from Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who perhaps was secretly recorded by receiver Antonio Brown.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Gruden was amused by the YouTube video posted by Brown on Friday night. Gruden even called it “awesome.”

Brown put a 1:57 video on his YouTube and wrote, “With all these false narratives antagonizing me, it’s time for me to control my own narrative. Show the world I’m not the bad guy. Show the world you can free yourself from the lies and become your own person. I am not just AB the football player. I am Antonio Brown, the person, who paved a way from himself to be in charge of his own life. Watch for yourself. Link in bio. Free me!”

The video includes what appears to be a phone conversation between Brown and Gruden.

Gruden, though, apparently doesn’t care.

So as you were. . . .

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  1. Of course he did, Jon Gruden already showed that he’s spineless and is more than willing to bend over backwards for Antonio Brown.

  2. Not cool, no trust if you cannot have an off the record conversation. Very slimy, if the conversation went poorly, he would use it against him.

  3. Used to have respect for Gruden. Help get my Bucs their first Super Bowl. But wow, hes a spineless joke now. He should’ve stayed in the booth.

  4. Of course Gruden is going to laugh it up about Brown. What does he care seeing that he’s pocketed 100 mil. guaranteed regardless of how much lower he can sink a once-proud franchise? And the fact remains that as long as Gruden remains with the Raiders, 4 wins in any season will be an optimistic forecast.

  5. I’m confused.. The argument was how was gruden suppose to handle today’s NFL players?

    So far he is handling then pretty good. And he still gets criticized for the change?

  6. This guy is completely incapable of not getting the last word. It seemed like he was somehow in the clear when he got his second (hundredth) chance this morning after the apologies. But as soon as people started spreading that narrative, he had to let everyone know that he wasn’t wrong. All of us, and I mean every single one of us that isn’t him, we were wrong. It is sickening and sad for him as a human and utterly pathetic for the Raiders organization

  7. Why are they wasting money building a stadium in Vegas when all they had to do was rent Circus Circus on game day? Between the two clowns, Brown, and now Gruden, they have that position filled already.

  8. Is there any doubt he was secretly recorded? I’m pretty sure in California it’s illegal if one party doesn’t tell the other. It’s nothing compared with a highly trained athlete threatening to stomp a man with a worn AARP card but it’s another misstep from Brown that Chuckie will have to write the narrative on

  9. I believe that this guy is disintegrating before our eyes. It’s hard to see the people around him looking out for his best interest. I’ve taken pleasure taking shots at him but I’m done goofing on this guy; he needs help.

  10. Does everyone forget that Chucky had guys like Warren Sapp, and Keyshawn Johnson in Tampa. You don’t think he can handle AB? Seriously, Keyshawn ‘just throw me the f’n ball’ Johnson and you all think he is worried about lil’-me-me-me-AB.
    I do see this as the end of Mike Mayock’s run as GM. He will be privately stripped of his powers and now Gruden will be HC and GM like was always his plan.
    10 year HC contract and he doesn’t have control of his own roster?!? Haha give me a break.
    It’s all a show and you are the suckers buying HBO and direct TV just to watch. I’ve got my popcorn.
    Let the show begin!

  11. This is insane. Gruden is a terrible GM when he controls the draft and now he’s a terrible GM in regards to managing the players. This is going to bite him in the ass even worse once the Raiders are below 500 after 8 games.

  12. I wonder if Brown knows about the laws against secretly recording conversations. California is a two party consent state. He might want his lawyers to read the California Invasion of Privacy Act.

  13. How sad that Gruden appears to be kissing Brown’s behind, just as the Steelers did for years. If the Raiders can’t see that this is only the tip of the iceberg of problems Brown will create, then they are delusional and get what they deserve.

  14. What a freaking moron. typical rant, I am the victim, I didn’t do anything wrong. Time to put a muzzle on this dog and put him back in the cage. Gruden is so much like Barry Switzer letting the inmates run the Asylum, he’ll be fired after this year if they don’t win, and win big. This is crazy!

  15. He was just proving that his coach has his back 100%. That’s all he as trying to prove. Letting anyone know he won his Mike Mayock battle.

  16. Gruden’s a two faced, gutless, sell-out! If this were a back up lineman acting like Brown has, he’d have already shown him the door! No core values! And…. no way he’s a Trump supporter… he’s too spineless to be that elite.

  17. I will apologize and then create a video of a private conversation with my boss and post it for the world to see. What the F are you thinking!! You are dumb as rocks and the Raiders are even dumber for not releasing you. There’s no way I pay this guy 30mm.

  18. Oh but back few years ago Aldon Smith was drunk and hit a tree in his Mercedes he still played for the 49ers the following Sunday and no one said a word..or that dude on Bengals Rb Mixon slapped his gf around he still got drafted and Bengals were praised for good pick..I can go on and on but AB didn’t break no laws but he’s a villian and Gruden backs him up so he’s a fool.? Wow something don’t seem right lol .

  19. Enablement is a great strategy. Zero chance of it backfiring. Whether he plays for 8 more games or 8 more years, I have a feeling “Antonio Brown the human being” is going to make more than a few headlines after his playing days are done for wildly unstable or entitled behavior that crosses legal lines. Certain crap people will put up with when you are the best in the world but doesn’t quite fly in society when you can’t dominate with a helmet on

  20. Man I can’t wait to see Gruden pretend to be a tough guy when another player acts out.

  21. It’s a crime in California to record a conversation without consent of both parties. No matter how much of a craven fool Gruden is being about this, maybe Drew Rosenhaus should tell his client that committing a felony within hours of avoiding a $30M suspension isn’t a great idea.

  22. The 65,000 Oakland Raider fans who will be at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum on Monday night want to see AB make an All Pro cornerback look like a klutz.

    So, are we clear about that?

    I didn’t buy my ticket to go see Mike Mayock.

    If Al Davis was around he would not fine AB.

    Antonio Brown is a ROCK STAR… just get AB onto the stage on Monday night…so I can get what I paid for…Mayock thats your job. I do believe Marc Davis told him to BTFU.

    Knock on wood if you’re with me.

    The Raider nation is going to be Rockin on Monday night.

  23. Wow I’m starting to feel bad for Gruden. So desperate to have a decent team that hes willing to put up with all of this nonsense. Its like a guys staying with his girlfriend even though she treats him like crap and embarrasses him. I feel bad for mayock because he seems like he’s willing to stand up to AB but he doesn’t seem to have final say so hes kind of powerless.

  24. Reggie Jackson punched Billy Martin in the kisser then hit the ball over the fence. Mr Steinbrenner never benched Mr. October so in Oakland you better not bench Mr. Big Chest.

    Are we clear on that?

    Raider Vince (of the Black Hole)

  25. Gruden is indeed making himself look ridiculous. He should be standing by his GM and forming a united front . Instead, he is “amused”. Did he really say that? Brown has completely disrupted the entire franchise and the Coach is amused! The team needs to suspend this player, indefinitely!

  26. I gained respect for Gruden when he told Brown “You’re a great football player. Just shut up and play football…. how hard can that be?”

    It all wiped out by him saying that the video was “awesome”.

    Gruden is just an enabling dope. He should have come out publicly and said he was disappointed that Brown released that tape, and made Brown look awful.

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