Report: Raiders fined Antonio Brown for his interaction with Mike Mayock

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The Raiders didn’t suspend receiver Antonio Brown for his alleged altercation with G.M. Mike Mayock. But Brown reportedly didn’t go unpunished.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the Raiders fined Brown an “unspecificed amount” for his “unprofessional behavior” in interacting with Mayock.

“He’s been fined and he’s not happy,” an unnamed source told Werder.

Brown should be happy he’s still employed, and he should be happy to pay whatever fine the team imposed. Which underscores the reality that there eventually will be another explosion and another and another, until the Raiders dump Antonio Brown.

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  1. he is going to lose his mind over a lot of money…and then lose a whole LOT more money as a result. Yeah, if he gets cut another team would sign him–for a lot less. Maybe.

  2. Meanwhile Tyreek Hill who beats his gf and child got a contract extension. But Andy Reid is his coach, so it’s all quiet on the AFC West[ern] front. But yeah, Antonio Brown is the true menace.

  3. There is no leadership in this organization. Gruden is being a compliment by calling him, “Jeff Fischer 2.0.” Mark Davis has been a joke forever & dropping the hammer now (but fining for behavior that pails in comparison), Mayock has proven he’s a total coward. That organization doesn’t deserve to play in a new stadium in Las Vegas. They should be headquartered at the Cricus-Circus.

  4. Should have suspended him and voided his guarantees. Then you can go week to week and cut him anytime. Now they’re on the hook for his salary this season.

  5. One thing’s for sure, Gruden said he wanted to change the culture, well he’s gotten rid of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper and replaced them with Antonio Brown and Vontez Burfect, I’d say mission accomplished!

  6. So, this is how it first started to begin with. Another fine, will there be another blow up ? I would bet he will skip stretches before the game on Monday.

  7. This mentally unstable man-child did what he had to do to get paid – he apologized. Even a kid knows the importance of apologizing (even if he doesn’t mean it).

    Once AB’s $$$ is guaranteed this volcano is gonna explode and the Raiders will REGRET not suspending him. They’re cursed with this head case

  8. All kidding aside, he really sounds like he’s mentally ill.
    I’m not kidding, this is serious.
    He’s acting far worse than he ever has before.

    Is AB going to make it through the season?

    I thought the Steelers got ripped off, but it turns out they knew what they were doing.

  9. I’ll tell you what, the only person I agreed with was Steve Young. He infered that Bill Walsh would have cut Jerry Rice some slack if he behaved this way. Listen to the legend, not these armchair quarterbacks, Gruden. Well played, Raiders.

  10. I’m convinced Gruden is exacting his revenge against the Raiders for trading him to Tampa Bay years ago. And he’s getting paid $100 million to do it.

  11. “He’s been fined and he’s not happy,” an unnamed source told Werder.

    That’s because he’s a total narcissist and has lost all sense of reality outside of his own mind. As stated in the article, he should feel lucky. The fact that he doesn’t pretty much says it all about AB. It’s only going to get worse and worse and worse. They had their chance to rein him in by suspending him and holding his contract over his head. He shed some crocodile tears in a faux apology and is now laughing all the way to the bank. Gruden is an idiot for caving to this guy. He deserves whatever he gets.

  12. Brown should be very LUCKY to still be with Oakland at this point… Mike should have got rid of this guy long before this… This guy is going to be a big distraction he remains for the whole season…. TIME FOR TOUGH LOVE FOR BROWN….

  13. He’s been fined and he’s unhappy? Who gives a crap how this team cancer feels. He’s toxic and this will only end poorly. This guy deserved to be watching week 1 from the couch.

  14. IMO this was a poor management decision by a perennially poor franchise –Most teams would have jettisoned this cancer –and found a better way to spend the 30 million

  15. I think we should consider that Antonio Brown is a human being, and we should have some concern for his mental health.

    Clearly, something is not quite right. Maybe he was always like this or maybe it is CTE. But, the fact is, the Raiders are exploiting a sick human being for a short term gain. In the long run, it would be best for both the Raiders and Brown, if Gruden did not allow Brown to play until he has dealt with some of his mental health issues. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t work that way, and Brown continues to spiral toward rock bottom.

  16. GOOD ! … on a side note Jerry Jones going to have to offer Dak 40 million a year for five years all guaranteed to get his much needed attention back on him lol

  17. He only apologized because he knows he needs to be on the active roster on opening day to get paid. This is another scheme between him and his sleazebag agent. I can’t believe the Raiders are this dumb to fall for it..

  18. Again, I am so happy the BLO Bills did not acquire this crumb. He is TYPICAL of today’s overpaid elite athlete. I would rather have Burfict on our roster

  19. And now AB released a video of a private conversation with Gruden. Gruden how shown to be spineless. Why Mayock hasn’t resigned yet is amazing to me.

  20. Dude, I just put you back in my starting line up. Shut up, take your fine (that you deserve), and play ball. I believe though that this was probably part of his being able to play and not get suspended. ‘Okay, no suspension, but we’re gonna fine you, and you are gonna shut up about it.’

  21. Gruden has lost all credibility. AB gets away with calling his boss a cracker and threatens to hit him, then taunts him with a “fine me” and all he gets is a “fine.”

    Mayock should walk away from this dumpster fire.

    It will not end well for the Rahdurs…the second AB doesn’t get enough targets he will makes a scene and then watch out.

    In the words of the NFL’s second biggest diva…bring tour popcorn.

  22. pretend all you want you’re tired of this story, but it is GOLD for the league. drama off the field is what generates the buzz these days, not the games themselves. I expect MNF ratings this week to be higher than in many many previous years.

  23. I don’t condone AB actions and although media is watering it down his choice of word by calling Raiders GM a derogatory word it still spew out hatred. I believe at the least he should be suspended if not dropped by the organization. Let it be known I am a black male.

  24. The Raiders just don’t get it! Why do those of us sitting at home on the couch see it but the team’s management doesn’t?!

    Mayock and Gruden, listen up. AB does not like to be told what to do and how to do it. He isn’t like the rest of the guys on the team. Rules don’t apply to him. And above all, fines make him mad.

    As soon as you learn this, the season can begin. And don’t forget, he wants at least a dozen, tightly thrown spirals thrown his way, every game. AND would it hurt you to refer to him as “the best receiver in the game”?

    Now Chuckie, get going with your game plan.

  25. Please don’t resign Mayock. Keep toting the line and hold everybody.. especially “Mr. Big chest” accountable. Mike Mayock is the only member of our front office that has a sack. Jon Jellyfish Gruden is a spineless coward for not having the bravado to admit he made a huge mistake in bringing in Brown, and then doubling down by letting that clown suit up on Monday. Gruden if you are out there and if you read this post. L You’ve lost all my respect. The only thing that is keeping me from jumping ship,is Mike Mayock the General Manager.. not being the pushover little puss that you are.

  26. Raiders had golden opportunity to cut bait with this clown…

    Everything moving forward is on them.

  27. I guess all these years the Steelers just gave him whatever he wanted to keep him happy. They created this monster and the Raiders seem content to keep feeding it.

  28. I’ll be happy Monday Night when A.B goes 10-150 and a couple TD’s against Denver…

  29. I get that there have been many head scratching moments with John Gruden. I still can’t imagine he thought it was a good idea to bring a cancer like AB in.

  30. His narcissism will come out on his first big/huge game. Big Ben was his enemy, then JuJu (attacked him even when he said good things…AB can’t tell the difference between friend and enemy)…attacks Mayock, backlashes to Gruden when asked if wants to be a Raider…can’t wait to see who he spits his venom at next…it’s clear he can’t digest his own venom.

  31. Mayock should resign tonight. Divorce the raiders. He has been completely emasculated by the raiders. I’d tell gruden and ownership to raise this problem child on their own.

  32. This is exactly how abusive relationships work. Hurt, apology. Hurt, apology. Hurt, apology. It doesn’t end. Dump the idiot and move on. For once I’d like to see a team with the balls to make this guy pay. And not with money. By dropping him.

  33. Talented as he may be, his actions deserve the american version of a Chinese produce inspection. Keep him, and make him game day INACTIVE so he loses all that money. Like the produce being left on the loading docks to rot, so shall he.

  34. Thank God this goofball is not on any of the many teams I like. Oakland has been on a downhill track for several years and they continue to make boneheaded moves. Why in the world would you take this fool? There are plenty of teams that do well without these kind of negatives.

  35. And all this started because of a prima donna that wanted to get things his way and could not accept the concept of conformity of the rules put forth by his employer.
    If he wants to be an individual and to wear whatever helmet he wants to, he will just have to quit.
    Until then one has to march to the same drummer in the NFL as long as they stay in the NFL.

  36. It’s all a power play by Brown. He doesn’t care about the monetary impact of the fine. What bothers him is that it shows pushback by the Raiders. He wants to show that he has the power to do whatever he wants and the teams have to take it. It’s been going on for years. They guy is 31 years old for cry’n out loud. And I’m sick of these boiler plate apologies by athletes.

  37. I think Mayock should be commended for his actions in this matter while Gruden is a major disappointment. Yes, there will be further incidents with AB. I am so disappointed as a Raider fan and was looking forward to a successful season…but no more.

  38. The Raiders are fools for keeping Brown on the team. He’s shown what he’s like, and it’s not good. They should have cut him immediately. No player, regardless of talent, is worth this kind of insanity. The fact that the team allowed Brown to stay on the roster will come back to haunt them. Wait and see.

  39. If the Raiders had suspended this loose cannon for one game they would have had complete control of his twenty nine million dollar contract.if he had again went off the deep end they could have cut him and saved all that money but they didnt and now whatever else he does to embarrass the team they will have to eat that contract.seems Gruden has all the power and the GM has very little,if I was him I would seek tv work again,there is more respect shown there.

  40. Actually I think thats a lie. The person has to commit and act punishable and listed in the contract: missing practice, late for practice. If yelling and threatening the GM isnt part of the contract they cant fine him a dime. Would love to see the Raiders go 0-32. I’m that discusted I’m tossing in next year too. LOL

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