Terrell Owens has some advice for Antonio Brown, of course

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Here’s how you know for sure that Antonio Brown is off the reservation — even Terrell Owens thinks he has gone too far.

The Hall of Fame wideout — who had his share of authority issues when he played — said in a video for The Players Tribune that he wanted to talk to Brown, who needed to take a breath before his situation with the Raiders got any worse.

Just take some steps back,” Owens said. “Whatever frustrations you have, or feelings you have about yourself, just step back and allow your football to do your speaking for you.”

Owens thinks there’s a path for reconciliation, even after Brown threatened to punch General Manager Mike Mayock in the face this week, only to be pulled back by linebacker Vontaze Burfict (naturally).

“I think [the Raiders] should stick with him,” Owens said. “Find a way behind closed doors as men.”

Owens was appearing alongside former wideout Brandon Marshall, who suggested Brown should “humble yourself,” but didn’t have as much hope for the situation.

“If you want to win you have to separate,” Marshall said. “You can’t win with that type of distraction. If he’s going to get better, OK. But if he’s going to continue this behavior, which he probably will, done.”

The Raiders reportedly plan to suspend Brown, which would void the guarantees in his contract. That would be a difficult place from which to rebuild a relationship, but Owens apparently thinks it could be done.

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  1. TO was a complete pain in the butt but he never walked out on his team (even if he hated the coach or QB) or pulled half the stunts that AB has. And he was clutch in the super bowl working his socks off on a broken leg. So I will always give him that.

    Ironically Drew Rosenhaus also enabled the situps in the driveway nonsense that TO is remembered for. Karma was late but it came back to bite him.

  2. He isn’t going to listen anymore than Owens would have. To me neither deserves to be in the HOF because they didn’t improve their teams, just tore them down. Eagles made the Super Bowl with Owens hurt remember.

  3. ““Whatever frustrations you have, or feelings you have about yourself, just step back and allow your football to do your speaking for you.””

    Can’t let football do the talking if you’re not allowed on the field.

    And I cracked up the moment I saw the article headline. Yeah, TO, there’s a wise choice to listen to advice from. Hilarious

  4. wow, you know AB must be totally looney tunes when Terrell Owens, Burfict, and Brandon Marshall come off looking as the adults here!

  5. “I think [the Raiders] should stick with him,” Owens said. “Find a way behind closed doors as men.”


    Some in the media attempt to portray AB as TO. But there is a big difference that TO himself is even failing to recognize here.

    TO manned up and called out anyone in the lockeroom who had something to say. TO ultimately went toe to toe with Eagles DE Hugh Douglas. AB isn’t that guy. AB is a hit and run guy. AB does or says something and then runs away from it only to return at a much later date when things have cooled down. It’s his history (see Pitt), it’s who he is.

    AB isn’t going toe to toe with Vontaze Burfict anytime soon, trust that.

  6. Pretty sure if he threatened to punch Mayock over a few fines, a suspension voiding millions of dollars would not go well. Admit the mistake, let him walk, and keep building. Raiders fans deserve way better than this. As long as he don’t come to Cleveland we’re all good.

  7. It figures. You just know that sooner or later TO is going to get himself interjected in the AB fiasco. Oh well, TO is a narcissistic diva as well. He’s just got to have attention. I will say this about TO: AB makes him look like an amateur when it comes to acting out the NFL wide receiver diva role.

  8. TO was a malcontent but at least he loved the game and had a passion for the game and his team. These recievers these days just there for the fame and want to be loved by social media over balling out.

  9. All the geniuses above seem to forget that the Eagles reneged on a promise to redo T.O.’s deal after his heroics in the Super Bowl after a badly broken leg.

    TO had a right to be pissed and act like a diva. AB is just being a jerk. Apples and oranges.

  10. Insubordination with the General Manager is unacceptable. Mayock need to not be underminded or embarrassed by the Raiders if they keep Brown. Cut him now.

  11. ALL the guy had to do was go to meetings and practices. He DIDN’T do that. He casually missed meetings and practices. How does a team put up with that, even the Raiders. IT wasn’t just one or two, it was several. You can’t have a player who comes and goes as he pleases. Hence the fine. Why would AB think the team WOULDN’T fine him? Why is he upset that they did?

  12. This from the guy that refused to go to his own HoF induction. I’d put this on the pile with anything Ryan Leaf has to say about AB.

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