Tramon Williams says key to beating Bears was Mitch Trubisky being a quarterback


The Green Bay Packers will sit at the top of the NFL standings all by themselves until Sunday due to their 10-3 victory over the Chicago Bears on Thursday night to open the 2019 season.

The game was far from the most offensively inspiring game ever. The teams combined for just 467 yards of total offense and were a collective 5 for 27 on third downs. But the Packers emerged victorious as an Adrian Amos interception of Mitch Trubisky helped seal the victory for the Packers.

Cornerback Tramon Williams said after the game that Green Bay felt pretty good about their chances if they could accomplish one thing defensively.

We wanted to make Mitch play quarterback. We knew they had a lot of weapons, we knew they were dangerous, we knew all of those things. But we knew if we could make Mitch play quarterback, that we’d have a chance,” Williams said, via Matt Schneidman of

No matter whether you take Williams comments literally or figuratively, it’s a pretty blunt assessment of the Packers’ view of Trubisky’s capabilities. It would seem far more likely Williams was implying if they could force Trubisky to play from the pocket they’d feel good about their chances as opposed to literally playing the position he plays.

Trubisky didn’t play his position particularly well Thursday night. He completed just 26 of 45 passes and was sacked five times as well. A 50-12 pass-to-run ratio seemingly isn’t an ideal formula for the Bears moving forward. Trubisky dropping back to pass over 50 times in a game that remained a one-score contest throughout was something the Packers surely welcomed given Williams’ comments.

38 responses to “Tramon Williams says key to beating Bears was Mitch Trubisky being a quarterback

  1. i said a year ago he was the worst QB in the NFL. nobody agreed. well…name me one starter that is worse. I’d even take Winston and Josh Allen over Trubisky. Winston can atleast throw and Allen is only in his 2nd year.

    in fact, i’ll name you 10 backups i’d rather have than Trubisky: Brian Hoyer, ryan tannehill, blake bortles, the Giants rookie or Manning, tyrod taylor, josh mccown, teddy bridgewater, whoever is the backup and 3rd string in washington, josh rosen or fitz. I think I’d hesitate if it was peterman or mike glennon or kizer…yeah, ok, i’d take trubisky over those 3.

  2. While Tramon sounds like he’s just being honest….he should worry more about the dumb penalties he was committing left and right for a time. He made a few great plays also, but it’s likely his age is catching up with him.

  3. Every team that plays the Bears is thinking the same thing – it’s just that few players would actually say it to a reporter. Players in all sports are getting more blunt and ballsy with their comments. This could be a hell of a season for season for soundbites – and bad blood.

  4. 3 things. First Trubisky is NOT an MVP candidate and shame on the media who thought so. 2. Play calling for the Bears was bad, all run one series all pass the rest, you’re allowed to mix and match. LOL. 3. The cheese heads shouldn’t feel too great being absolute failures on offense outside of 1 (really 1 and a half) drives.

  5. While this game appeared to showcase two solid defenses, we really wont know about the Pack until they play a real offense, while with the Bears, we know they shut Rogers down.

  6. Week 1 garbage. Trubisky taking a ton of heat when his counterpart really didn’t have any better stats. Aside from 2-3 plays Rodgers was mortal.

    It’s Year 3 for Trubisky. Rodgers sat behind Favre and started Year 3. Have some perspective.

  7. As expected, the Bears defense delivered some heat on Rodgers.

    Also as expected, Mitch Trubisky was trash.

    New season, same old result.

  8. Truth.

    Huge laugh at bears making moronic trade for Mack, who had no sacks, no assists. Bears needed to keep picks to draft a real qb.

    Epic fail.

  9. It’s hard to pin that one on Mitch. I counted at least 4 drops (Cohen, Shaheen, Robinson, Gabriel) and a couple of plays where the WR just couldn’t get his foot down in bounds. On the interception, Tramon hooked Robinson’s arm in the end zone (watch the replay).

    This was a team loss, starting with the coach. I’ve never seen so many pass plays in a 4 point game.

  10. Nagy’s abandons the run at first chance, and Trubisky isn’t a stud QB. The Bears are in trouble so long as the play calling continues to showcase their greatest weaknesses, rather than hide them.

  11. It’s clear and obvious that Mitch is holding that team back from being a true contender. He’s a bad QB and shouldn’t have been taken above either Mahomes or Watson, there is no shame in admitting it. The Bears will never win a title with him throwing the ball.

  12. I hope the NFL is happy with teams and their decisions with sitting starters for most or all of the preseason games. Last night games was a direct result to start the season. Seems everyone is correct in their assessment that the preseason games are a fashion show for offenses that needs to end.

    At least the defenses looked ready.

  13. Absolutely horrible job by coach and QB. Trubisky should have been intercepted 3-4 times, this guy cannot read coverages. Nagy wasted an excellent effort by the defense, still can’t believe he passed a 51 yd FG and went for 4th and 10 only to see Trubisky run for 3 yards. It is too early to say but it looks like NFC North is wide open.

  14. The bears weakest link is Mitch Trubinsky. He is a bad NFL QB. The real problem is the leadership of the organization. Nagy, Pace, Philips, are the three stooges.

  15. Damn, what game was I watching last night? I saw a young QB that kept his team in the game while throwing accurate passes (including while on the run) and not committing any truly egregious errors.

    Yes, once the game came down to ALL ON YOUR SHOULDERS, MITCH!, he struggled with high passes, but it’s not like he wasn’t under pressure the majority of the game.

    I mean, it came down to an end zone throw with less than 2 minutes to go….

    “Young QB takes sack while trying to lead team to victory” – Is that 100% on Trubisky? Or was his O-line just getting worked all game?

  16. I feel for Bears fans. It’s bad enough that Trubisky looks lost. The thing that must really hurt is that Mahomes looks to be on the way to the HOF.

  17. I neither a Packers fan or Bears fan. After watching this game Mitch Trubisky looks like an average QB at best, and quite possibly below average.

  18. bucdan says:

    September 6, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Damn, what game was I watching last night? I saw a young QB that kept his team in the game while throwing accurate passes (including while on the run) and not committing any truly egregious errors.


    I’m wondering what game you were watching as well. Because I saw a Bears defense that kept them in the game, not a young QB. I saw a QB that was inaccurate throwing down the field, committed 2 delay of game penalties on the same drive, and should have thrown 3 interceptions if 2 weren’t dropped by Packers defenders.

  19. farewellfaircruelty says:
    September 6, 2019 at 11:03 am
    Most underrated player of the game was the Packers punter.
    The last punt was a beauty, 63yds and pretty much sealed the game.

  20. “Most underrated player of the game was the Packers punter.”


    J.K. Scott was impressive even at ‘Bama. He helped them in a few tight games back then as well.

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