Tyreek Hill signs three-year, $54 million extension with Chiefs

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The Chiefs and receiver Tyreek Hill are extending their relationship.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hill has agreed to terms on a three-year, $54 million extension. That’s a new-money average of $18 million per year, tying him with Odell Beckham Jr. as the second-highest paid receiver in football.

The Hill deal includes $35 million in guarantees.

Added to the one year left on his rookie deal, at $1.965 million, Hill has a four-year $55.965 million commitment.

It’s a surprising final chapter to a rocky offseason for Hill and the Chiefs. His status was uncertain for months due to an investigation regarding child abuse allegations involving his son. The NFL decided not to punish Hill in July, clearing the way for a resumption of negotiations that had started earlier in the year.

42 responses to “Tyreek Hill signs three-year, $54 million extension with Chiefs

  1. Suckers! He ain’t no marquise Goodwin! I cant wait for my 9ers to shock the world and get the #1 seed on their way to their 6th Lombardi!

  2. Thats a very brave move by the Chiefs. I hope there’s some strict restrictions in that contract lol

  3. The funny thing is that in Andy Reid’s early years with Philly, he wouldn’t go near “low character” guys. Maybe he’s now seeing that he’s in the twilight of his career.

  4. “That’s a new-money average of $18 million per year, tying him with Odell Beckham Jr. as the second-highest paid receiver in football”

    Meanwhile in Oakland, Antonio Brown’s head just exploded.

  5. It doesnt take bravery to extend the most explosive player in NFL history in his prime. Smart move to keep him with Mahomes for the next 4 years.

  6. This is a steel for the chiefs. Good job for the front office. As for the perpetual outraged moral keyboard warriors, get a life…

  7. Sad for all victims of domestic violence to see him put on a pedestal and having all the opportunities he has after the things he has done.

  8. Much love to those who trusted and believed.
    The truth always sets you free.
    Thank you Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs, and Chiefs Kingdom fans.
    The classiest owner, coach, and fans …by far.
    The best WR deserves the money.
    Raiders you can have AB. Hahaha
    Lets get that Lombardi baby.
    Love ya all

  9. Hopefully they make him a team captain and send him to speak to children and women groups on how his behavior is what the NFL, Roger, Andy and Clark want out of their players. Then send him to colleges to show the football players his way which is what the NFL wants on how to treat people. The is definitely the 100 year shinning moment for Roger and his sacred Shield.

    To think a few still think the NFL is not corrupt.

  10. Before anyone complains about him getting paid… if the Chiefs didn’t another team would. I imagine where there is smoke there is fire with him, but he is technically in good standing with the league.. for now.

  11. People seem to forget that the NFL interrogated this guy for hours during a months long investigation, including local state authorities, and decided that he didn’t even deserve a fine. In the meantime audio comes out showing what a crazy manipulative partner he has at home who appears to have orchestrated both this event as well as the incident in college.

    The Chiefs did the right thing. The same people that rag on the media for sensationalized headlines and misleading stories have yet to adjust their opinions based on the facts.

  12. i used to really like the chiefs. they used to have training camp nearby where i grew up. always had a soft spot for them.

    but their decisions lately have made me truly dislike them, and their fans for supporting it.

    there is truly no line when it comes to winning. if you can stay out of jail, you’re alright to play.

  13. 14m AAV for the next 4 years for a Top 5 WR in football with only 35m guaranteed? Looks like a steal.

  14. Amari Cooper is smiling right now. Doubt Cowboys will be able to keep him. No other WR will wanna get paid under $18m especially if you considered top 15 in the league.

  15. I am no Chiefs fan but he was not formally charged by the police and passed the NFL investigation. Why else can the Chiefs do? Let him walk and go play for a rival?

    In the end the Chiefs stand to lose out if Hill has another issue and is suspended.

  16. What is wrong with the AFC West? Seems like the Broncos are the only team that isn’t dysfunctional. Chiefs and Raiders rewarding terrible off the field behavior and the Chargers move and lose their entire fan base.

  17. The Chief’s goose would have been cooked if they lose Tyreek Hill after cutting Kareem Hunt.

  18. Between the lines of the field, he is “worth” every penny.

    It’s just the off the field stuff… and I don’t think I could commit that much to a guy who is consistently that close to controversy.

  19. meanj0e says:
    September 6, 2019 at 12:18 pm
    It doesnt take bravery to extend the most explosive player in NFL history in his prime. Smart move to keep him with Mahomes for the next 4 years.
    NFL all time fastest runners

    100 meters times

    Bob Hayes…………10.06 s
    Tyreek Hill………….10.19 s

    40 Yd times

    Bo Jackson…………4.12 s
    Tyreek Hill………….4.25 s

  20. Insane that the Chiefs would extend this fast, women beating fool. It is my hope that negative karma will come in waves to the over hyped chiefs

  21. trash organization. Guy beats his pregnant girlfriend and breaks his innocent kids arm gets 50 million, and reward fellow woman beater Frank Clark with 100 million.

  22. Deal with it, Haters. Hill wasn’t guilt of anything this past off-season except being in close proximity with his cray baby mama.

    He probably got railroaded way back in the beginning by the same nutjob chick.

    He and Mahomes are gonna light up every team they play this year. Get your popcorn.

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