Antonio Brown can’t play Sunday, could play Monday

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The timing of the Raiders’ decision to release receiver Antonio Brown takes him out of play for all but three of the teams still to play in Week One.

Brown’s release doesn’t become official until 4:00 p.m. ET on Saturday. So he can’t be signed by another team before then. However, rosters for all Sunday games essentially become locked as of 4:00 p.m. ET, because the league does not allow Sunday transactions. In other words, no one can sign Brown before Monday.

This means that, for example, we won’t see Antonio Brown wearing a Patriots uniform against the Steelers on Sunday night.

That said, we could still see Brown on Monday night. The Saints, Texans, or Broncos could, in theory, sign him and deploy him in the Monday night doubleheader.

This doesn’t mean any of those teams are interested. It means that Brown’s only chance of playing in Week One comes on Monday night.

30 responses to “Antonio Brown can’t play Sunday, could play Monday

  1. The Donks should sign him for 1 game vet minimum just to troll the Raiders and cut him the moment the game is over.

  2. You truly cannot make this crap up, why after witnessing the complete contempt Brown showed towards organization, team members , coaches and GM’s for not one team but two in less than a year. He has blamed everyone and everything including one play on the field and a helmet issue for his own self-absorbed ego. cares nothing about winning even in interview says he does not need football. Why oh why do teams continue to bend over for this type player and yet the other 51 on the team stares in disbelieve.

  3. Not one team should sign this guy the NFL needs to send a clear message to the rest of the players that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and that there are consequences for your actions and has no place in the NFL Period.

  4. I’ll be surprised if he signs with anyone any time soon. He’s not going to sign for the league minimum and how many teams have the cap room to sign this guy? It’ll probably be at least a few weeks until he has explored all his options–which won’t be many. Then of course the offers will be far below the $30M he just threw away. Is he going to want to play for peanuts? I seriously doubt it.

    This may be similar to what happened with Dez Bryant a few years ago. He kept holding out for more money and eventually settled for whatever he could get. In the meantime AB will be going nuts on social media which may further discourage teams. I wonder if the Jets would make a run at him with the thought that Le’Veon Bell could keep him under control.

    I wonder if AB realizes yet just how much his immaturity has cost him. Probably not.

  5. Sign him to a minimum 1 year contract and not a penny more, Jerry Jones. Tell him he can rehab his image with the most visible team in the world and pay no state income tax at the same time.

  6. Dude, no one is signing him. He’s not taking the NFL minimum because he’s “Mr. Big Chest”, and no one is giving him another 29 million guaranteed. There is no financial middle ground that could be met. He’s played his last game in the NFL. This was making headlines because no one could wrap their heads around how crazy this had gotten.

    He’s a first-ballot Hall of Shamer.

  7. Steelers gave him one of the richest wr contracts ever..he wanted out.
    Raiders followed up with more money….he wanted out.
    You could give him 100 million a year and he would still be unhappy.

  8. What’s really sad is he thinks he’s the victim and didn’t do anything wrong. What world is he living in?

  9. Has the NFL ok’d his use of non-official Crocs? Or does he have to use Disney Micky Mouse slippers? His feet bad, yo.

  10. What’s really sad is he thinks he’s the victim and didn’t do anything wrong. What world is he living in?

    He reminds me of #45 in this regard. Wish we could release 345 as easily as AB…

  11. Mike, can you or one of your staff give us a storyboard/timeline post of the AB situation? from the Steelers to.. well FA now..

  12. Yada, Yada, Yada. If he comes to your team you’ll be buying his jersey after he scores his first touchdown. Stop the hypocrisy. We have wife beaters and child abusers in the league. Let’s not act like this is the Mensa society reserved for the chosen few.

  13. I’m sure Vontaze Burfict is praying he signs with Denver, and comes across the middle of the field. If Brown signs with Denver, I hear the Raiders might hire Gregg Williams to help coach the defense.

  14. I would love the Broncos to sign him for 1 game. Get his advice on how to beat the Faders or just to mess with them – LOL. WTH would ANY team waste the time & effort to try to get him to show up for practice let alone a game? Now we get to see that he really is more about being a “man” vs a football player. Just to put it in perspective – his career earnings without this contract is 70 million & he counts against the Steelers Cap THIS year at 22 million. More than any other Steeler. This is what you get with the out of control salaries in the NFL. But wait he must give a lot to charity – NOPE 100K last year. So now he is retired at the age of 30. I just HOPE some dumb organization thinks they can “fix him or work with him” I am looking at you Washington or KC or the Browns. Buckle up this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

  15. I’m surprised AB isn’t suing the league so he could play Sunday against the Steelers.
    I’m also surprised he didn’t quit once he realized he couldn’t play week 1.
    But there’s still time…

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