Antonio Brown won’t play until his guarantees are restored

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The Antonio Brown era in Oakland appears to be over before it begins.

Although a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the relevant communications from the Raiders are open to interpretation (i.e., a grievance will be coming), Brown believes the Raiders have stripped his remaining guarantees in the amount of $29.125 million.

Brown told Jeff Darlington of ESPN via email that the Raiders “took away my guarantees,” and that there’s “no way I play after they took that and made my contract week to week.”

Brown can’t be forced to play. The question is whether the Raiders will discipline him — or cut him — for refusing to play.

Of course, he wants to be cut. There may be another path the Raiders can take, and if Brown isn’t careful he’s going to end up playing right into their strategy, if he doesn’t play on Monday.

I’ll outline that potential strategy in the next post.

51 responses to “Antonio Brown won’t play until his guarantees are restored

  1. You ae on the hot seat now Chucky, maybe you can take the blinders off and see Brown as he actually is. Sorry is a chaep word over used in the NFL

  2. Just move on hes a cancer!unless your gonna let him run the show like in Pittsburgh hes not gonna be happy.

  3. AB leaking information. I thought they would have to suspend him to take the guaranteed money. It’s like he never wanted to play in the first place.

  4. At least the Raiders are standing up to him. The Steelers rolled over for years and placated his every whim. Of course look at all the cover-ups for Ben so I guess it’s more of an organizational philosophy than anything.

  5. I just wanna take this time as a Raiders fan to apologize to all the Steelers fans. You guys were 100% right about Brown. I’m sure if we release him someone will sign him. But I bet he doesn’t get 15 million a year. He’s fishing for a league minimum (prove you’re not crazy) deal.

  6. Do the smart thing…. Give him all his guaranteed money…. I mean what could possibly go wrong after that???!!!

  7. Idk if they can but the nfl should step in now and never let this man play another game in the nfl. This is bizarre and rediculous behavior and until he goes through proper steps too check his mental health he should be suspended indefinitely

  8. This may end up driving Mayock into early retirement. I’ve been watching the NFL for nearly 45 years, I don’t ever recall anything like this. What a disaster.

  9. I hope that they did void his guarantees. He should just man up and accept that his behaviour lead to this and take full responsability for it. Beyond AB the football player, you have Antonio Brown, the human being, the father, the role model,just like he said. Being a father myself, the exemple he gives to his kids is absolutly terrible.

  10. Please don’t release. They’ll get no compensation for releasing him. Might as well just let him rot for the rest of his contract. All his salary is in guarantees which are voided.

  11. From $29 million in guarantees to hoping for a chance at league minimum before ever stepping foot on the field as a Raider. You really have to work hard at being a nutjob to make that happen.

  12. Sorry, Raiders’ fans, you were warned. I have no animosity towards Raiders’ fans, but most of you laughed, and said sour grapes, when Steelers’ fans were posting how happy they were that Brown was gone. Believe us now?

  13. Not a raiders fan but this fan base deserves so much better. With the stadium move and now this crap. Very sad too see too such a legendary team. Their fans deserve better

  14. Sounds like this cat knows he can’t deliver what his mouth is chattering anymore and is looking for a way out.On the wrong side of thirty , skills declining hmmmmm

  15. How happy are Bills fans right now that that trade didn’t go through? How happy is Reggie McKenzie that he doesn’t have to deal with all of this crap?

    Wasn’t it just one year ago that Brown and Juju were doing the Fortnite dance in Pizza Hut commercials? How the hell did we get to this???

  16. Where is Mark Davis in all this? This is where an owner has to step in and take charge. Fire this fool already and actually not having to pay him a dime and restore some measure of respect to the Raider brand.

  17. Raiders and Brown sign contract with a clause saying guarantees can be voided if Brown acts like a nutjob.

    Brown acts like a nutjob. Raiders void Brown’s guarantees.

    Brown: Surprised Pikachu

  18. “He’ll be in Foxboro by Friday, playing for the league minimum. Book it.”

    Thankfully when someone on this site uses the phrase “book it” they are wrong 99.99% of the time.

    Belichick will never touch this cancer. I’d be stunned if they gave him a chance even at vet minimum.

  19. Idk if they can but the nfl should step in now and never let this man play another game in the nfl. This is bizarre and rediculous behavior and until he goes through proper steps too check his mental health he should be suspended indefinitely

    Yeah it is getting a little bizarre this is worse than richie incognito, oh wait, isn’t he on the roster too. Oh yeah it’s business as usual then.

  20. patriotsdefense says:
    September 7, 2019 at 10:05 am
    Terry Glenn in New England is what they are gonna do to him

    So, Terry had a few years in New England. But On March 11, 2002, he was traded to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for a 2002 fourth round pick (#126-Jarvis Green) and a 2003 conditional pick (#128-Bryant McNeal). As part of the deal, Glenn dropped a series of grievances against the Patriots.

    I don’t see the Raiders trading Brown to Green Bay but hey, what do I know.

  21. ladies and gentleman, if you want to see what an emotional and mental breakdown looks like; follow antonio brown.

  22. So Mayock doesn’t explain everything the Raiders are doing, fining and guarantee removal to Brown BEFORE he lets Brown do anything with the Raiders? It’s one leaked story after another. One reaction after another. Doesn’t look good for the management of the Raiders.

  23. BYE BYE enjoy life as a clown because your football days are over there isn’t a GM out there that would take a chance on this guy. Not even Andy Reid and that’s saying something

  24. The language in Raiders WR Antonio Brown’s contract: “If at any time Player does not report to Club; does not practice or play with Club; leaves Club w/o prior written approval … then player shall be in default and the Skill, Injury and Cap guarantee shall be null and void.”
    — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) September 7, 2019

  25. FIRE GRUDEN NOW!!!! He created this mess by not sticking up for Mayock, who was the only adult trying to do the right thing for the entire organization. Gruden created this and he has to now be held accountable!!!!

  26. I would sit him and let him stew. That way, he can’t be picked up by another team (especially in the division). He may learn his lesson. The management and coaching may be able to save face by finally not putting up with his nonsense.

  27. I guess AB didn’t notice that the Marvin Lewis isn’t running the circus in Cincinnati anymore. Someone should inform him that Gruden and the Raiders were his last option! Lol

  28. HurtsToReadComments says:
    September 7, 2019 at 11:02 am
    Steelers 2
    Raiders 0

    Enjoy that AB & Bryant WR combo

    The fact that there is a chance that the wide receiver traded between the Steelers and Raiders who will catch the most passes this season in Ryan Switzer is mind-blowing.

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