Drew Rosenhaus embarks on search for Antonio Brown’s next team

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Antonio Brown got what he wanted. Now, he gets to try to find a new team.

“Now that Antonio is a free agent, we are focused on the future and I will immediately work on signing him to a new team,” agent Drew Rosenhaus told PFT via text message. “Antonio is looking forward to a new beginning.”

While Brown quite likely will draw interest — extreme talent always buys second chances — he surely won’t get $30 million guaranteed from his next new team. What if no one makes him the kind of financial offer that he believes matches his ability?

So, yes, someone will want him. But, no, his financial situation likely won’t be what it was in Oakland. And there may indeed be a lower limit below which Brown will simply not play.

173 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus embarks on search for Antonio Brown’s next team

  1. “Drew Rosenhaus embarks on search for a way to salvage a commission for all the time he’s wasted on Antonio Brown”

    There, fixed your headline for you.

  2. At some point I guess the jokes need to stop and this dude’s family or his agent need to get Antonio Brown to a psychiatrist.

  3. Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye.

    BTW we don’t want you here, even for free.

  4. at least its finally over. time to move on.

    as the Pit fans said to us raider fans i say to the next teams fans.

    good luck

  5. bird chest mouthed his way out of a lucrative job. So much for the heartfelt apology yesterday, huh? This guy is a raving lunatic and devastates everything in his path. Look at all the attention that follows this idiot, and it’s not positive attention either. What team in their right mind would want a guy like this? Seriously, he is way way WAY more trouble than he is worth. You can’t depend on him for even 24 hours before something might happen.

  6. He won’t play.
    I cannot see him getting anything more than league minimum on a 1 year prove it deal.
    No guarantees and lots of restrictions.
    He won’t play.

  7. He got what he wanted as a Raiders fan I was so excited when we traded for him but im being honest I feel a bit more better we released him after the drama been going on of late. I hope this move is a positive one in the locker room and on the field from the organization to players to us fans either your 100% RAIDERS or not and he was not….RN4L….

  8. Could rosenhaus be this dumb? Looking for a new beginning!? Thats what the raiders were supposed to be. If I were a GM there no way i even entertain thought of signing him.

  9. I missed the post where the Raiders released him. Things moving that fast or is Rosenhaus talking out of his hind quarters as usual?

  10. If this were a game of poker, I’d be wondering if AB has a tell.
    When AB stopped following the Raiders on instagram, AB started following the Texans.

  11. Mr. Big Head is not worth it for anyone. He’s already betrayed 2 teams trust. I’m usually on players sides when it comes to getting their money and having leverage but Antonio Brown is not doing any of them any favors. Toxic dude wouldn’t touch him.

  12. What team is going to want him after his behavior these past several days? Sure, he can play. He can also tear apart team chemistry. I would not be surprised if Dallas went after him. After all, they signed T.O. after the Eagles cut him and nobody else wanted him. The problem is I was watching the four-letter network yesterday and they had T.O. on and even he said his behavior was indefensible. When you have a a guy like T.O. saying you’re out of control, you’re out of control.

  13. This guy got himself kicked off two teams in 6 months. Good luck finding a third team who is dumb enough to sign up for this circus. He’s done, unless he wants to play for the league minimum – with zero guarantees.

  14. This simply isn’t fair to the Raiders. The league should step in and negate the trade and return their draft picks. The NFL owners need to get together and agree not to sign this child to a contract without a penny of guaranteed money.

  15. You would have to make $100k for 30 years to make what he gave away.

    This man needs help. Rosenhouse needs to go away as well.

  16. He had a “new beginning” with the Raiders, and flushed it down the crapper. Brown probably thinks someone’s going to make him the highest paid receiver in football with a fully guaranteed contract.

  17. Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bears will all be gunning for his services. Cowboys will likely win this one.

  18. I expect the usual attention-seeking owners like Daniel Snyder or Jerry Jones to embrace this malignant turd

  19. For his own sake, it would be good to be out of the league for a year. Maybe help him to figure out what it will be like when there is no attention and no massive checks rolling in. I dont see that happening though. I would guess guess dallas or KC as the two top options for landing spots. Both teams believe they can win now and neither is shy about taking on controversial players.

  20. I honestly don’t get why people are saying the Pats will want him. Gordon is playing pretty cheap and his issues are mainly self-control related. AB is a diva and unpredictable and there’s no way BB is allocating resources to a wackadoodle like that.

  21. I can’t believe Drew hasn’t told him to go pound sand. After all, by having a meltdown and talking his way out of $30M guaranteed Drew lost his 3%–that’s $900k. After all the work Drew did behind the scenes to save ABs job, AB decided he needed to throw another temper tantrum and now he’s painted himself into a very small corner. Why would Drew want to represent a guy who is nothing but trouble?

  22. Drew Rosenhaus should be contacting mental health professionals not other teams ,I don’t say this jokingly ,this is giving me anxiety !

  23. How do you look forward to a new beginning when you didn’t even start your prior new beginning? Is he looking forward to a newer beginning? If there’s such thing as horse shoes, are there horse socks? Is anybody even listening to me?


  24. Anybody who goes near this self-centred clown is nuts!
    When he was out of Pittsburgh, his departure was widely viewed as “addition” by “subtraction”.
    Hope he sits on his brains and doesn’t have the opportunity to bring toxicity to any other team,

  25. I’ll say it this way.

    I’m a sad Lions fan, and we have depth issues at WR, and I still don’t want this cancer anywhere near my team.

    Go get your big contract in Washington or Miami where they love to throw money away and watch your career disappear like you deserve.

  26. Brown needs 10 targets a game just to keep him from blowing up so where is that available? A team has to sell its soul and make it all about AB…..and at what point does he lose all player support? If I were a WR and he signed with my team……I would be quick to punch him in the mouth.

  27. I wonder if AB’s ego (and fear of being mocked by Pittsburgh) wouldn’t let him play for a team that might not have been good this year.

  28. So for Brown (3rd & 5th) this year and Martavis Bryant (3rd) last year, the Steelers got qb Mason Rudolph (Big Ben’s heir), wr Diontae Johnson (looks really good) and te Zach Gentry (6’7″ and looks like huge potential).

    We robbed them Raiders!

    Go Steelers!

  29. Ironic that Brown’s implosion comes to an end with the Raiders, on the same day Julio signs a record-setting contract for a receiver. Brown needs help and whether or not he finds it with a mentor like a Julio, his life is redeemable. He is at a crossroads right now that could go either way, with or without football.

  30. If he comes to Wisconsin, we’ll have him for lunch. Main course Brownies.

  31. “Antonio is looking forward to a new beginning.”

    He had one. It was called “Oakland”. How’d that go, Antonio?

  32. That dude just ruined the rest of his career and he has no one else to blame. He’ll be playing for one-year contracts because nobody wants a 31year old drama queen that is about to hit the wall.

  33. This Raider fan agrees with most of you this guy should never play again. But the truth is he will. He’ll sign for a year on the cheap, put up good numbers and cash in next year.
    I’m sure other teams in the Steelers or Raiders division are already making some cheap offers to him giving him the revenge factor.

  34. Not even Mike Brown, the 2nd and 3rd chance redeemer, would want this headache. (“Wait a minute, Drew, did you say half price?)

  35. You can’t write this story in a fictional novel: Forces way out of team, gets fired from new team [for being a first class knucklehead] before the season even starts, expects to be paid at same level…
    As for the Patriots rumors… BB knows what AB can do. But he also knows who he is. I can’t see it happening. Besides The Pats maintain talent by NOT paying these one player salary cap effecting deals.

  36. He’ll probably have a job very quickly, I mean I really doubt the other 31 teams are even aware of his problems or paid any attention to this story. 😉

  37. tdskinz says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:29 pm
    You would have to make $100k for 30 years to make what he gave away.

    This man needs help. Rosenhouse needs to go away as well.

    5 2 Rate This


    Math can be hard, so I’ll help you (and the 5 people who gave you a thumbs up) out:

    It would take someone making $100k annually 300 years to make what he gave away. Insane

  38. He woulda coulda shoulda kneeled a couple of times before doing all this. Mike would be 100% on his side with the rest of the media. AB could then file a lawsuit and make the NFL pay him millions for “sacrificing everything”.

  39. Brown’s admission and posting of illegally obtained video and telephone conversations – criminal offenses in California – makes Rosenhaus’ task virtually impossible. The NFL will need to assess Brown’s conduct and levy its punishment (if any) before any team will touch Brown. Moreover, what organization is willing to employ a player who has engaged in illegal wiretapping on top of the clown act he seems to have perfected. Brown needs a mental evaluation, a thorough neurological exam together with an immediate NFL drug test due to his irrational behavior. Without knowing the source of his irrational conduct it seems idiotic to sign and rely upon him to play professional football except in the Madden game.

  40. Cleveland loves these “High” character players, be a nice fit with Beckham, two easy going players they mind their own business and are never a distraction on or off the field………

  41. rodgersfeeblecollarbone says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:34 pm
    I’ll say it this way.

    I’m a sad Lions fan, and we have depth issues at WR, and I still don’t want this cancer anywhere near my team.
    I’m right there with you. Don’t want him in Detroit. Would love to see him sign with the Bears, Pack, or Vikes tho. I’m hoping he does

  42. tdskinz says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:29 pm
    You would have to make $100k for 30 years to make what he gave away.
    This man needs help. Rosenhouse needs to go away as well.
    Check your math dude, you would have to make 100K for 300 years to earn 30 million.

  43. At least when TO and Chad Johnson went crazy it was funny. This dude is just an egotistical nightmare. I remember people saying the browns got ripped off in OBJ compared to Oakland. ObJ hasn’t been nearly this much of a distraction

  44. I agree best move for the Raiders going forward.
    And to Mr French Feet as well.
    Figure he gets a 2 year deal, prove it 1 + 1 year variety. Incentive laden based on games played, practice, and stats. A pay for play. But not going to a sub 500 team, so no AZ, etc…
    Pats like retreads on the cheap, Cleveland would give AB way to stick it to Pitt twice, Jets and he is back with LB, SEA players coach team, Houston why not, it’s a free player…

  45. Today’s NFL. They reward DIVA, money driven, selfish, cry baby players like Brown with guaranteed money contracts. I’m glad to see the Raiders take a stand. I actually respect the organization a lot more now. Now let’s see what franchise breaks and signs this clown.

  46. Two teams that won’t be interested – Raiders and Steelers. Which team will think they can tolerate his selfish, diva behavior?

  47. I don’t understand commenters saying he’ll play for the league minimum on a 1 year deal. He could have basically made the league minimum (for his years in the league) by playing ONE game with the Raiders. No way is he going to play a full season for league minimum.

  48. AB and Rosenhaus did this on purpose to get out of Raiders contract while negotiating with another team in the background. They had an agreement in place with another team (probably a contender) long ago.

  49. Sorry, but if this guy gets re-signed because someone was willing to risk having this plutonium grade level cancer in the locker room, but Kap can’t even get a tryout with quarterback starved teams, then I truly give up trying to understand the morals of this league.

  50. So basically AB is going to leave the Raiders actually owing them money after his fines. Great job Drew how do you get your 15% of that?

  51. So wait…..the Raiders gave up two draft pick for nothing?

    This from the guy who rags on Tomlin all the time. I guess you realize Tomlin was very smart to get as much out of AB as he did. Another Pats clown said the Raiders got a bounce….? Is that what its about….a bounce I thought was about Lombardis so thanks for pointing that out.

    And lastly what all seem to forget is AB is still a human who happens to need some friendship and guidance in his our of need……if he will take so all you critical commenters I hope you feel better now that you have crapped on AB.

  52. Yea let him wreck another Locker room, if this guy is not careful he is on a path like Titus young

  53. Seattle may want him but I doubt that. They are tight in cap space, and Petey is not the kind of coach who takes on prima donnas. He got rid of good players when they stopped listening to him, and AB does not listen to anybody, except perhaps Terrell Owens, his mentor.

  54. xpensivewinos says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:23 pm
    At some point I guess the jokes need to stop and this dude’s family or his agent need to get Antonio Brown to a psychiatrist.


    Was just about to make a similar post. This was funny for a while, but Antonio is clearly a dangerously mentally unstable person. This is no joke anymore. Someone needs to step in and help this guy.

  55. He’s 31 yrs old & he’s made $73 million (before taxes) already in his career & the Steelers are hit with $21 million (1/9th) of their cap this year. Was it worth it to Pittsburgh to get a 3rd & 5th pick back?
    I wonder how successful he would’ve been without Ben throwing to him? He’s 5’10” & originally a 6th round draft pick.

  56. Mouth and antics versus talent, versus value to any team wanting his services. Not an easy sell for Drew. No way any NFL team will pony up what the Raiders paid to secure Brown’s services. If any contract is offered Brown, it will be a small salary with a highly incentive laden contract including behavior. Even with that, any team would have to be desperate for a WR.

  57. Well, it is finally finished. Or is it all just beginning? Stay tuned NFL fans everywhere that pay attention to this type idiocy.

  58. Question(s) — does Rosenhaus get paid anything for the Raiders deal, or is he totally out of luck? Do agents have any kind of “if you get cut due to off-the-field shenanigans, you still owe me” clause?

  59. Rosenhaus should be stepping in to get him help instead he’s looking to recoup his commission

  60. Antonio Brown was made for the XFL. Vince McMahon would love this guy. He’s bigger than life, has all the media attention in the world, and would jack up television ratings significantly. He’s a total head case, to be sure, but McMahon is used to that.

  61. You call Rosenhaus a clown if you want. His personality leaves a lot to be desired.

    But he’s been at this since the mid-90s, since before some of you were born. And he’s been successful the entire time.

    He’ll find AB a situation and get him some pretty pink $$.

    No question.

  62. Yes raiders lost two picks but they were smart to anticipate some of this and structured the contract to keep from also losing the big bucks. Plus keep in mind it was ab who caused all this.the ra8ders d8d n9th9ng to deserve this.they were willing to pay the money for the performance.

  63. Freddie Kitchens seems pretty sure of him. Would be hilarious to see him in Cleveland. I’m not sure who would talk more AB or Baker.

  64. Go to the Bears!!!! Our offense needs a special talent badly!!!! We have an awesome defense but no offense. I’ll deal with the circus; anything is better than being boring like the snoozefest Thursday night! AB hasn’t done anything illegal; he is just a loudmouthed racist and we’ve had one of those as President for two years! No big deal….

  65. Since AB did not get a single dime from the Raiders, I wonder if the agent got any money from that contact that supposely paid AB 29 mil. If not, then he worked for nothing.

  66. There’s only one response here Drew, and that’s to sit Brown down and plead for him to accept some HELP. This has long passed diva behavior.

  67. I’ve been out of the country for the last 10 months. Can someone please let me know what’s transpired with Antonio Brown in a couple of sentences? LOL.

  68. When you have game changing skill like AB, some team will emerge. They’ll think they are the team, coach ect that can change him. Problem is and I seriously mean this is AB has mental issues. CTE or bi-polar ect. He really has mental issues that need attention.

  69. “The Raiders got hosed”

    Raiders hosed themselves! They traded for him. They could have ended the drama weeks ago but chose to wait until the season opener to take action. I only feel sorry for the players and coaches who had to put up with the circus.

  70. When you have been witness to all of Brown’s garbage and now as if nothing was Brown’s fault his agent is looking for a new beginning. Reality is not even in this guys vocabulary. For a world that produces zero self absorption of importance is out of this world

  71. Rosenhaus’ next move if he still wants to be viewed as a top agent would be to FIRE AB IMMEDIATELY.

  72. stiffmcgriff says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:23 pm
    The Raiders got hosed
    Hosed? If you look at losing a 3rd and 5th then yes. If you look at what they are on the hook for in guaranteed salary then no.

  73. Which team is so desperate that they’d take a chance on AB paying over the price of a value menu item at Wendy’s?

  74. This is gonna sound crazy but is Pittsburgh an option? Maybe going back home to Ben is what he needs.

  75. ABinAtown says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:28 pm
    “This simply isn’t fair to the Raiders. The league should step in and negate the trade and return their draft picks. The NFL owners need to get together and agree not to sign this child to a contract without a penny of guaranteed money.”

    That would be collusion, won’t happen. Unlike Kap though, AB has talent.

  76. I smell a Rat! Collusion period, had a contract 5 minutes after release. Agent Drew Rosenhaus should be black-balled for conduct detrimental to the league!! Now all the inmates will start doing the same!!

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