Julio Jones is expected to push the receiver market to $22 million per year

Getty Images

Falcons receiver Julio Jones arguably is the best in the league at what he does. He’s about to be paid better than any other person who ever has played the position.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports that Jones’ new contract extension will pay out roughly $66 million over three years. That’s $22 million in new money.

And that meshes with rumors that had been trickling around the league in recent days. We’d actually heard that Jones could make as much as $23 million per year.

Even at $22 million, Jones would push the new-money bar more than $2 million higher.

Given the money remaining on his current contract, the new five-year deal will pay Jones $87 million over five years, if the extension is indeed worth $66 million over three years.

Jones’ current deal averages $15 million annually; his desire for a new contract coincided with (not coincidentally) quarterback Matt Ryan getting $30 million per year.