Report: Julio Jones finalizing deal

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Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones still doesn’t have his much-discussed contract extension, but he’s reportedly about to.

Jones and the Falcons are finalizing a new contract and expect to have it done today, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

The contract extension has been expected for weeks, and when it didn’t come this week questions were raised about whether Jones was getting upset with the team for not finishing his deal. Jones himself made some confusing statements during the week that were interpreted by some as saying he might not play on Sunday if he doesn’t have his new contract.

Now it appears that he has the contract just about finalized, and according to the report it makes him “by far” the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

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  1. Julio is overrated. He’s very good, but his stats come in big chunks like he’ll have 200 yards then next week he has 50. He tends to disappear for large stretches. He’s not that good in the redzone either. A guy his size should be a TD machine but he has relatively few TDs

    It’s not Matt Ryan’s fault either. He throws plenty of redzone TDs, just not that many to Julio.

    Julio has 10 TDs in one season. That is the ONLY time he ever had double digits in a season. In all other seasons, he has never had more than 8. In fact, in 4 of 8 seasons, Julio has had 6 or fewer TDs.

    Calvin Ridley had 10 last year.

    Sorry but Julio is overrated. TDs matter and for whatever reason, he struggles to find the endzone.

  2. He’s certainly shown that he merits top WR pay. The problem is top WR pay has gotten completely out of hand as a percentage of total cap spending. Just as it did at the Safety position there is an inevitable market correction that has to come, it’s just not here yet. And since it hasn’t yet arrived by all means pay that man his money.

  3. While we all witness the implosion of the Raider / Brown relationship, I think it would be remiss to ignore a WR that handled his business the right way. Oh, and he’s the best in the league. Glad he’s the highest paid. Now RiseUp and get ready for Miami!

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