The Raiders have released Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown keeps getting what he wants. Sort of.

After the Raiders wiped out more than $29 million in guaranteed money under Brown’s contract with the team, Brown asked to be released. And the Raiders have released him.

The move avoids any chance at Termination Pay, which would have potentially entitled Brown to $14.625 million if he were on the Week One roster. A fight surely is looming over the attempt to invalidate Brown’s guaranteed money.

Brown immediately becomes a free agent, able to sign with any team. The next question becomes whether any other team will want him.

The talent will seduce someone, but the talent has its limits. As both the Steelers and Raiders have realized this year.

141 responses to “The Raiders have released Antonio Brown

  1. How much of the same old jets wanna be the same old jets? We about to find out!! 😉

  2. About time.

    The big question is – where will he go?

    Can Belichick work his magic with him? He hates players with ABs attitude and I’m sure Brady doesn’t like that either.

    What team will take him?

  3. People are going to pile on AB because it’s easy to make fun of a mentally unstable guy

    but the truth is this kinda blows for the NFL. who the hell wants to watch Tyrell Williams drop passes every week??

  4. Leaving aside the circus he created, what team would sign a player who has admitted to breaking the law and will likely be subject to devastating NFL discipline? Brown wiretaps his coaches, videos meetings without permission and demands a team follow HIS rules. Any team that signs him should make their GM wear a Bozo the clown suit.

  5. This was a disaster from start to finish for the Raiders. Salute to Mike Tomlin. He not only kept the lid on how bad this was but got HOF-caliber production out of him.

  6. They said they wouldent and they shouldent have. Keep him from having a chance to play anywhere. I doubt anyone will pick him up, but dont take the chance.

  7. Wow, just wow.
    Dude just tantrummed himself out of the league and soon to be into the poorhouse.
    Maybe Tomlin was a genius for being able to put up with AB for as long as he did.

  8. That didn’t take long but it was probably the smart thing to do. Addition by subtraction.

    Who in their right mind would take a chance on this guy now? He may have just ended his NFL career. I know all the Patriots fans will be talking about BB signing him but I can’t imagine BB would want anything to do with him. He absolutely cannot be controlled. For whatever reason he decided to take his childish behavior to another level with the Raiders. He may have wanted to be released but if he thinks he’s going to get anyone to give him anything more than a week-to-week contract he’s more clueless than I thought.

  9. Press releases are usually boring after a trade or release. “We would like to thank so and so for his contributions, however both sides decided it was best to move on, yadda yadda yadda, and we wish him the best” or something along those lines. What Gruden and Mayock have to say, however, should be quite interesting!

  10. The Raiders finally did the right thing but they shouldn’t be excused from this fiasco. They traded for this guy knowing what he was. Then they enabled him and wanted him back for week one even after AB’s public meltdown. Gruden looks like a fool and he lost all credibility around the league the way he played this out. Remember Oakland drafted Ferell over more talented players due to his “high Character” but went the opposite way with AB. Same old Raiders………

  11. Antonio Brown to the Cleveland Browns, they have a way with DIVA wide receivers and he and OBJ can start their own support group!

  12. It’s time for Brown to come to Green Bay. We could use some drama.

  13. There always seems to be a GM/Owner/Coach somewhere that has severe Florence Nightingale syndrome and will pick the idiot up thinking they can cure the incurable. Thing is? Ya just can’t fix stupid.

  14. Anyone holding Drew “next question” Rosenhaus accountable for another wr diva? You can’t say one thing and your client does something completely different. So now he’s a free agent. What promises can you keep? Someone will sign week.. so no fully guaranteed money. He will play on a week to week contract with language protecting the team for any disruption. That would be the only way AB negative plays in the nfl.

  15. Good for the Raiders. Hope AB gets the help he needs. No question he is a great football talent and it would be great for all if he gets his act together.

  16. “I’ve seen so many Raider fans here in CA wearing Brown’s jersey. Yikes.”

    By the end of the day we will see many videos on social media of Raiders fans burning those jerseys


  17. Jerry Jones and America’s team will be the next stop or Seattle and Pete trying to do what no one else can with AB. A great line, “Talent is seductive” and will seduce at least one of the other 30 teams that have yet to have the AB Experience.

  18. I hope no one and I mean NO TEAM signs AB! This guy is no team player and no player should dictate what he should have and get in a team sport.

  19. Any contract with a new team must allow for pay, or termination of pay, on a minute by minute basis. When it comes to AB, a lot can happen in a minute.

  20. So yesterday he was shedding crocodile tears in front of the team with his faux apology and just a few short hours later he was having yet another meltdown. Unreal.

  21. bird chest is radioactive right now. Any team willing to give him a chance needs to get their head analyzed. There is no way bird chest can be on good behavior for more than a few minutes. He is a stark raving lunatic that is totally infatuated with himself, and brings significant unwanted attention. How much evidence does anyone need? And besides, the NFL should suspend him for threatening a team employee (Mayock), at a minimum.

  22. Pat’s won’t want him, plus there are cap issues. My best guesses with enough cap space : Cincy (AJ Green injury plus revenge on Pitt), Browns (OBJ injury), 49’ers (weak wr group), Lions (Stafford would love it). Houston (paired up with Hopkins).
    All have decent QB’s. Question is, what coach and GM would take this big of a risk due to win now or be fired = Houston and Detroit.

  23. Nice apology. He went in as a fraud, cried in front of his teammates….went home, found out he got fined anyways…..then threw another AB fit. How can him this season?

  24. Antonio, that guy you see in the mirror – he’s your worst enemy… get that guy under control.

  25. Finally. Trading for him was a fiasco from the start. Maybe the worst idea Jon Gruden ever had.

    Not as bad as giving Gruden $100M.

  26. In hindsight a lot of credit has to go to Tomlin for keeping the lid on this guy as effectively as he did for as long as long as he did, and then had the foresight to let him go. Well done Steelers. And we’ll done Raiders. I feel better about this league now.

  27. joetoronto says:

    September 7, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    He’s just too stupid, dangerously stupid.
    But, but, but………He was MVP, remember?

  28. If Brown indeed called Mayock a “cracker”, I fully expect the social justice warriors to condemn this racist language in a sign of solidarity against racism.

  29. Can’t see any team paying top dollar for AB. Or offering much guaranteed money. I can’t see AB playing for much less than his lost deal.

    Probably retires

  30. That’s two years in a row the Raiders traded at least a 3rd rounder for a Steelers wide receiver, only to release them.

    Good job Gruden!

    (the other was Martavis Bryant)

  31. On Gruden’s handling of the AB meltdown/departure:

    “You can Always count on Americans to do the right thing…after they’ve exhausted every other possible course of action.” – W S Churchill

  32. That’s Mr Mayock to you and you’re history.
    You get Nothing,Zero, Zip, Nada, Nyet
    Turn your playbook in today and leave the jersey

  33. fuzz610 says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:20 pm
    Patriots will give him the ‘One strike and your out treatment’ like they have with others..

    So no point in springing for the plane ticket even.

  34. The Browns have a great locker room now, they won’t touch AB with a 200 hundred thousand foot pole.

  35. Getting rid of Brown is all good but that doesn’t change the fact that Gruden was the only one who was moronic enough to trade draft picks for him in the first place.

    It also unfortunately doesn’t change the fact that Raiders still have an awful HC in Gruden and the worst owner in the league (if not all sports) in Son-of-Al.

    Whether or not Brown was with the team, I’ll be shocked if the Raiders win as many as even 4 games with the current HC/team owner combination.

  36. Not a Steelers fan, but I like Tomlin. If for some reason the court of public opinion needed more evidence, this should close the case. Your move Jerry Jones…

  37. I love all the Steeler fans laughing at this and the I told ya so attitude. Your QB , whether you people want to talk about it or was not always a “stand up guy”, maybe he’s changed who knows, you have a RB.that flew the coop and doesn’t seem very stable, now this.

    Somebody needs to hold a mirror up in that organization and figure out what’s going on.

    If the Pats wanted him he would’ve been a patriot by now. The jets would set themselves back another 10 years and can’t afford it.

    “MOST” other teams have standards and won’t let this guy in the locker room. Yes I feel bad for him because there is something wrong. But go get help son, and if his agent isn’t telling him to get help and his family isn’t telling him to get help then Shane in them. If they are, then this guy will unfortunately have to hit rock bottom.

  38. Must be nice to just throw away guaranteed millions of dollars. You have people who go to work everyday and bust their butt and are making almost nothing. You can take a person out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the person!

  39. Here in Las Vegas, sporting goods stores are filled with #84 Antonio Brown Raiders jerseys. They will soon find homes elsewhere.

  40. Good Riddance! I hope he winds up flat broke and spends the rest of his life living under a bridge and begging for pocket change.

  41. Vontaze Burfict is happy as he is no longer the most hated player in the NFL. But wait! AB is not in the NFL at this moment. Sorry Vontaze, you’re back up to #1 most hated until AB comes back, if he ever does.

  42. Got to hand it to the Raiders. They handled this well, and it looks like it won’t cost them anything, although that remains to be seen. Now AB can put on his old helmet and go play catch with Kaepernick.

  43. I know it’ll never happen but I’d love for my gmen to grab him. God knows we’re hurting for WRs.

  44. There might be a couple of desperate teams that would be willing to sing Brown, but not for anywhere near the guaranteed money he just blew away in Oakland. None of the contenders would waste a dime on him.

  45. I am not a Steelers fan by any stretch. They just earned a ton of my respect for dealing with this joker (yes I said it) for the last few years. Holy cow what a train wreck.

    Good for Raiders for getting rid of him. If anyone picks him up, I think its a really bad move.

  46. Frankly, I’ve grown sick and tired of reading about this head case called Antonio Brown. Brown is the ultimate ‘it’s all about me’ selfish diva like player. Cowboys fans know that Zeke was just greedy. Hopefully this will put an end to Brown’s saga!

    Something tells me it not, but I can always hope!

  47. Some other foolish team will sign this clown even with all of the clear evidence that he is a sickness to any team. I’m glad the Panthers won’t be in that group of grovellers!

  48. Well some wide receiver on the outside looking in will now get a shot. For the money this clown was going to make, sign a young guy with some potential AND a veteran who would be good in the locker room and have lots of money left over. Lots of players would do anything to be on a roster this season. The only unselfish thing AB has done this year just happened. He is giving one of these guys an opportunity.

    Go deep AB!
    (And keep going).

  49. Chucky was bending over backwards for this clown, and the last straw that broke Chucky’s back was AB’s vow not to play until his guarantees are restored.

  50. He has shown his character more than once, he is an embarrassment to every player that has ever played the game. The I attitude has become to much of a rule than an exception in the NFL and pro sports at a whole

  51. Best advice for Brown…Maybe a little late, but if you don’t know, better call T.O.!!!! T.O. Had at least 2 more good years in him, and he sat at home until HOF called.

  52. Pats will sign him for about $3MM with a few incentives that could get it to $6MM, on a one year prove it deal. He will thrive with them for this season. And then they’ll let him go in FA, because his kind of crazy can’t be controlled long term, and pick up ANOTHER 3rd round comp pick.

  53. Good riddance Antonio and have a nice life…

    At this point I am more worried about Jon Gruden and his own ability to be clear mentally as it appears he did everything possible to get this head case on the field. That is bizarre to me. Bizarre to put a man’s need for help behind your own to win football games. Bizarre to coddle someone like AB on the phone and “lead him on” while he is obviously coming apart at the seams.

    Mike Mayock is beginning to look like the only sane adult in the building. I am now officially weary of Jon Gruden.

    Geez, I hate this. All you want as a fan is to watch the game of football and instead the NFL offers you “Married With Children”.

    This fan is releasing himself from the Raiders and looking for a new team to sign on with. I need to take a shower after this.

  54. Players don’t need to be “controlled”. Every man on a roster should be expected to act rationally, AB is completely irrational. He already said he doesn’t need football, I don’t expect to see him on a roster anytime soon. Teams require some manner of accountability, this guy has zero, so he won’t get the $$ he thinks he is worth, thus will sit out for sometime until reality bites him.

  55. I could see Washington. Trying to think of any other desperate, dysfunctional team that would go there. I would say Dallas, but I don’t think they have any money left.

  56. skcrooged says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:48 pm
    Good. He and Bell don’t deserve the NFL or its fans. Now he can be one of Jerry’s kids.

    Why are you including Bell in this? Is it just because he wouldn’t put up with being franchised tagged twice and you’re a Squealers fan?

  57. What a clown. Good riddance. He has maybe two years left on his career. He’ll play for a bottom tier team for one or two years if he’s lucky and behaves like an adult. And he won’t get top money. He’ll get vet minimum. No good team is touching this nuclear waste.

  58. The good news for Oakland is now there’s a roster spot open.
    Gruden can sign a fifth quarterback.

  59. He just killed his career! Good riddance! Even if a team signs him he will never get that kind of money again! What a joke!

  60. As a niners fan, I say no way. We don’t need him. Like Singultary said, I want winners! I want players that want to win!
    Man, brown is super lucky Mike Singultary wasn’t his coach. He would rip you a new one. Gruden is an embarrassment, Gutless coward.

  61. As an Eagles fan, I used to think that no one could be a bigger headcase and self-destruct in more ridiculous and pointless fashion than Terrell Owens did in 2005, but Brown is giving him a serious run for his money.

  62. Any team that signs him should make their GM wear a Bozo the clown suit.
    So you’re saying Bruce Allen is definitely signing him? God I hate being a Redskins fan.

  63. I just hope he gets the help he needs, pretty sad to see some one implode their life. Life changing money lost, over an inability to control emotions and lack of ability to just be a decent human being in general.

  64. What is interesting to me is it does appear to be signs of Mental Illness here, but the question is is there some connection between that and his strong desire to use the particular helmet he was fighting for. Judt a thought! Mental Illness is NO JOKE!!!

  65. If Le’Veon Bell can stand him, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land with the Jets. Can’t think of too many teams that would be interested, and none without voidable guarantees.

  66. Incredible, but the right thing to do. Thank God maybe we are finally seeing some sense with the NFL. I hope that this will wake up some of the other overpaid goofballs we have that think this is all about themselves. The Raiders are trying to get back in the game and they can’t have AB type of bs. AB needs to get some help or grow up whatever it is.

  67. I hope no team offers him anything. Imagine the circus we’ll get to see when AB realizes no one wants him. Lol

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