Will the Patriots pursue Antonio Brown?

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Ever since the relationship between Antonio Brown and the Raiders entered its death spiral, league insiders and observers began to ask whether the Patriots would swoop in, if/when Brown is free to be signed by another team.

Per a league source, the Patriots should be regarded as a longshot, but not an impossibility. Although coach Bill Belichick, who has a friendship with Raiders G.M. Mike Mayock, may not be inclined to take a chance on Brown, Belichick could do it on his terms and his terms only, offering a minimum-salary deal with significant financial incentives.

Brown then would be on a one-strike arrangement, with any deviation from the team’s expectations (up to and including any postings of any kind on MyFace) getting Brown immediately released.

One NFL coach said via text regarding the possibility of Belichick pursuing Brown, “I bet he does.”

However it plays out, don’t expect an immediate landing, in New England or elsewhere, no matter how awesome it would be to see him playing against the Steelers on Sunday night (on NBC). Brown and agent Drew Rosenhaus likely will want to see whether anyone puts big money on the table before taking a minimum-salary deal with the Patriots. Also, the mechanics of releasing and signing players and finalizing rosters for a given weekend of football may make it impossible for a team to get Brown under contract and on the field by tomorrow.

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  1. This guy is such a nut case. Who can trust him not to get a bad hamstring (in his head?) and get paid for bench sitting.

  2. It’s hard to imagine AB agreeing to the terms the Patriots would insist on, which would likely include everything in this article AND an agreement to do NO social media. And even if he would agree, it’s hard to see the Patriots wanting a guy who seems to be the antithesis of the team-oriented, Do Your Job approach that is the key to the team’s success.

  3. This is what the media wants so bad. So they can call BB genius and blah blah what ever else. but if anybody else signs him they will say its terrible.

  4. My prediction is that the Pats will sign Brown. However my guess is they’ll wait until late in the season or even until next year’s training camp before they do.

    Belichick didn’t one of the best HC’s in NFL history without knowing how to handle talented turds. In Brown’s case – as with Randy Moss – he’ll probably offer the league minimum with restrictive behavior clauses and production incentives. And it’s very possible that Brown – like Moss – will be productive (at least for a while) in New England after being an unmanageable cancer with the Raiders.

  5. I’d be surprised if anyone offers him any fraction of what he was set to make with the Raiders, through incentives or not, without some heavy stipulations in the contract.

  6. I doubt New England would want him at this point, he is way too toxic.
    Lost in all this is the report that he still arrives late at team meetings like he did in Pittsburgh and then pay little attention to what is being said. I just don’t think he could reinvent himself and change significantly at this stage of his career.
    Just that would be enough to be kicked out out of the team by Belichick.
    Beside, presently the Pats are petty loaded at the position.

  7. If Brown went to the Patriots, you know Belichick would not tolerate anything about the Patriots on AB’s social media platforms. So, that would require AB to make a complete change, which I don’t see him doing. Other possibilities? Cowboys- Jerry always like new toys, but even this would be too toxic for him. The Chiefs with Andy Reid, who had to deal with TO. The Redskins, just because Snyder is probably desperate, but it would never work out good.

  8. If it costs them nothing, why not? They can always cut him and lose no player or draft pick. They are not going to pay him $14 million or anywhere close to that. I am sure.

  9. raiderbeer34 says:
    September 7, 2019 at 12:58 pm
    This is what the media wants so bad. So they can call BB genius and blah blah what ever else. but if anybody else signs him they will say its terrible.

    Because that’s the truth. If Belichick signs him, we trust BB knows what he’s doing, and will fully expect AB to fall in line or get cut. They will sign him on a team friendly contract, the Pats will not be taken for a ride by AB like he did in Pit/Oak in case of any shenanigans.

    AB on the Pats would make them instant SB favorites, people will be predicting another 2007 like historic season. AB going to any other team, we don’t know what happens, the chance for drama again outside of NE is exponentially higher.

  10. Randy Moss was a saint compared to AB. No comparison at all. Heck, TO was a saint compared to AB.

  11. Brown obviously has his own set of rules he plays by just like Belichick playing outside the rules of the NFL. They both need special treatment so it could work.

  12. Pats already have a WR with issues staying on the field. Why on earth would they want two frontline players that need constant supervision and could be gone at a moments notice?

  13. He has recorded both his coaches and posted it publicly. Can’t see BB wanting anything to do with this.

  14. AB saw that Carr noodle arm and ABed himself to another rocket armed qb in NE. I bet they had a deal in place weeks ago. Watch

  15. I doubt Belichick will pursue him. The team that will pursue him is the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones is the only owner crazy enough to add Brown at the present time.

  16. I get why teams see him as a problem, but he does do his job and based on the results, he prepares for work as well. He does seem a bit off with the non football stuff like practice, recording phone calls, etc. Pay the guy, give him his space, and it probably work out. Want to control his every activity and you will have problems

  17. Does anyone really think he can behave himself? It wasn’t even a day after his “sincere” apology and crocodile tears in front of the team before he threw another temper tantrum. One would think he would be on his best behavior to save his job. If that’s his best behavior how in the world can anyone in their right mind think he will behave? It’s not going to happen.

    Plus, who is going to sign him? He’s going to attack not only the team but complain constantly about the QB unless he gets targeted every other play. Ask any of the Raiders and see what they think. They are probably glad to be rid of him. Let that sit in. He’s one of the best WRs in the league and they are glad he’s gone. He’s a lousy teammate. He’s a lousy person. It would not surprise me if he goes unsigned. His behavior these last four days has been indefensible. He may have just ended his career.

  18. After all this, any team that signs AB deserves to have their season ripped apart. All the red flags are there front and center for the viewing public.

  19. I know your a fanboy but it’s a disservice to all 31 others teams to gush about the Patriors so much.

  20. Cannot see it happening….Belichek is who he is, because one of his best traits is building chemistry. He ain’t ‘bout to add nitro to his formula. Come on, if we give Belicheck so much credit for what he does and has accomplished, how can within reason one would believe he’d sacrifice his principles over A.B. A.B. May be on his way to Miami at best…LOL

  21. AB says he is all about respect. My original thought was that Brady and Bellichick are 2 people in the league that AB COULD respect. That along with the very strong team culture and veteran leadership that is already in the locker room, he could succeed with them.

    However after this last incident, when it all seemed to be resolved, made me think that AB has risen to a new level of crazy that even BB can’t work with. Sad to see such a talent self destruct so publicly.

  22. Brown is free to play for the Patriots under these conditions:
    – 1 year prove-it contract for the veteran’s minimum with possible incentives
    – No bonuses or guarantees apart from the incentives
    – One strike and you’re out
    – No social media
    – No missed team meetings
    – No racial slurs
    – No physical threats to team employees
    – No more lawsuits against the league
    – No more frozen feet, team approved treatments only

    I wonder how long he can survive under these conditions. I put the over-under at 10 minutes.

  23. That would be Christmas in Sept.for this NYG fan. Pure hubris if it happens. Even tho I think Brown would see a courtroom before the field behind this contract business.

  24. Any number of teams will what him but will they be willing to commit the money he wants?
    And will they what to put up with his behavior?
    He’ll be on a team at some point. But it could be his last stop.

  25. Moss had a motivation issue and was petulant. He’s not half the crazy that AB is. There are some things well beyond a strong locker room’s ability to keep in line. No amount of structure can contain the insane.

  26. The Patriots will be all over him. Integrity isn’t exactly high on their list of priorities in a player.

  27. All of you people saying culture in NE is strong enough to keep him under wraps. Problem is when this all began in Pitt they had a very strong culture with Farrior, polamalu, and so on. He still was a jerk and if Tomlin wasnt afraid he would have cut him back then.

  28. Can’t see the Pats doing this. They already have they’re hands full with the extra attention they have to invest in JGordon. Think they’d want Brown around him? Plus, they have no money(about 6 mil under the cap).

  29. I hope he ends up totally out of the league. No one should be signing this guy. The owners really need to send a message with this behavior.

  30. Browns ego wouldn’t allow him signing something that prohibits posting his delusional BS on social media….

  31. Sure… Belechik and AB together. A match mad in heaven … and a blow to the Raiders that is tantamount to the “Tuck Rule” game.

  32. Julio Jones Is Expected To Push The Receiver Market To $22 Million Per Year…yeah, Brown is going to play for a minimum-salary deal…good luck with that.

  33. This clown says he doesn’t need football. Good hopefully nobody signs him. Of course some team will sign him and think they can do better than the Steelers and Raiders in dealing with him!

  34. To the people comparing him to Moss, please stop. Moss was no where near the problem AB is. AB has serious mental issues. Moss does not.

  35. Oh come on. This is really silly. Patriots already have a WR they need to baby sit, Josh Gordon, and they have Edelman so why would they even need him? Don’t get the enamoration of NE with AB, never happen.

  36. Of course they will.Just think Hernandez and AB becomes more tolerable and never forget the Pats have been caught cheating so they will do anything to win…..they have no shame.

  37. Plain and simple. Someone will sign him. They copy teams all the time on the field. But fail miserably learning off the field

  38. The level of absurdity this whole thing has reached is so ridiculous you would need a telescope to find it in the stars

  39. Biden’s doctor called to say that he can vouch for the fact that Brown has a working brain, just like he vouched for Joe’s.

    Knock on wood if you’re with me.

  40. Would be interesting. Patriots sign him later in the year for league minimum. Two days later Brown will complain he is underpaid and melt down about that. I would love to hear the secret taped phone conversations between Belichick and Brown about that.

  41. If the Pats had an open roster spot I would say why not? Although I would hate to see the Pats release someone who worked hard to make the roster for months to make room for him. If Brown wants to play for the Pats at vet minimum plus incentives, that would be fine with me. And if he was a “distraction”, it would be about a five minute distraction, because BB would release his ass.

  42. Any team could do it, really. Just give him the minimum with incentives, and the first time anything resembling drama occurs (tantrum at practice, well made snapchat video) then he is gone. No discipline, no meetings, nothing. Just a press release. If that is the case, that is a tenable situation; the team has everything to gain and nothing to lose. And at this point, the same thing could be said for AB.

    That assumes he understands what his situation really is, which is a longshot.

  43. Guarantee he gets about 10 teams trying to sign him. It’s not like he took a knee which seems to be the only death penalty offense in the league.

  44. I seriously doubt Belichick would even give a thought to signing Brown. The Patriots don’t need him to win. New England is a better team this year than last.

    Same with Payton. The Saints are a better team this year than last, and they don’t need him to win.

    In fact, that’s my prediction for the Super Bowl this season: New England vs. New Orleans, like it should have been last year.

    Now Jerry Jones might be stupid enough to sign him, but he’s negotiating contracts with Prescott and Cooper, and neither of them have any issues. Plus, he’s just signed megadeals with several other players, so there are salary cap concerns.

    Other serious contenders don’t need or want Brown; they think their rosters are solid. Thus, only desperate teams would be willing to take on a cancerous diva. I’m thinking San Francisco, Washington, Miami, Tampa Bay, maybe Detroit or New York (Jets and Giants), Cleveland or Cincinnati, possibly Los Angeles (Chargers, not Rams) or Buffalo.

    Contending teams are contending because they are well managed and well coached, have a certain culture in the locker room and on the practice field. They don’t want to bring in someone like Brown to disrupt what they have carefully built over years.

    So I’m thinking he’ll go to some losing team for the veteran minimum, with incentives but no guarantees on a one-year deal. Either that, or he’s out of the NFL.

  45. I seriously doubt that John Gruden brother Jay would want this guy … but if the contract was of sorts other posters had explained …. uuummmmm maybe ?

  46. As a Patriots fan I want nothing to do with this loser and anyone who thinks the Patriots would even talk to him is delusional.

  47. The Patriots have had good results with malcontents — Dillon, Moss, Blount, others — because they know that Belichick will tolerate precisely zero bovine excrement. They do it the Patriot way from day one or they’re on I-80. I think Belichick will make a pass at Brown, an unsuccessful pass, by the way, because some egomaniacal owner — looking at you JJ — will offer to pay him lots more.

  48. No league minimum. One year for 5 million plus incentives. Pats cut Thomas for 3 million a year cap savings. Smooth sailing because BB doesn’t feed the beast, the media. He would talk with Brown and explain what’s going on unlike Mayock. Pats would have two players the media hates, Gordon and Brown.

  49. Look for one of the immoral teams like with a desperate coach/ GM who doesn`t care/ moron owner like Kansas City and Andy Ried, or Danny boy and the Redskins or Dorsey and Haslam with Cleveland. Go to Kansas City and he can start crapping on the Shield and be protected by Roger…AB can go much lower and certain teams will reward it.

  50. Hey Goodell,

    You need to bring the hammer down on idiot players like this. It’s a disgrace to the Shield, the fans, and NOT good for business. Raiders finally did the right thing! I hope his career ends today, he doesn’t deserve to play in the NFL.

  51. When Vontaze Burfict is the voice of reason in a situation you know someone has gone off the reservation. I don’t see BB wanting anything to do with this guy.

  52. Belichick is way too smart for this. You can bring up Moss, Ochocinco, and Gordon, but Brown is a cancer and malcontent – – the other players had their own problems, but they weren’t that.

  53. HurtsToReadComments says:
    September 7, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Steelers 2
    Raiders 0

    Updated it for ya:
    Steelers 2
    Raiders -1

  54. If I even hear any of NE management or coaching mention taking on this POS I am done with them.

  55. I love the Patriots, but I would have a difficult time rooting for a team that included Antonio Brown. I have no respect for him. And I object to him not receiving any consequences for his bad behavior. And I like the players on the Patriots team. There are a lot of them that from the little I know about them, I respect them. They are like a family and have a good locker room atmosphere. I can’t see it being worth adding someone like Antonio Brown to the mix.

  56. Would love to to him on the Patriots team raising mayhem,hell,and discontentment all for the love of self.is the off field drama really worth the millions of dollars teams will pay him for gracing their teams with his presence,ask the Steelers and Raiders,they know.

  57. Personality Disorders aside, if he came to the Pats it would have to be for relatively short money. After watching this guy with his selfish, egotistical persona does anyone think he would play for less than 8 million a year??? Me Neither! End of discussion right there whether the Pats have interest or not.

  58. It would be worth another Collusion lawsuit to see this guy never play in the NFL again.

  59. Aside from the fact he is going to see about getting at least some money (his last contract wont be matched not even close) he also would need a roster slot. They cant carry any more WR than they are so which guy we have now is suggested for the cut? (Personally there is none on that list I would want to replace with AB if I consider all factors)

  60. I would say there is a zero percent chance the Pat’s would sign Brown, even if Brown would go for a league minimum deal (which he won’t). Yes, they took a chance on Moss, but let’s be fair, Moss can’t hold a candle to Brown in the Diva/lunatic department. For one thing, times are different. Brown has 24/7 social media access, he lives for it, he isn’t giving that up. In Moss’s day, social media was nothing like it is now.

  61. Drew> Hey Bill, want a great WR?

    Belichick> Sure, who?

    Drew> Before I tell you his name, is it ok to have a player who will do the opposite of the patriot way? He won’t listen to you, and will do whatever he wants. Heck, he may not even show up for a game. Imagine far worse attitude than TO.

    > Click.

    Drew> Hello? Bill, are you there?

  62. Would love for Pats to sign him. There would be little downside as he would be kept on a short leash and is not like they had built their offense around him anyways. But this is very different situation then Moss. A lot of people thought Moss couldn’t play anymore so he was trying to rehabilitate his market value. Brown is widely considered the best WR in the league and part of reason he shot his way out of Pittsburgh was that he wanted the big bucks. Patriots won’t (and because of current cap situation) couldn’t pay him what he wants. Got to think there is a coach out there that thinks they can handle AB and is trying to convince management to bring him in at retail price. Wish it would be the Patriots, but realistically, don’t see how they could.

  63. Scalesofjustice says:
    September 7, 2019 at 4:22 pm
    Personality Disorders aside, if he came to the Pats it would have to be for relatively short money. After watching this guy with his selfish, egotistical persona does anyone think he would play for less than 8 million a year??? Me Neither! End of discussion right there whether the Pats have interest or not.


    LMAO.. Who said that?

  64. princezeethesecond says:
    September 7, 2019 at 1:14 pm
    He will be starting opposite Gordon by week 3. Book it!
    The Prince Called it!

  65. I didn’t post this afternoon.

    But to support those saying “No way!” – I said the same thing before Belichick shocked the world.

    I have never been so wrong on Belichick in my life!

    This will either be one of Belichick’s greatest moves


    one of his worst moves.

    I wouldn’t bet against Belichick…but I wouldn’t bet on AB either.

    We shall see..

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