Adam Gase: We can’t be missing kicks

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The Jets had plenty to lament after blowing a 16-0 lead against the Bills in a 17-16 loss on Sunday afternoon, including an offense that failed to score any points after four first-half takeaways and a defense that couldn’t stop Buffalo late in the game.

They also had a kicker who missed an extra point and a field goal. The Jets claimed Kaare Vedvik off of waivers last weekend despite his issues missing kicks with the Vikings and he showed that he hasn’t solved whatever was plaguing him in Minnesota.

After the game, Gase was asked several questions about the kicking game.

“We just have to get better,” Gase said. “We have to make extra points. We have to make field goals. We can’t be losing points in those areas of the field. . . . We’ll see what happens on Monday. I don’t know. I haven’t had a chance to have a conversation with the personnel guys and see what they want to do. We’ll have more as we go.”

The Jets opened the preseason with Chandler Catanzaro, but he retired after the first preseason game. Taylor Bertolet had the job for the rest of the preseason, but was cut in favor of Vedvik. It sounds like there’s a fair chance that someone else is doing the job come Week Two.

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  1. Maye makes the pick and the game was over. Not the one that was called back. The one he dropped at the 5. No Mosely in the 4th seemed to make a huge difference.

    PS: I thought they might cut Vedvivk at halftime.

  2. coltzfan166 says:
    September 8, 2019 at 8:17 pm
    Does anyone else feel like kickers have gotten a lot worse since they moved PATs back to the 15?


  3. I liked this kicker and wanted them too trade for him. I was happy we signed him when the Vikings cut him. Now I will personally drive his terrible a$$ too the airport. Nothing worse than having a kicker who sucks and costs you a game you should ha e won

  4. Dude sucked in Miami, got fired. Anyone surprised he found a way to blow a 16 point lead?

    You can blame the kicker but the offence scored 8 points the entire game. Darnold looked lost against the blitz and you called a terrible game.

    This ones on the coach. Again, is anyone surprised?

  5. As a Revens fan I wondered why Justin Tucker was so overwhelmingly happy when Vedvik kicked really well in the first preseason game with the Ravens. Now I understand why, that game was an anomaly and the Vedvik we saw with Vikings and Jets is the real one and Tucker knew it. I call that karma for the Jets stealing Mosley. Kidding of course, but seriously I have a Mosley Ravens jersey if any Jets fans want it. It is dead to me now.

  6. Nothing worse than having a kicker who sucks and costs you a game you should ha e won

    Nothing worse than having a head coach who sucks and costs you a game you should have won

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