Adrian Peterson: It was tough being inactive

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Washington played without running back Adrian Peterson on Sunday as head coach Jay Gruden decided to leave him on the inactive list.

Gruden said the decision was based on special teams needs as Peterson doesn’t play in the kicking game and Wendell Smallwood does. Peterson talked about being left out of the lineup after the game.

“I don’t think I’ve kind of grasped it yet,” Peterson said, via Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post. “It’s my first time ever being inactive, a healthy scratch. It was tough, of course. I’m a super competitior. I’ve been thinking about playing these guys since last year since the season ended and they broke us off. So it was tough not being out there, so I just have to make the best out of the situation, and in that way, I just become a coach on the sideline. Helping the guys out as much as I could, and cheering for the guys as well.”

Washington went up 17-0 in the first half, but failed to capitalize on that lead as they gained just 49 yards while the Eagles were coming back to go ahead 31-20. Derrius Guice started at running back and picked up just 18 yards on 10 carries and a more effective running game would certainly have helped their chances of holding onto the lead.

The need for special teams players isn’t going to go away, so it remains to be seen when Peterson will get on the field this season.

14 responses to “Adrian Peterson: It was tough being inactive

  1. For the Washington Numbskins to think that the bleached hair running disaster Guise was better than the child abuser speaks volumes of all things wrong with this team.

    This team is a disaster – the defense is horrific – the playcalling was awful in the second half – the defense was NOT HURT by having an Alabama fraud on the bench – the defense was awful because Josh Norman and the ENTIRE secondary is awful.

    This team was once again not prepared to play a full game and this is further evidence that the management and coaching staff will be fired before the start of the offseason.

  2. What a completely STUPID excuse from Gruden!
    Special teams needs? Really?

    How about being able to run the ball?
    Did Smallwood do ANYTHING positive in the game?
    To blow a 17-point lead AND leave an explosive offensive player on the bench, is absolutely inexcusable

  3. It’s easy to deactivate a player no conversation needed to make that move. The question is did Gruden ask AP if he would play special team to remain active? Smallwood will go down just ask the Eagles about that and so will Thompson. I like how AP handled the situation. He knows that it’s only a matter of time before the emergency glass is broken and the axe has to come out. Guice 1.9 yards per carry is laughable.

  4. I don’t care how washed up AP is compared to his prime. Guice was leaving easy yards all over the field. He was utter trash compared to anything AP could offer.

  5. I give credit to their offensive starters who played beyond the roster and coaches. Our superior roster finally took over after we decided to get our head out our butts. This is what I have been telling Redskins fans. You are still saddled with one of the worst owners in sports and a mediocre coaching staff. I hope for your sake it changes.

  6. Jay Gruden stinks, with AP running the ball they probably would have won. Gruden is playing some stupid political game instead of putting his best team on the field. No wonder Trent Williams wants to be traded.

  7. We don’t need smallwood. Trey Quinn or Chris Thompson can handle special teams duties. Put AP back in next week.

  8. And now Guice is hurt – so glass needs to be broken (and speaking of which, I think Guice might be made of glass – tough break for him)

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