Dak Prescott remains in no rush to do a deal

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At a time when some around the league thought that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott ultimately would say “yes” to a huge pile of financial security at a time when he’s due to make only $2 million in salary, Prescott continues to hold firm.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Prescott is in no rush to get a deal with the Cowboys.

Between endorsement deals and insurance policies, Prescott will make plenty of money, even if he’s making only $2 million at a position that currently pays a maximum of $35 million per year. Schefter pegs the off-field number at $50 million, which apparently comes from the endorsement deals alone. (If so, some league insiders regard that as more than a little on the high side.) The value of the insurance would be much higher than $50 million; however, for anything less than a career-ending injury, collecting on the policy almost always entails a nasty, ugly legal fight.

It’s those earnings on the side that fuel the team’s argument that Dak should take less. He doesn’t get those same deals if he’s not the starting quarterback of America’s Team, and he surely knows it. But he, and his agents, believe it shouldn’t matter. The salary cap is the same for every team, and there’s no reason why one of the better quarterbacks in the game shouldn’t get compensated accordingly.

The biggest problem for Prescott, in our view, continues to be the fact that he fell to round four of the draft. Being on the books for only $2 million in the last year of his rookie deal makes it much harder for the Cowboys to give him a fair deal that doesn’t seem like a top-of-market package. If, for example, Prescott were to get right now the five-year, $27.5 million per year contract that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo signed after his rookie deal expired, the so-called new-money average would be $34 million, based on the $2 million Prescott is otherwise due to make in 2019.

Once Prescott’s rookie deal evaporates, he then can sign a deal like Garoppolo’s. By then, however, the new-money bar will be at $40 million or more, thanks to Patrick Mahomes. So while the Cowboys may be able to save some money by not doing the deal now, the piper eventually will have to be paid — and the price is going to keep going up and up and up.

Ultimately, it could mean that Prescott will be franchise-tagged in 2020, which would give him $25 million or more for one season, with a 20-percent raise looming in 2021 and a 44-percent bump over that in 2022. Maybe, given his other sources of financial security, he’ll play the Kirk Cousins game and go year to year.

Regardless of how it plays out, the Cowboys had better be ready to eventually pay a lot of money to Prescott, because he continues to stand firm on his position that he won’t be doing a Tom Brady-style team-friendly deal.

14 responses to “Dak Prescott remains in no rush to do a deal

  1. bengal4573 says:
    September 8, 2019 at 9:42 am
    Dak is an average QB. 20 million a year is his limit but Jerry will overpay
    ANd Jimmy G gets 27.5 million he hasn’t proved a 1/20th of what Dak has,
    would you take less than that bust?

  2. There is no way DAK makes $48MM in endorsement money.
    That is what top NBA players make, and Dak is not a top QB.

    If he walks after the season I’m sure a QB needy team will pay him around 30MM.
    Let him go there and stink.

  3. In my opinion the fact that there is no deal done means Jerry is offering market price and is less likely to overpay. If they were going to overpay the deal would be done by this point.They wanted to get a deal done before the season started. I think it’s more likely the Cowboys aren’t willing to go past a certain number and are sticking to that. It it also likely that Dak thinks he’s worth more than they do.

    You guys seem to forget that Stephen Jones was the one that told Jerry not to overpay to sign Dieon Sanders when there was no salary cap. Even the casual Cowboys fan could tell you that Stephen Jones has a lot more say than he did 20+ years ago. Paying Zeke is one thing. Paying Dak the money he wants will not happen. That I know for sure.

  4. 50 million in endorsement money over how many years? If that is annual number he should be in the list of top paid athletes in the world. I don’t think it is even close

  5. A lot of money to pay a guy to hand the ball to Zeke and throw 5 yard panic induced checkdown passes.

    40 million, pay the man Jerry. You dont luck into 4th round clipboard holding waterboys every day.

  6. The Cowbays had better start looking at which QB to draft next April. I’d take Jacoby Brissett over Prescott any day of the week.

  7. Let Dak hit free agency. Once he sees that other teams won’t offer him more than $20 million a year, he’ll come back begging Jerry for the $30 million that he turned down because he thinks he’s worth $40 million a year. $40 million for an average QB, what a joke!!

  8. You are jerry jones, cut off his outside income. Really a guy putting up that clean a front has to be hiding lots of dirt. His dog did ate the neighbor’s finger. What else is he up to?

  9. This is a prove it year for Dak. Win the Super Bowl and you’ll be the highest paid player in the NFL.

  10. Eventually you’ll just have to pay the guy. If the number is in the 32 to 34 million range just bite the bullet and do it. Do you really want to play this like the Redskins and end up giving out more than 60 million in guaranteed money and still lose the player? If he wants 40 tell him to take a hike but if he’s in range of Wentz or Goff just get it done already.

  11. I’m laughing at all the ridiculous anti Dak comments. What do y’all have to say now?

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