Delanie Walker: Browns were who we thought they were

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Titans tight end Delanie Walker sounded tired of hearing hype about the Cleveland Browns this week and noted that you’ve “got to go in there and play football” before anyone gets named the best in the league.

Sunday was a big reminder that what happens on the field matters more than talk leading into the season. The Titans mauled the Browns 43-13 in Cleveland and Walker had five catches for 55 yards and two touchdowns to help make it happen.

Walker did his best Dennis Green impersonation when asked about how things went.

“This is just another game. Cleveland — we ain’t worried about them,” Walker said, via Turron Davenport of “I’m going to tell you again, man: they were who we thought they were. Y’all can crown them if you want to crown them. You’ve still gotta play football.”

Walker suffered a season-ending ankle injury in Week One last season. This was a far more satisfying way to kick off a year.

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  1. In the late 90s I remember when the Steelers and Browns in a playoff game. The Browns were yapping it up. The Steelers came out and smashed them. Then after the game one of the players said “They’re all about acting tough. We’re all about being tough. They’re all about pushing you after the play. We’re all about pushing them around during the play”. That quote could easily apply to today’s game. I’m not a big fan of trash-talking but in this case the Titans have the right to do it after they thoroughly embarrassed the pathetic Clowns.

  2. I called this loss weeks ago for Cleveland and also didn’t think they would be very good this year because of some glaring weaknesses on their roster, but wow, they were terrible today. they look like a 3-13 team. No discipline, terrible game planning, and that offensive line is going to be a rpoblem all year. Thnk about this. they lost Greg Robinson to ejection, and that was one of their starters. Yikes.

  3. I forget – was it the Browns who trash talked before the game?

    This is a team that was 1-31 going into the opener last year. No playoffs since 2002. Last playoff win 1994.

    Yeah, they’re overhyped and need to be knocked down a peg. Their fans are so spoiled. Not like Steeler fans who stick with their team through hard times.

    Give me a break. The Browns don’t need to be humbled and anyone who says otherwise is totally ignorant of even the most recent NFL history.

    Delanie Walker, btw, is hardly the “quiet, humble type” — he made a big mouth week 1 prediction and his defense (and the young, undisciplined Browns) cashed the check for him.

    The Browns and their fans have suffered through 4 decades of nearly unmitigated misery. Then one offseason the media hypes them and now suddenly they’re Goliath in need of humbling?

    But yes let’s kick em while they are down. That’s totally justified.

  4. I’ve been rooting for the Browns to get & be better. Then they get a talented qb but he talks way too much & is a big mouth know nothing. So while i am wishing good things for the fans I’m glad when i see the big mouth get whipped.

  5. Thank you Delanie Walker for tellin it like it is. Normally, I would like to see the Browns crawl out of the cellar, but not if they are going to run their mouth’s like they’ve accomplished something. The Brown’s are still the Brown’s until further notice.

  6. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    September 8, 2019 at 6:27 pm
    This was Titans’ SB
    No, Sir. That was last year’s victory in Nashville when Brady got run off the field in a 34-10 route. New season, winning!

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