Drew Rosenhaus: Antonio Brown will work like every other player on the Patriots

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Antonio Brown is prepared to do things the Patriot Way.

That’s the word from Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who says that he and Brown have discussed the demands that coach Bill Belichick puts on his players, and Brown is ready to meet those demands.

“I’ll just tell you that the Patriots are obviously a very solid, strong organization,” Rosenhaus said on ESPN. “They do things the Patriots Way. They expect everyone to be accountable. They don’t make any exceptions. I’ve discussed this with Antonio. And he wants to be a Patriot. He’s prepared to go there, fit in, work hard, be like every other player on the team, do what’s asked of him, do his job and make it work. He’s honored with the opportunity and he’s looking forward to taking advantage of it.”

Contrary to perceptions that Brown cares more about himself than about helping his team win, Rosenhaus said the winning culture in New England was a big part of the appeal.

“Antonio had a robust free-agent market and certainly had a lot of options,” Rosenhaus said. “But it was hard to compete with New England and that amazing opportunity, that great franchise, and play with one of the all-time greats, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick.”

One thing we can say safely: If Brown surreptitiously tapes Belichick and puts their conversation online, he won’t last long in New England.

137 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus: Antonio Brown will work like every other player on the Patriots

  1. The best start would be NOT giving him #84. He gets no special treatment. That was Watson’s # during his first go around in Foxboro and he’s earned it. AB can wear another number.

  2. Brown like moss before him needs a environment with top athletes,coaches and structure he will get that in new England if anyone can salvage him its belichick and the pats! Rev for sev 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  3. This is why no other sport can compete with the NFL.. I’ve never been so entertained by any other sport this much – before the season even begins!

  4. So Antonio Brown & Josh Gordon on the outside – and Julian Edleman in the slot. Sony Michel & James White at RB… and Belichek was focusing on the Defense this year.

    …And, they’ll probably bring back Gronk -for the playoff run.


  5. He wanted to go there so bad he traded 30 mill in guarantees for 9 mill in guarantees.
    It would be even better if he has to pay his agent for negotiating the Oakland contract.

  6. What else would you expect Drew to say? I thought we were already hearing he wasn’t going to report unless he got Ben Watson’s #84 jersey. Actually that would be a good test to see if he really means he will play by their rules. Not caring if he gets #84 when he gets there, unless of course Watson wants $100k or more for it and wants to ‘sell’ it to him.

  7. Robust FA market aka I don’t want to spend my prime years on a scuffling team that’s moving to a new city next year so I’ll act like a fool and get cut after the trade. Then two hours later I’ll get signed by a team who cut guys and re-signed a few at a lower price to get me on the roster. Lets not church it up, both parties loopholed the system. Another action that’s going to alter the next CBA.

  8. Giants fan- My opinion is AB is a fool. But the real fools are the Raiders for giving away picks and attempting to pay him, did they think he would change?
    The Patriots are smart here with Brady’s window and Belichecks discipline.

  9. finfan65 says:
    September 8, 2019 at 5:38 am

    This whole thing stinks!
    The Raiders didn’t have to release him.

    But they did, at which time AB was a free-agent and could sign anywhere. At that point it’s no surprise that he wanted to play in NE, and was even willing to sign a short term, less money deal to do so.

    From NE’s perspective, they’ve taken on troubled guys in the past, but always on financial terms that gave them all the leverage.

  10. The only person not happy with this trade is wr Philip Dorsett . He put the work in , learned the system and was supposed to have a break out year . I smell a trade of Dorsett coming very soon . Perhaps to San Fran or even the Raiders ….

  11. More than half the teams in the league are dysfunctional at best, grease fires at worse — and NE is always there to feast on them.

    Sorry if your team is one of them.

  12. There is no “I” in team. But there is a “me”. And AB is all about “me, me, me”. Would be shocked if he lasts the year. The dude couldn’t make it 24 hours with the Raiders after his “sincere apology”. Couldn’t make it to a single game after declaring how he always wanted to be a Raider.

    As for Pats fans, who fondly remember how BB turned Moss, I remember how they won zero SBs with him. I remember Johnson and Haynesworth and Hernandez. Plenty of guys The Hoodie couldn’t help. If you think this is ending well, think again.

  13. For everyone claiming this is rigged my question is for you: Where have you been the last 12 years since Goodell found out about Belichicks cheating and continued to let him do it? At least when Belichick was cheating early in his career no one knew about it.

  14. Well I’ve always thought he was a self centered, whiny little diva who didn’t care too much about winning. But now that he a Patriot I guess he ok.

  15. That’s the beauty of an elite coach in any league, and BB is one of the best ever. Everyone is held accountable and treated the same. Big Ben ran the Steelers and not Tomlin, and the players ran awry for years. There is no question who is calling the shots in Foxboro. He keeps No name guys every year and cuts higher draft picks because he wants a good fit, mostly working out. And when they don’t work out, he isn’t afraid to cut the leash ASAP, because he’s earned that from Kraft. Brown will be no different, he’ll either work hard and keep his head down or he’ll be a distraction and sent packing, simple as that. There’s no in between with BB and the Patriots which has been the back bone of their success.

  16. As a NE fan, I did not like this signing. This guy has issues and creates drama.

    If he drinks the kool aid I will be shocked.

    And it has been hilarious reading about all the haters who are losing their stuff over the signing.

    Keep it coming. It’s pretty entertaining.

  17. People have to understand he was traded to the Raiders and honestly he wanted out of Steelers so bad he agreed without thinking. He realized he doesn’t want to end his career with the Raiders and what can he do request a trade they would laugh at him.It wasnt right how he acted but he did it to get out plain and simple.He wants a ring my opinion and what better place than playing for the Patriots

  18. You haters only care because he went to the Patriots and he improves their chances of going to and winning another Superbowl. Where was all this concern about OBJ and Jarvis Landry going to the browns? You are just concerned that your teams chances just dropped dramatically, bottom line. You say “the Patriots only care about winning”. So when you watch your favorite teams play you trying to say that you don’t care if they win? You don’t get mad at the coach, refs or whatever when they lose? You strike me as the people in the stands that yell at the coaches, refs or whatever at your kids games.

  19. From the top down not a classy organization. Just look at Kraft what he’s going through. Look at the team what they went through from Brady to taping other teams. Maybe BB and AB can compare notes on how to record people.

  20. I don’t care HOW talented he is, I HATE THIS. But they never do what I want them to, anyway. At least it wasn’t Tyreek Hill.

  21. This contract and negotiations was completed real quick for coming out of the blue. 1-hour maybe??? This doesn’t smell like tampering at all…

  22. dcpatfan says:
    September 8, 2019 at 5:47 am
    ….can’t wait to see what Josh dials up.


    You will have to be patient. Until tonights game neither Josh nor Belichick will think about anything else. And next week they will first just run him around and get a feel for where he is at. And he probably has an abbreviated playbook to go over during these few days and as the week goes on will start practicing those specific routes. Late in the week they will start testing him on how well he works with the offense on what will understandably be very limited plays and see how much they can use in a game. You might not see him dominating again until a few games in when he, Brady, and the rest of the offense are better used to each other and have their timings sync’d up. (If it gets that far, have to live with that reality every say no matter how long it goes)

  23. Definitely an inside job.

    The Patriots are reform school for the delinquents. Josh Gordon and Brown. Who is the truant officer?

    What is astonishing to me is that a 31 year old man would behave this way.

  24. This is insane. What is means is that a player can get out of any contract by acting like the biggest jerk in history, then he’s free to sign with another team.

    The league should simply disallow Brown’s contract with the Patriots and suspend him for a year, for conduct detrimental to the league.

  25. If Tom Brady got released today teams would be on the phone faster than a New York minute. Just like they are at the start of free agency. The best you can come up with is “tampering”. You people are a joke.
    Edelman + Gordon + Thomas + Meyers + Dorsett + Harry + White + Michel + Harris + Burkhead = No Mercy

  26. This is the second time now in recent memory that a player had quit on his current team and walked into the Patriots less than 24 hours later.
    Hopefully the Patriots are being investigated for tampering. This seems so much like the Blount situation.
    I never wish harm on any person, but I seriously hope AB suffers from a long list of Diarrhea related illnesses for years to come

  27. Drew all u care about is the money. You should have made sure this child sought medical attention and than resumed his career. What a joke this whole thing is. Reward bad behavior with no consequences at all. Smells like crap and the nfl yet again looks real bad

  28. Brown has to be the one of the league’s biggest drama queens. What a self centered, all about me twit. Raiders got what they deserved and Pittsburgh has to be thrilled. Brown will probably be on his “best” behavior for this season but buyer beware in 2020.

  29. the Steeler fans and other NFL fans who hate this should only look at the coach and organization who created this whole situation allowing ab to do whatever he wanted. This is all on the Steelers organization and Coach Tomlin. The Patriots continue to own the Steelers as they have for the past 20 years

  30. I dont see how this can work. He couldn’t behave on a bigger contract woth the Raiders where he was going to get all the pass opportunities and they bent over backwards for him. In New England he is getting less money and less targets. This organization definitely will not carer to him like the Raiders did. I dont see him making it through the entire season.

  31. This team has the potential to do amazing things. If the defense continues to play like they did in the playoffs last year, and Flash and AB stay focused on football, watch out.

  32. I mean, of course the agent is going to say that. It’s another thing for brown to actually do it.

  33. Pats fan here. Actually a bit disappointed that they took him but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. More of a malcontent than the others Pats with problem pasts they had in the past, who were generally just upset with their amount of playtime or touches. One thing we know is that if he acts up for one second he’s off the team so perhaps a low risk trial with high upside.

  34. I don’t think the Belichick magic will work with this one this time. That magic can’t cure the bipolar tendencies. Maybe will suppress it for the short term but mental illness left untreated will always end up reoccurring. With Gordon in the same position room as Brown, how can that not end badly? Maybe football isn’t the biggest worry here.

  35. The Patriots win again and the haters are losing their minds. Think back when he got out of Pittsburgh what were the rumors then? They were that he wanted to play in New England but there was no way the Steelers were going to allow that to happen so they traded him away to Oakland. He gets there and realizes immediately that Carr is not even close to Big Ben who isn’t even close to being as good as Brady so he clowns his way out of there knowing full well he could end up in the spot he originally wanted all along. Thats exactly what played out here folks so you’ll just have to come to grips with it #7Rings4Brady

  36. “AB is now ready to do things the Patriot way”…..sure he is because we can all change overnight….

  37. “I’ve discussed this with Antonio. And he wants to be a Patriot. He’s prepared to go there, fit in, work hard”

    Of course Rosenhaus has discussed this with Antonio, and Belichick – they’ve probably been discussing how to force his way into a release for weeks.

    We’re supposed to believe the Pats just paid $9 million in guarantees this season to a guy that appears to have become mentally unhinged, and this all came together over 6 hours…the day before the opening game of the season? Riiiiight.

  38. The NFL sorely needs a new rule to address a situation like this. AB orchestrated his release through purposeful bad behavior and threats, just to then quickly sign with a more favorable team.

    The Nfl should mandate a 1 year signing moratorium on situations such as this where disciplinary infractions are used to subvert the league’s competitive balance.

    AB should not be allowed to play at all this year.

  39. This was so obviously planned out by AB and the Patriots while he was still under contract with the Raiders.

  40. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I will believe it when I have seen it for 10 weeks or more!

  41. I just can’t believe that a guy can act like a complete malcontent, and essentially put a team in a position of “you better release me or I will literally do my best to ruin your season.” This was his plan all along. There’s no way Rosenhaus hammered out a deal with NE in 2 hours. This is honestly disgusting. It’s 100% true too, you won’t hear a peep from Brown all year. The whole thing was a ploy to get out of OAK. I hope the league looks into this. It’s simply not good for the league. The Patriots are scum, and I guarantee you there is evidence of convos between Rosenhaus and the Patriots prior to noon yesterday.

  42. Drew should take his phone away. I’m not sure Brown can even help himself despite his intentions.

  43. djcologne says:
    September 8, 2019 at 5:45 am
    Just like he did with the Steelers and The Raiders.


    Those teams had weak-minded coaches who were afraid of Brown. Belichick is in complete control. Moreover, Brown probably wanted to play on a team with a chance of winning a SB. He knew it would not happen in Pittsburgh or Oakland

  44. What a relief to know he’ll conduct himself appropriately/professionally as a Patriot! Can’t see him going back on his word!!

  45. Brown works hard on the field, but I wonder how long it will be until he walks into meetings late and shows more attention to his instagram than anything else.

  46. Greatest (diva) WRs of our era:
    Randy Moss. Zero Super Bowl rings Even with Brady and Bellichik
    Terrell Owens. Zero Super Bowl rings.
    Cris Carter. Zero Super Bowl rings.
    Chad Ocho Sinco. Zero Super Bowls.
    Whoever signs them becomes a power house, but still can’t get the ring. Something crazy always happens, like some guy catching a ball on his helmet or some QB puking in the field.
    One way or a(crazy)nother, fate steps in with karma and the ghost of seasons past to prevent them from winning.

  47. officialgame says:
    September 8, 2019 at 7:11 am
    So the guy is rewarded by the Patriots for being a DB. I hope he blows up that organization once and for all.
    …funny. all this time I thought he was the #1 rated WR!

  48. For years all we’ve heard out of New England is BB’s way. And for good reason because its worked. But no way does this guy come in and suddenly keep his trap shut for the good of the team. That’s just not who AB is. Sure he’ll play along for a short while and will there be a separate set of teams rules for AB? BB will act like that’s a no and he’s in charge and always has been. But expecting AB to zip it? Not sure that will happen.

  49. To the Raiders fans bummed out, does Brown seem like a rational human or team first player? Do you think he will stop stroking his ego on social media or walk the Patriots way?

    By listening to what David Carr has said about him never being off for a second. I honestly believe all this stuff with the Steelers and Raiders is part of a mental health slippage that is going unchecked.

  50. Everyone says that I’m a problem and that no team will win with me. Yet, now people are complaining that NE acquired me for one year and thinks that there is something fishy going on. I guess they recognize the talent.


    Mr. Big Chest

  51. I’m not concerned with whose Jersey he wears, we need to know whose helmet he will put on his big head!!

    Neither AB nor Gordon will be around for the playoffs. It will be Julian all by himself again for the playoff run. The Pats run ends this year. The window slams shut and Brady gives it up.

  52. Take away all of his social media accounts this second or this will NEVER work. The guy just cannot shut up with his online antics. Give him enough rope and he will eventually hang himself again. Still cannot believe everything that has happened with this guy this Summer. I genuinely feel bad for the Raiders. UGH!!!!

  53. He will miss practices, and then complain about not having the ball thrwon his way often enough. A leopard cannot change its spots.

  54. davedsone says:
    September 8, 2019 at 7:25 am
    I don’t care HOW talented he is, I HATE THIS. But they never do what I want them to, anyway. At least it wasn’t Tyreek Hill.

    What they they do is win, did you never want them to do that?

  55. There is no guarantee this arrangement is going to work out and there is always the potential for injury. A Super Bowl LIV victory is not a given here. Hell, the Steelers may win tonight. But watching you hater’s heads explode is probably the most entertaining aspect of this news. Go Patriots!

  56. brady1515 says:
    September 8, 2019 at 6:41 am
    The only person not happy with this trade is wr Philip Dorsett . He put the work in , learned the system and was supposed to have a break out year . I smell a trade of Dorsett coming very soon . Perhaps to San Fran or even the Raiders ….

    They won’t trade Dorsett. They’ll need him for when Brown flames out and is released by the Pats.

  57. Like the saying goes, ‘a tiger can’t change its stripes’. AB will still be AB. After all, this is a guy who blew away 30 million, not a bright guy.

  58. AB is manipulating the entire league to his liking and he got away with it twice. The Raiders should have suspended him the maximum number of weeks allowed and voided his contract guarantees while keeping him on the suspended list. Then they probably could have fined him the rest of the season and made him sit out. AB would have been stuck out of the league for the year with no recourse other than more grievances. Can’t blame the Pats for signing him but this baby really deserves to be out of the league and a permanent judge on one of those dumb singing or dancing shows.

  59. of course he will. That was the whole point. His temper tantrum in Oakland was all an act so he would get the Raiders to release him. I smell a rat here. I think AB knew that if he could get himself out of Oakland that NE would pick him up. Tampergate!

  60. He manipulated his way out of Pitt and Oakland. Wanted to go to NE all along and they are in on it. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. He will fall in line now that he has what he wants. Just watch. Looks bad on the league. Not surprised that NE knew what was going on and in on it. I love the NFL and watching my team but this is just getting to much. The league is losing integrity. Just dirty. Tired of it.

  61. Blame the Raiders. They had an out where he could have been suspended, sent the 5 day letter and not paid him a dime for the season and continued forwards.

    Their spineless unqualified GM and way over the hill spineless coach decided to release him instead.

  62. As usual the hysteria, derangement, and paranoia are out in full force. Any other team and you’d all just be calling them stupid. But because it’s the Pats it must be some conspiracy. Funny how two days ago all you same people were saying how crazy this guy is and what a cancer he is. So what exactly is the problem? Could it be that you’re losing your minds because, despite his shenanigans, he’s still the best WR in the league? Gee….maybe that’s why he got picked up so quickly as well.

    Once again — none of you people would be crying conspiracy if it were any other team. And you know it. So get over it.

  63. Brown’s biggest problem was being coddled by players coaches especially in Pittsburg. Now he is with a group of professionals where he will be expected to be one himself. BB is genius and Brown is the best wideout in the game playing with the greatest QB all time. I have to laugh at the Steelers and Raiders and of course their Fan base as well. Learn how to treat players and bring out the best of your players abilities and you will attract good players like this. I’m looking for OBJ to shoot his way out of Cleveland and join up with the troupes in Foxboro by week 4. LMAO Tough luck to the rest of the league!
    Maybe it works and Maybe it doesn’t.. Who Knows? Going to be interesting though.

  64. He still needs to be suspended for his threat of an NFL GM. that is inexcusable and needs to be dealt with as well as a huge fine of day 250k. Letting him skate by sets a standard the NFL doesn’t want.

    Although, I’m sure all the Pats fans that wanted him suspended in Oakland will come to his defense now.

  65. Belichick: you’ve done well young Jedi. Now just call him a cracker and you’ll be here by sunset.

    Brown: Yes, yoda.

  66. When its all said and done, the Steelers traded AB to the Patriots for a 3rd & 5th rounder.

    In pure football business terms, that’s gotta hurt. I’m sure the Steelers would never make that particular trade for less than a 1st rounder, and probably not at all.

    Pittsburgh can now enjoy a drama-free season and I’ll bet they do OK.
    For NE, its just a question of when AB throws TB and/or BB under the bus.
    WE the fans get the benefit of watching AB potentially self-destruct each Sunday.


  67. Pats fan here. This is all upside from here as the second he misbehaves BB cuts him. Other upside is if he makes it through the season and someone else signs him Pats get an additional 3 round pick in 2020. Pats had the spare money – great risk reward with no long term commitment – why wouldn’t they do this? Only downside is the $9M and it was just lying around anyway.

    Only concern is the locker room where players play for less money and just saw themselves go through an ultra-shrewd negotiation and now see $9M potentially walk out the door if he’s cut.

    Bottom line – generational talent for pennies on the dollar with zero downside risk if they just let him walk. I like it.

  68. dirtdawg53 says:
    September 8, 2019 at 6:45 am
    There is no “I” in team. But there is a “me”. And AB is all about “me, me, me”. Would be shocked if he lasts the year. The dude couldn’t make it 24 hours with the Raiders after his “sincere apology”. Couldn’t make it to a single game after declaring how he always wanted to be a Raider.

    As for Pats fans, who fondly remember how BB turned Moss, I remember how they won zero SBs with him. I remember Johnson and Haynesworth and Hernandez. Plenty of guys The Hoodie couldn’t help. If you think this is ending well, think again.


    People said these same things about Corey Dillon

  69. The Patriots won a super bowl with Patterson filling in at running back and Hogan being their #2 wide receiver.

    They lose Gronkowski this year but Bill and Josh are use to game planning without him despite always going to him at key points in playoff games.

    The Patriots roster, to a man, is much stronger this year than it was last year but the guys will need to perform. That is not a given it needs to be earned.

  70. I see the haters are still crying this morning how about a good ole cup of soft serve ice cream for you guys, or how about some more milk and cookies #7Rings4Brady

  71. Drew Rosenhaus should be black-balled for conduct detrimental to the league! Collusion!!! These contracts don’t take a few hours to do, all the t’s have to be crossed etc…… They probably can’t even print the contract in a few hours, little alone agree to everything in a multi-million dollar contract!!!

  72. Umm….Hey Drew….AB’s work ethic isn’t the concern. Take his social media accounts away, and put a muzzle on him. Possibly keep him away from anything cryo. Oh….and btw….he’s playing with the GOAT now, so he probably won’t be the team’s MVP. #humblepie

  73. The NFL once more has proven they have not one bit of integrity. The bad boys continue to get away with some very questionable actions. No accountability when you can threaten an officer of an organization and use racial slurs and nothing is done. No matter what team signed Brown shows the lack of respect for character. This is the poster event of the 100 year celebration. The league office doing nothing and now no players having any character and speaking out just shows the lack of conscious of the players of today. We continue to see the stroking of this type player and wonder why the stands are showing more and more empty seats.

  74. Yesterday he was an extremely unstable diva and mess who belonged in a padded room. Today he’s the most cunning and calculated manipulator in sports history. Lol. You gotta love it!

  75. I have zero respect for that weirdo geek Belichick. What, dude, 9 Super Bowl appearances and 6 wins isnt enough for you, that you still have to sell your soul and lose your dignity in pursuing this guu just so it’ll be easier for you to win a few more foosball games? This is a matter of honor, and rewarding a guy who acted dishonorably and defrauded fellow professionals who are in the same line of work as you.

  76. What bothers me isn’t that he signed with NE. They will contend or win the Super Bowl with or without him. My concern is that he sets a precedent that it’s ok to act this way, then sign with whatever team you want.

    I find it ironic that he threw away 39 miilion, to recoup 9 million guaranteed over what? 500k?. He doesn’t deserve to be in this league

  77. “These contracts don’t take a few hours to do, all the t’s have to be crossed etc…… They probably can’t even print the contract in a few hours, little alone agree to everything in a multi-million dollar contract!!!”

    Lolz they are standard contracts with only a few things that can vary, such as what I am sure are outs for the Pats if he misbehaves in any number of ways. It generally does not take very long to negotiate once the number is agreed on.

    The only time it takes longer is when one side or the other is really hung up on something. Rosenhaus knew he’d have to take the qualifiers Belichick wanted to get AB to the Pats, and after losing the commission he would have made from the Oakland contract no doubt wanted something in hand so he get paid for his efforts.

  78. This is sickening.

    You obviously root for one of the 31 other teams. You think this going to blow up and he won’t finish the season. The guy has missed 4 games in 8 years. You’re only crying because he’s not on your team and he went to the perennial champions.

    If the league wants to stop the Patriots now they have to allow other teams to have 14 men on defense.

  79. only one person will be able to leap a building in a single bound again to stop this team.

    Number 10.

    The good counterbalance to the evil empire.

    If he does, you know God’s real.

  80. The contracts are so crazy big that teams cant afford to stand up to players who want out by absorbing the cost of sitting them on the bench. Anyone with talent can now pick and choose where they want to play. Every player is watching this go down. I expect to see this tactic escalate quickly.

  81. Patriots are smarter than your team. Belichick is smarter than your coach and your G.M. That’s why they always win. He’s created a culture of excellence and winning. How many other teams have it? If you hate the patriots you are just jealous. He has a vision, he adapts to difficulty, and he handles players. How many coaches in the NFL really make a difference? How many GM’s spot bit players on other teams that thrive on theirs? How many would have elevated Brady and sent Bledsoe and his pro bowls packing? Belichick just does it better, smarter and more consistently excellent. I’m a Rams fan, and he exposed McVay and Goff in the super bowl after they had laid waste to the league with McVay in Goff’s ear. Yet Belichick was the one who didn’t show his D alignment till the headsets were off. Gotta tip my hat to Belichick. He wins cause he’s the smartest. That is how sports should be.

  82. You don’t go from being crazy to being sane with a new home. Only acting can do that.
    If he suddenly becomes a model citizen, you know he was in on the scheme. The NFL should investigate and review all electronic communication between Brown’s team (especially Rosenhaus) and NE (and their proxies). Until the investigation is finished, he should not be allowed on the field.

  83. Glazer just stated the Raiders decided to get rid of him on Thursday and talked with teams about a trade.

  84. That is how sports should be.

    Sports all have rules that should be followed and enforced consistently and cheaters need to pay a heavy price and currently that isn’t the case. Worshipping the cheaters as genius is a pretty sad thing to favor.

  85. hes going to loose his mind when they tell him someone else has #84.
    sure mr big chest is about to change his number. oh well when he gets released next week the seahawks can pick him up

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