Jerry Jones calls contract extension with Dak Prescott “imminent”

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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said on his radio show Friday he held out hope of getting a deal done with Dak Prescott before the season opener. That didn’t happen, but it appears it will soon.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after Sunday’s 35-17 victory over the Giants that he expects to have a deal with the quarterback in a matter of “days.”

“Oh, yes, I do know that we’ll get it done,” Jones said. “It would probably be fair to say it’ll be done on a imminent basis. Imminent. Without being real clear, bright lined. It’s not done. What’s imminent? Well, days. Days. Or something like that.”

Prescott completed 25 of 32 passes for 405 yards, four touchdowns and the first perfect passer rating in team history.

Prescott said he was unconcerned about his contract when told of Jerry Jones’ comments.

“I’m turning the page and I’m worried about the Washington Redskins,” Prescott said. “I have people that handle that. My focus is on this team, on the football game. I think as long as I can keep continuing to do that, this will do things like we did tonight. As I said, that’s been out of my focus for the past week, and I told you guys that.”

28 responses to “Jerry Jones calls contract extension with Dak Prescott “imminent”

  1. After a game like that, Jones figures he better keep him. Prescott is solid and can make throws. He definitely has command of that offense and is the leader. He deserves some dough.

  2. This kid has an attitude that you want in your organization and especially in your locker room.

  3. Dak has definitely been working on his game and it shows on the field. The offense just looks more fluid and will only get better with Zeke getting more touches. Kellen Moore looks comfortable and called a great game.

  4. This deal is not that difficult to do unless Dak has the same agent as Melvin Gordon. But I hear Dak’s asking price is way too high based off of performance and other players at his position. There is a middle road, the last thing you want is to be on the Tag.

  5. He should give some of that money to the giants D. They helped him earn a lot more money today.

  6. Dallas was always going to come a deal with Dak Prescott. It was just a matter of when. Jerry and Stephen Jones have made it clear how much they like Dak as a player and a person. It was all the talking heads who keep bad mouthing him. The dude has played 3 years and they were all winning seasons. The man is not a loser.

  7. Dak should delay a little longer until his game with the Dolphins. Could earn a few extra million if Dolphins play the same way they did today. Or maybe Dak doesn’t want to risk a poor game and being considered a mediocre QB again.

  8. Dak is maybe, if were stretching here, maybe worth 18 million per year. People are crazy to think he is currently worth 19 or more.

  9. Every NFC East fan hopes so!

    Don’t give me today’s numbers, give me the whole portfolio. Zelda won’t even be in the top 10 this year. They kept feeding him (ya know like he wants) to try to show up Saquan.

    Didn’t even come close.

    Now you’re gonna pay Dak too much, then what about Cooper? Right back to no receiver And a best up RB. You all know Jerrah will run him into the ground to get that money back!

  10. I don’t look at it as how good Dallas appeared on Sunday, but how bad New York really is. The Cowboys have an easy schedule to open the season, but they face much tougher opponents in the middle and late season. How they fare against New Orleans will determine how far they go.

    Prescott has an insurance policy and endorsement deals worth $50 million, so he isn’t in a hurry to agree to a low-bid offer. He will get paid eventually. How much will be determined by how well he plays against real contenders.

  11. Dak should have been priority #1 for an extension… Running backs and receivers are much easier to find ‘close to” replacements…

  12. I still can’t believe all the hate for Dak, why is there so much hate for this man?, he seems like a good dude, he is not arrogant & does not cause trouble off the field & most importantly he is a good quarterback and a leader.

  13. You can see Jerry frantically clicking his pen. Last April -“$25mm seems very high, offer him $20mm” June- ” We can get this done at $24mm” August – ” $34 mm isn’t going to work for the rest of the team” September -“We better get him for under $40mm”

  14. I think Dak is a guy of excellent integrity and leadership. With that being said, I wish they would wait until about mid-season for his contract. Our Giant’s game, we were the 3rd highest point differential in the league. I’d rather wait until we play a great team with a great O and D, to fully gauge how much he has improved. I saw enough dirt balls and overthrown passes last season, to last me a lifetime! Just imo…..They NEED to be working on Coop’s deal, also, as he looked great, too!!!

  15. I’ve never seen an owner so happy and in such a rush to throw his money away so quickly. How about we wait and see if Dak can carry this team when they need him too first before backing up the Brinks truck. He beat the Giants so what big deal a lot of teams are going to beat the Giants this year they’re trash

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