Josh Rosen in for Dolphins, immediately intercepted


Josh Rosen didn’t win the starting job, but he did end up playing in the opener.

The Dolphins backup quarterback, who lost the starting job to Ryan Fitzpatrick, made his Miami debut late in the third quarter.

Of course, he walked into a 52-10 deficit against the Ravens, which didn’t give him much of a chance. But he didn’t do anything to make it better, throwing an interception on his second attempt with Miami.

Rosen’s career is being set on fire in front of our eyes, as he’s been sentenced to two of the worst-run organizations in the league in his short time since being a top-10 pick.

After being supplanted by Kyler Murray in Arizona, he was shipped to Miami for a second-rounder, in what seemed to be good business at the time. But that was before they got rid of all their good players, giving him not much of a chance.

With a little luck, his third team will treat him more kindly.