Lamar Jackson: Not bad for a running back

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After taking over the starting job last season and running an offense that relied heavily on his legs, Lamar Jackson heard the people who said he was a running back and not a quarterback.

The Ravens insisted their offense would look different this season and that Jackson would show that he had the traditional skills needed to succeed as an NFL quarterback. The first look at that offense and Jackson’s role in it saw the quarterback complete 17-of-20 passes for 324 yards and five touchdowns before taking a seat on the bench for the final quarter of a 59-10 win over the Dolphins.

Jackson’s comments after the game referenced last year’s critics.

“Not bad for a running back,” Jackson said in his postgame press conference.

Jackson threw two of those touchdowns to rookie wide receiver Marquise Brown, who became the third player in history to score on each of his first two NFL catches. Jackson said he and Brown “didn’t really have chemistry” because the first-round pick missed time with a foot injury, so it will be interesting to see what happens now that they are on the same page.

The next chance to see that will come at home against the Cardinals.


61 responses to “Lamar Jackson: Not bad for a running back

  1. What ever happened to giving at least 3 years for a QB to develop? The way they are judged now, P. Manning and Elway would have been castoffs after year one.

  2. They said the same thing about Dak, and now they’re eating their words. Good job young man.

  3. He played a high school defense. He is not an NFL QB. His shelf life is 5 years and then maybe he’ll earn a good paycheck backing someone up.

    I really hope the Ravens don’t get too full of themselves after their 5th preseason game.

  4. Yeah, you ain’t a rook no more but still way too new to be so smug. Leave the cute smart mouth to your surrogates.

  5. And if he plays terrible next week? I mean, props to the kid for a great game, but you didn’t just win the superbowl. It was the dolphins.

  6. bahahaha slow your roll there Lamar, you played what may very well be the worst team of this millennial, plus they are TRYING to lose

  7. Anyone who watched him at Louisville should know he is a good QB. I had no doubt that if Baltimore let him play like a real QB, he would be good. I thought they were screwing him up by making him run so much last year.

  8. Lamar beat a high school football team. That was not a bad team they played, it was a horrific one. Even Colon Krappernick could have put up two touchdowns against Miami today all done from the squat position.

  9. I was one of Lamar Jackson’s critics and love this. He has one of the most scrutinized QBs in recent memory. He deserves every chance he gets to talk s*** to the doubters. For people complaining on this thread…don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  10. Dude needs to slow his roll… he was playing against a terrible team. And when RGme came in and went 5 for 5 with a TD that just further proves that Miami is pathetic. I wouldn’t get too high on that victory there Lamar..
    Miami will have a tough time winning a single game this season.

  11. You beat a team that just dumped their roster. We all know shat us going on in Miami this year. Don’t feel to good about yourself you just beat the JV team.

  12. The kid has a Vick like skill set. Only difference is that Jackson actually puts in work and doesnt rely soley on his talent.

  13. I warned people. I saw this movie before at Louisville where you wondered where did that ability to play actual QB at a high level come from. His counterpart in Cleveland got all the hype, but Jackson’s team will be fighting for the division in December.

  14. Are these comments foreal? My man was 17 of 20, 324 yds, 5 TDs, 0 INTs, 158.3 QB Rtg. The Dolphins are an NFL Football team. It’s not like he went 12 for 20, 250 yds, and 2 TDs. He put up dominant stats. And his team dropped 59 pts. Just make sure all you so called analysts making these “It was against the Dolphins” comments say the same thing when the Dolphins play Brady, Big Ben, Rivers, and Mayfield. They should easily put up 60+ points and 6+ TDs against “this high school team”.

  15. Everyone can say he beat a JV team or whatever makes them feel better. Let’s see your QB do the same thing against pro athletes (Your JV team). BTW the strength of the dolphins was supposed to be their secondary.

  16. He played and beat the team in front of him in a dominant fashion. What more could he do?

    The Ravens are what the hype-media told everyone the Browns would be.

  17. It was against the worst team in the league, but he would have missed those throw3last year.

    I don’t know if he’s going to be any good, but that comment made me laugh.

  18. Dude, throws for a PERFECT Passer Rating of 158.3 and some folks are still criticizing. SMDH.

    Are your lives that sad? I feel sorry for you. I really do.

  19. Browns fan here. Can’t stand the ravens, but good for him. He’s a dangerous player and I understand his shade he’s throwing at his critics. Go get some Lamar, except when you play us.

  20. Was everyone telling Lamar to slow his roll also telling the loudmouths that wrote him off as a runningback last year to slow their roll he’s just a rookie who was thrown into a starter roll in the middle of the year? Of course not.

    After tayloring the offense to his skillset and a full camp of working with the first team offense we have an early glimpse of what Lamar is capable of.

    All you naysayers who said he was even a QB just don’t like eating crow. He sure looked like a QB today.

  21. These comments are hilarious. All offseason “He can’t throw!” Now he throws 5TDs, perfect passer rating and it’s just that his opponent is bad. Next week, his receivers will make a couple nice catches and he’ll be Jump Ball Lamar. All he does is win in multiple different ways, his teammates love him and this season it’s clear the game has slowed down for him. Clearly troubling developments for some people.

  22. What a surprise, these no-nothing football fans who think they are experts because they can comment on a message board, were WRONG! Jackson does know how to throw a damn football. What a shock.

  23. Haters really? If you can figure out a way to hate a 17/20 (with a dropped pass and a deliberate throw out of bounds), 324 Yards, 5 TDs and a 158.3 QB rating, then you are truly a miserable and sad soul with not much of a life. Please get out of your hole and get a life.

  24. Haters seriously? If you can figure out a way to hate a 17/20 (with a dropped pass and a deliberate throw out of bounds), 324 Yards, 5 TDs and a 158.3 QB rating, then you are truly a miserable and sad soul with not much of a life. Please get out of your hole and get a life.

  25. Those kinds of stats are incredible, I don’t care who the opponent is. Many great QBs have faced inferior opponents and not turned in a performance like that. So many haters.

  26. I’m a huge Ravens fan and yes I’m not saying that Lamar is going to be the messiah. But, today in just his 11th NFL game he showed a ton of progress for him in just his game. He also has the 2nd best current streak of throwing attempts without an interception. Look at the last 2 years drafted quarterbacks and compare their wins, TD’s and interception rate. Can’t hate at this point too much on Lamar, yes time will tell but he’s off to a much better start then what everyone is saying about him.

  27. The kid has a Vick like skill set. Only difference is that Jackson actually puts in work and doesnt rely soley on his talent.
    I would say more Vick lite than Vick like. Michael Vick was much faster and way more sudden and explosive. And Vick had an absolute howitzer of an arm – considerably stronger than Jackson’s. Your second statement is correct – Jackson talked about a very productive off-season that surely helped lead to today in Miami. Vick, infamously, didn’t work at all in Atlanta.

  28. Ravens looked good, Lamar Jackson looked good. But this game had same feel as FCS outfit going to ranked SEC school for the arranged beat-down and participation check. Nobody really can draw conclusions about, say, Auburn or LSU based on how much they thump the proverbial Sad-Sack State.

  29. QB rating…153(perfect)
    TD’s thrown…5 (in 3 Qtrs)
    Total control play calling
    A TEAM player
    “Haters keep Hating”
    PS- Steelers “3” total points(laughable)

  30. Glad that he showed that he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder. He’s matured a lot in the past year.

  31. Well he gets to feel good about himself next week too, they play the Cardinals. After that…

  32. Last year Lamar Jackson was a rookie and he was never supposed to start. Flacco was hurt and Jackson got thrown into the fire in Flacco’s offense with zero legitimate weapons on offense. What did he do? He ran the offense and went 6-1. Now he had a full offseason to prepare for a new offense tailored to him. He added 10lb of muscle. He has actual NFL caliber receivers and he has Ingram to lean on. I’m not surprised to see him succeed. His decisions and accuracy were perfect in that game.

  33. And I warned you all after opening at a fish tank Ravens’ll talk Super Bowl, until Chiefs wk3

  34. I saw Jackson’s Pro day at Louisville.
    About an hour’s worth.
    He was “ok”
    Just ” ok”
    If the Ravens were able to coach him above the “Ok” level then good for them and why couldn’t they do that with Flacco?

  35. streetyson says:
    September 9, 2019 at 7:33 am
    And I warned you all after opening at a fish tank Ravens’ll talk Super Bowl, until Chiefs wk3
    Chiefs barely escaped with a win in Arrowhead last year against rookie Lamar Jackson. Mahomes made the crazy no look pass on 4th down to win the game. Ravens were in control 59 minutes of that game. It will be a close game again.

  36. I understand this statement, but the Dolphins Defense is still supposed to be pretty good. Supposedly they have the best corner in the league and 2 of the better safteys.
    tajuara says:
    September 8, 2019 at 8:13 pm
    Slow down my friend, you just beat the Dolphins

  37. Well he answered two questions. The first was “will he show improvement his 2nd year?” Check. The second “can he throw?” Check. Now the third will be answered in the coming weeks and years. “Can he be consistent?”

    I fully expect the first time he throws an int or has a bad game the haters will be back saying I told you so. As a Ravens fan its been a long time since I looked forward to the offense walking onto the field. I felt that way yesterday. Looking forward to how this plays out!

  38. This kid is not close to smug. He has the right to make comments, the kids been destroyed by the so called Couch experts since last year.

    The faces of his O-line said it all, they knew it was his coming out party. Dolphins or not, this kid was superb. He hit from all over the field, made throws that he missed last year, all because he worked his ass off in the offseason.

    The players love him, this team flat out plays for him. Never once has this kid came out pumping his own stats, only time he mentions himself is to say “I” have to get better.

    All the haters will own his Jersey by years end, guaranteed trades for Hollywood this morning are on the upswing.

    Bizzaro land, Terps and the Ravens both hit 600yds I say what!!!!

  39. Who cares that it was the Fins losing yet another game. Yes the Ravens should have and did beat them handily. But more important, I saw a team on the field and sidelines that has a leader now. Flacco never bothered to interact with his teammates on game day. Jackson is engaged and is working for his team, not himself. Can’t wait to see this new offense at The Bank next Sunday. Go Ravens…..

    PS, what’s up with wearing a $350K watch on the field OBJ?

  40. All of you can keep badmouthing this kid, but he works his tail off and is not simply content or satisfied with talent alone. While Baker gets all the hype in Cleveland…Lamar Jackson is going to be the face of the AFC North for the next ten years or more, Get used to it!!!

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