Lamar Jackson perfect, as Ravens cruise


Sure the Dolphins are tanking, whether they say it or not. But we knew that was coming.

The eye-opener in Miami Sunday was the play of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

The second-year passer was perfect in their 59-10 win over the Dolphins, able to watch the fourth quarter safely on the bench after logging a spotless 158.3 passer rating.

Jackson was 17-of-20 passing for 324 yards and five touchdowns.

Last year in seven starts after taking over for Joe Flacco, he threw five touchdowns.

This year’s progress was clear — though there was some grade inflation because of the opponent — yet the deep ball combination with rookie Marquise Brown (four catches for 147 yards and two touchdowns) is a new element to their offense.

The conventional wisdom was that the Ravens were going to be run-heavy in their new offense, and that may eventually be true as the season goes on. But Jackson showed he’s capable of being a dual threat.

The Dolphins showed themselves to be capable of not much, with Josh Rosen thrown into the fire in the third quarter after they were down 52-10. It’s going to be a long year for Dolphins fans, who waited nine minutes to start booing, and perhaps shouldn’t have waited that long.

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  1. I’ll preface this by saying the Dolphins obviously aren’t a good defense. But for all the BS in the comment sections on this site about Jackson being a running back…he sure as hell looked like a quarterback today. Only one of those 5 TDs was the result of a simple route and the receiver doing most of the work. He showed great footwork and touch on a variety of throws. The haters are gonna keep hating but the tape says it all.

  2. Ohhhhh So the Kid that had back 2 back 4K+ passing yards while winning a Heisman Trophy is not a “Glorified Running Back”? Who Woulda THUNK IT? #PunditsKnowSquat

  3. dolphins and browns will have to flip a coin for the number 1 draft pick. be weird having two 0-16 teams in the same season.

  4. Miami is not even an NFL caliber team right now. But what is Harbaugh doing up 40 points still throwing it and going for it in 4th down. I get it.. if you don’t like it stop it… but he knows what Miami is this year. Karma could come get him on that move. Pretty poor sportsmanship IMO

  5. Everyone knows the Fins are tanking the season and I figured they would be bad this year but good lord, not that bad. They are breathtakingly brutal.

  6. Sure, Dolphins aren’t tanking, they’re just an embarrassment.
    What a disgrace. Good for Lamar Jackson though, great start.
    Ravens have to be feeling good about Marquise Brown, too.

  7. finzfan49 says:
    September 8, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    Miami is not even an NFL caliber team right now. But what is Harbaugh doing up 40 points still throwing it and going for it in 4th down. I get it.. if you don’t like it stop it… but he knows what Miami is this year. Karma could come get him on that move. Pretty poor sportsmanship IMO

    How many times have teams taken their foot off the gas and then get beat?

    Too many to count!

    You play until the clock hits 0:00, PERIOD! Nothing unsportsman like about it and there’s no such thing as “RUNNING UP THE SCORE”!

  8. I have to tip my hat to Jackson’s college coach Bobby Petrino. Petrino vowed to make Jackson an NFL QB. Petrino resisted the temptation to dominate college football with this kid’s running skills because he wanted to make him into an NFL QB. Petrino forced Jackson to play from the pocket. Forced him to resist the temptation to take off for an 80 yard run because it would be better for him in the long run. Plus, last year we saw Pat Mahomes dominate his first season. It was actually Mahomes second season. He sat out his first season. This is Jackson’s second season. Mahomes would have run a lot more too if he had to play his first season.

  9. Brilliant move Mr. Ross, absolutely brilliant…….it was more exciting watching Tannehill take a knee for the Titans than watching this game. Oh, by the way, did you notice that Cam Wake had 2.5 sacks today?

  10. Dolphins will be 0-16, maybe 1-15 at best this year and next year too. The Dolphins will be basically an expansion team the next couple of years at least. Be ready for real suffering Dolphin fans. Sorry. This is really going to suck.

  11. bigjoe2330 said:
    Week 1 is the biggest for over reaction. All you ravens fans now believe you’ve got the best passing qb in the league. We’ll see next week.


    You mean in the Ravens’ home opener against the hapless Cardinals?

    Lamar could tie Patrick Mahomes’ numbers from 2018 when Mahomes had thrown 10 TDs through the first two weeks of the 2018 season next week.

  12. Let’s tone down the Lamar Jackson for the HOF talk. He played a PUTRID Miami team. This was embarrassing. Flores is CLUELESS and will be the next BB disciple to fail miserably. He needs to be treated like Cam Cameron. Been a Miami fan since 1978 and am DONE. Done until Ross sells the team and they put some people in place that know football.

  13. The former Washington Numbskins starting QB who broke his leg last year could have done exactly what Lamar did against the competition level that Lamar played today – a virtual pathetic high school team of pouting babies. Let’s not get excited. Lamar is not a real QB and his dig at him being a running back will be words we will rub in his face as he actually is a running back impersonating a QB. This game was a joke and evidence that any team playing Miami will get a guaranteed win – and New England could likely beat this team with a card board cut out of Tomasina Brady tossing passing for the entire two games they’ll play – and he’ll score more than 59 points that Lamar’s living and breathing Halloween QB costume performance offered.

  14. Ok, the Dolphins are a bottom tier NFL team. But the ravens beat them the way a top tier team should. The big questions about the ravens were answered however. Lamar demonstrated a massive improvement in his passing mechanics, ball security and mastery of the offense. Hollywood Brown has fully recovered from his foot surgery and is one of the fastest humans on the planet. The defense will not miss Weddle, Suggs or Mosely. Onwasour, Thomas and McPhee stepped in seamlessly and the ravens will have a top 3 defense this season.
    After watching Cleveland and Pittsburgh it is very possible there will be a repeat AFC North Champion.

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