Power outage in CBS truck knocked KC-Jacksonville game off air

Getty Images

Fans in Kansas City were outraged when CBS switched from the Chiefs-Jaguars game in the fourth quarter. They directed their anger at the network on social media, believing CBS cut away from a blowout game on purpose.

(At least they didn’t cut away to show Heidi.)

It turns out power went out in the CBS truck at the stadium, cutting transmission of the game, NFL Media reported.

“Due to a power outage during the Jacksonville-Kansas City game viewers were switched to the Tennessee-Cleveland game then the Buffalo-N.Y. Jets game,” CBS said in a statement. “We regret we were unable to return the audience to their scheduled game before power was restored.”

CBS studio host James Brown told viewers they were being switched to a more competitive game but didn’t explain the power outage. That set off those in Jacksonville and Kansas City.

The Chiefs won 40-26.