Ryan Fitzpatrick: Never good to be embarrassed like that

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Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has started a lot of games for a lot of teams, but few of them have looked as ugly as his first start as a member of the Dolphins.

Miami lost 59-10 to the Ravens on Sunday in a performance that lived down to the very worst predictions about what this Dolphins team would look like this season. The outing was so disastrous that PFT has learned Dolphins players are calling their agents about trying to find a way off the team as soon as possible.

“It’s never good to be embarrassed like that, especially at this level,” Fitzpatrick said, via the Palm Beach Post. “What we had talked about: nobody is going to feel sorry for you and your situation. That’s what happens. You go out there and if you don’t execute, you’re going to get beat bad like that.”

Fitzpatrick was 14-of-29 for 185 yards, a touchdown and an interception before being pulled so Josh Rosen could play the rest of the way. Head coach Brian Flores said that Fitzpatrick will start again against the Patriots next week in what may be another ugly afternoon for the Dolphins.

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  1. And with the first pick in 2020 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select…Tua whom they clearly tanked for.

  2. It is going to be a horrible season for the Dolphins this year. It may be worse than 2007’s 1-15 season. It will be probably bad for 2020 and maybe 2021 also. But the Dolphins are now facing reality. 15 plus years of mediocrity will not cut it anymore. You have to build a foundation on good young talent. You cannot put band-aids on and overspend on bad free agents and shell out fat money contracts and draft poorly as they have done for the last 15 plus years. Bad front office people like Randy Mueller, Jeff Ireland, Bill Parcells, Dawn Aponte, Mike Tannenbaum that to not have a clue along with bad coaches like Dave Wansstedt, Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, Joe Philbin, and Adam Gase. Stephen Ross finally realized that this cycle had to stop. It was time to tear this team down and rebuild the right way from scratch. Chris Grier is an old school football executive that actually knows what he is doing, unlike the previous regimes that was running the football team the wrong way a la Mike Tannenbaum or Jeff Ireland. We will probably be 1-15 or even 0-16 this year. But the Dolphins did not have any other choice. Stephen Ross did not have any other choice. It was time to tear down this 15 year plus mediocrity syndrome of a franchise and rebuild, not tank, rebuild this team and franchise the right way. The Dolphins are REBUILDING, not tanking. The team that is truly tanking year after year is the Miami Marlins a la Jeffrey Loria and now Derek Jeter.

  3. As a Dolphins fan, I think everyone knew that our team was going to be bad with Tunsil. I get the logic of getting two firsts and a second (plus some scrubs) for Tunsil a good LT, and a WR with a big mouth who the owner got sick of.

    But regardless of that, I think the worse idea was to move all the pieces around (best five on the field mentality) the week of the game. Dixon was a RT all training camp – keep him there. Start Shaq at RG because he was the starter all of training camp.

    Why the Redskins didn’t trade Trent Williams to Miami for a couple of seconds, or maybe a first, I will not know. I don’t think they get that Trent isn’t playing for them for emotional reasons. It helps Miami, who ends up with picks from Houston.

  4. I know we should get waxed next week but I think AB is about to disrupt that chemisty they showed this week.. Mark my words the pats won’t win the superbowl selling their identity for talent..

  5. Tell Fitz to come to the other coast and replace Winston. He has already proven in the first game he is a chore. All pre-season “he’s learning better ball control, not to throw dangerous passes, use the check downs.” Baloney. All he did was heave the ball up for grabs. Come on back Fitz.

  6. Just get out there and play, you all make enough money and we the Season Ticket holders ‘pay your way.
    If you don’t feel like playing, how about paying our bills.
    Embarrassing to say the least. No effort from some out there, and Sunday will be 100 points if you don’t shape up. 🏈🐬🇧🇸

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