Two pick-sixes sink Jameis Winston against 49ers

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The Buccaneers had the ball with a chance to tie the 49ers or win the game with two minutes to play in Tampa, but they didn’t take very good care of it.

Cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon picked off Jameis Winston and returned the ball 25 yards for a touchdown. A two-point conversion extended the 49ers’ lead to 31-17 and that turned out to be the final score.

It was the third interception of the game for Winston and the second that was returned for a touchdown. Richard Sherman took one back 31 yards a few plays after a Richie James touchdown catch in the third quarter and the 49ers were up 20-7 after failing to score a touchdown during the first half of the game.

Winston’s outing is exactly the sort of game that the Bucs hoped to eliminate by bringing in Bruce Arians as their head coach, but there remains a lot of room for improvement on that front.

Jimmy Garoppolo had a bad interception of his own in the first half and Vernon Hargreaves returned it for the first Buccaneers touchdown of the day. He’d finish his first regular season game since last year’s torn ACL by completing 18-of-27 passes for 166 yards.

The 49ers lost running back Tevin Coleman to an ankle injury, which left Raheem Mostert to join Matt Breida as the lead backfield duo. They combined to pick up 77 yards on 24 carries and an extended absence for Coleman would be a blow to an backfield that already lost Jerick McKinnon for the year.

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  1. Incredible to think the niners has more interceptions today than all of last season. Ugly win but I’ll take it!

  2. Run game wasn’t shabby, defense showed up and o-line wasn’t as bad as it has been and yet Winston played the same… Evidence we have seen Jameis hit his ceiling.. there is NO improvement with him!

  3. The Niners d is nasty. Bosa with a sack and a lot of pressure. Dee Ford had pressure on the other side. Armstead looked good, Defo, Warner and Ronald Blair played good. their secondary looks a lot better now that they can put pressure on the QB. The offense other than Kittle was pretty stale. Jimmy G has got to be more accurate. No team wins or loses the first week but a win is a win.

  4. Niners should’ve won the game by a couple more TD’s…too many mistakes in the 1st half. Good comeback in 2nd and great to see the defense force turnovers!If Coleman’s going to be out for next week, they can call up Wilson. Good thing nobody else picked him up.

  5. The biggest improvement is the defense, especially the pass rush. I think they have more interceptions in this game as they did all 16 games last season.

    Jimmy G is 9-2 lifetime as a starter in the NFL, and 7-2 as a 49er. The cynics will still claim that he is a bust. LOL.

  6. I’m hardly a 49ers fan, never will be as long as Sherman is there. But seriously, how can anyone want the Bucs to win? I mean maybe if they were to play the Panthers, but it would be hard to decide between the two. Jameis Winston is too unlikeable, I don’t get how the city doesn’t demand he be gone. Course, Caroilna has Cam, so go figure.

  7. I want to thank the refs for the non-call on Sherman at the end of the game. It saved my Under bet and I am now therefore a happy camper.

  8. Arians blew that game for the team. He took 3 points off the board that subsequently led to a turnover on downs inside the 5 with more than 10 mins to go. That would have cut the lead to 3 and eventual tie score with 3 mins left and the ball. Bad coaching, you never take points of the scoreboard.

  9. San Francisco had 256 yards of offense and 11 penalties and you’d think they won the super bowl. You beat Winston and the Bucs. Settle down. You’ll be lucky to finish 3rd in your division.

  10. Jameis Winston is hard to watch anymore. I mean, the guy looked like he.might be a great NFL quarterback his first couple years. Add up his early career mistakes to being a young player. Well, he has never shaken the rookie blues. He has flashes of greatness still, but his.mistakea are crippling to the team.

  11. You just can’t play this guy anymore if you have any interest in winning. He’s gotten worse not better…plus he’s a horrible human being. I’d just dump him.

  12. Throw Winston on the heap of highly touted QBs that didn’t make it here. He’ll go into the category of Testaverde and Dilfer. Doug Williams was actually productive however ownership didn’t want to pay him. Steve Young turned out to be a great one but the Bucs didn’t have the team or coaching to realize that. Winston will be somewhere else next year probably being a back up or game manager like Dilfer turned out to be. However, unlike Dilfer, Winston is not a good person so he probably won’t have a career in broadcasting.

  13. As a Bucs fan, I’m disappointed with Jamis Winston’s play. It must be harder on every coach who has tried to instill in Winston how to be a successful QB in the NFL. Under duress, it’s hard to change a person instinct. Many people revert to what you have always done. In a nutshell, that’s Jamis Winston does. Winston is still relatively young. He could change. but every game he play like this, it’s going to be harder to change himself. Winston has to fight his instincts to make a play where there is none, and that for Winston isn’t easy. He got away with his instincts in College.

    On the bright side, there are some good college QB’s coming out next season. Another game or two like this game and it maybe time to see what the Bucs have in Griffin.

    Jamis wasn’t the only disappointment. Too many penalties at inopportune moments during the game. That was also a problem last year as well.

  14. Wow, the self proclaimed maven of football ( Arians)really laid an egg in his coaching debut. Taking points off the board is not a good thing Bruce. Maybe instead of running his mouth from claiming his QB is a superstar to complaining about NFL ref’s, he should have read football coaching for dummies. OUCH.

  15. So “Famous” Jameis fan boys/apologists…
    What is this year’s excuse going to be?
    This year’s version of ‘This year is going to be different for Winston’ was that Arians will fix him.

    Now this year’s starting like the others

  16. Bucs fans need to calm down and have a little patience. I saw this kind of performance coming from Jameis week 1 because Arians offense is extremely complicated, receivers adjust their routes based on the coverages so if the QB and WR are not on the same page it tends to lead to a lot of turnovers. Go back to 2013 , Arians first season with Palmer and look at how many INT”s Palmer thru the first half of the year compared to the 2nd half of the year, year 2 he was one of the best QB’s in the NFL before going down and 2015 he was an All-Pro and should of won the MVP that year. Have some patience Bucs fans, Brighter days lie ahead.

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