Tyreek Hill transported to hospital, expected to miss a couple weeks


Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill was transported to the hospital in Jacksonville with a shoulder injury.

He will not require surgery, according to a source, but Hill will miss some time. He is expected to be out at least a couple of weeks.

Chiefs head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder explained the injury after Sunday’s game.

“Tyreek Hill had an injury in the game where he landed on his shoulder,” Burkholder said, via Ian Rapoport of the NFL. “He had a sternal clavicular joint injury, which is where your clavicle comes into your sternum. Those can be injured coming out the front, up top or in the back. If it goes posteriorly or back, it becomes a medical issue for us, so that we worry that there’s more problems. His came back posteriorly, and he didn’t have any medical issues, but we still transported him to the Baptist Medical Center [in Jacksonville], and we turned his care over to Brett Frykberg, who is an ortho-trauma physician. Scott Mullen, one of our physicians, is with him. He’s from the Kansas University Health System. He’s being treated there to reduce the dislocation or the injury. We don’t have anymore update on that. This is a good time to realize that the National Football League under [NFL executive vice president] Jeff Miller, [NFL chief medical officer] Allen Sills go to great lengths to put in emergency medical, emergency action plans for stadiums like this, and because the Jaguars had a plan, and we followed their plan, he was able to get care without any complication. That transportation is under the care of an orth-trauma physician now. We’ll give you an update in the next day or two.”

Rapoport said it’s the same injury Packers receiver Jake Kumerow had last season. Kumerow missed two months.