Vikings lose a pass interference challenge

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer learned the hard way how strict the league officiating office is going to be about overturning pass interference penalties on replay.

After the Vikings were called for a questionable pass interference penalty today against the Falcons, Zimmer challenged, as coaches are able to do on pass interference for the first time this season. But his challenge was unsuccessful, as the ruling on the field stood.

Former NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said on the FOX broadcast that if there’s any question at all, the officiating department won’t overturn the call on the field.

“It’s gonna have to be blatantly obvious that there’s no contact,” Blandino said.

The penalty actually didn’t hurt the Vikings in the end because Matt Ryan threw an interception in the end zone two plays later. The Vikings are crushing the Falcons 21-0.

13 responses to “Vikings lose a pass interference challenge

  1. The Falcons have decided to not wait for the Christmas rush and save time by collapsing at the start of the season.

  2. Very nice World Class football by the Minnesota Vikings…not so much last Thursday night.
    Shame you can’t enjoy a win by your team without immediately comparing it to ours.

  3. Terrible call on Wayne, no PI on that play. Meanwhile in Dallas DB’s tackle a Giants WR Shepard while Eli is rolling out right. The refs called incidental contact on the tackle and then the refs pick up the flag because Eli was outside the pocket. NFL Refs are still brutal.

  4. Not sure about the call on Waynes, it didn’t look like a catchable ball. I think he was frustrated & put his hand in the other players face because the same happened to him just a few seconds earlier on the play.

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