With Antonio Brown, Patriots now Vegas favorites to win the Super Bowl

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The Patriots are the favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

After Antonio Brown agreed to terms with New England on Saturday, the Vegas odds changed to list the Patriots as the favorites. At Caesars Sportsbook the Patriots’ odds of winning the Super Bowl moved from 13-2 to 4-1, and there was similar movement at other sports books.

The Chiefs had been the favorites at 6-1 but are now second to the Patriots in Super Bowl championship odds.

Brown can’t play for the Patriots tonight when they open their season against his old team, the Steelers. But if he’s willing to buy in to the Patriot Way and committed to playing for the rest of the season, then New England has just added one of the best offensive playmakers in the league. It’s easy to see why so many people believe that Brown will get his first ring in five months, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will win Super Bowl No. 7 together.

22 responses to “With Antonio Brown, Patriots now Vegas favorites to win the Super Bowl

  1. They should be the favorite to implode. The Patriot way is team first, AB is the antithesis of that.

  2. Don’t know why Chiefs (like last year) were still faves over Pats. Both orgs lose a key player but Pats now have 3 or 4 more keys, Chiefs don’t. Pats got an easy schedule this year, Chiefs had an easy-ish one last year but a hard one this year. Teams got more tape on Mahomes too.

  3. They play better as underdogs. The haters should be loving this. On a side note, I’m hoping he does something stupid at the airport so Pats can pull the offer before Monday.

  4. I thought all along when he wanted out of Pittsburgh that there was only one coach who might be able to get him to chill, and now he’s there. Not a fan, not even rooting for him at all, but if there’s any chance to get his career back on track,it was gonna be in N.E. Now I’ve been a Browns fan my whole life, so I’m not a biased Pats fan, I do not like them in the least, but I’m realistic enough to see the situation he’s in.
    Yes, he wanted out of Pittsburgh, and was a clown about it. Yes he got traded to a train wreck of a team and was unhappy. Yes the Raiders stupidly gave him an incentive laden deal instead of just paying him. (Not condoning his actions, but maybe this coulda been avoided by not having half his contract tied to showing up to training camp.) I personally believe that AB is not crazy, I think the second he got traded to LA, he and his agent said “Now we gotta get you on a good team.”
    No matter what he does, he is now playing not only for the greatest coach/qb combo of all time. If he’s not happy here, he won’t be happy anywhere. Also zero chance the Pats implode after this. If he acts up. no way Bill stands for it, and he will be gone again. Other teams are gonna be watching too, cause if he can’t turn it around with the best coach in the business, I don’t think another team would touch him for $100,000 contract.

  5. The NFL is playing with fire. Is there to be no honor? Not everyone will forget about this in February. I know I won’t.

  6. This is not Randy Moss. This is not Corey Dillon.
    This is the biggest man-baby that I’ve ever seen in sports and he may be mentally ill.
    We’ll see how good the “culture” is in New England, the team that awarded this petulant egomaniac with $9 million guaranteed money.

  7. This was AB plan all along. NE probably said “AB, if you get out of Oakland we will take you. But the drama stops after that.” All this crap he pulled was just to get traded out of Pitt and then to get out of Oakland as a FA so he could choose who he wanted (NE). Dirty on both sides.

  8. I thought this year might be different, but BB did it again. As a fan of one of “the other 31”, looks like the wait will continue. Yet another dreary fall.

    Football gods, ye have abandoned us….

  9. As long as Tom Brady is playing at Tom Brady level, the Patriots should be the favorites. He doesn’t need big stars to help him win.

  10. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this. Did BB grab him to make sure he didn’t sign with the Jets? At least BB will definitely be willing to dump AB’s butt if he causes any distraction. And the other guys in the locker room will let him know he needs to just do his job; it won’t just be coaches going after him. And, finally, maybe AB will be on his best behavior because (like so many veterans), he’s there to win a Super Bowl.

    And maybe this will all explode before AB even takes the field next weekend.

  11. Quit crying and just support your loser teams. Banner #6 goes up tonight and there will be a repeat this time next year. If your team is in the NFC there’s always the hope you can MAKE the Super Bowl

  12. This is a low-risk move for the Patriots.

    They are in this for relatively short money (10 million), and offer Brown a solid organization with strong Super Bowl opportunity, and Brown is in a position where he HAS to succeed because if he acts up and Belichick dumps him, not many teams will take a chance on a three-time loser (Pittsburgh, Raiders, New England).

    The up-side far outweighs the down-side

  13. Be REALLY interesting to see what would happen if Brady went down and the head case had someone else throwing to someone but him.

  14. With or without AB, there is no way the Chiefs should be Super Bowl favorites over the Patriots. They couldn’t beat the Patriots last year and their chances of doing so this year are even smaller.

    Also, Belichick >>> Reid.

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