Brian Flores “can’t speak to accuracy of” report that some Dolphins players want out

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On Sunday, multiple Dolphins players emerged from a 59-10 loss to the Ravens with a clear message to their agents: Get me out of here. On Monday, coach Brian Flores was asked about the report.

I can’t speak to the accuracy of that one,” Flores said, via Chris Fischer of NBC 6. “We haven’t received any information like that. I think for us we just need to focus on what is going on with in our building and not worry about anything that’s going on outside.”

He’s right, but players sensing the Tank for Tua vibe are in the building. And some of them don’t like the notion that the plan seems to be to tear it down now in order to build it up later.

I’ve got to trust the process of what they’re doing,” cornerback Xavien Howard said recently, channeling NBA-style tank talk. “From [Flores] to the front office. Just trust the process. That’s it.”

Howard, who re-upped for six full seasons when he could have played out his rookie deal, is the one guy who isn’t going anywhere, and thus has no choice but to wait for better days. Others who sense they won’t be there when the process plays out would rather not be there now.

66 responses to “Brian Flores “can’t speak to accuracy of” report that some Dolphins players want out

  1. Flores is CLUELESS. This is not going to end well. This team is such a mess that it is going to take 4-5 years to rebuild, he will be long gone. Then they will bring someone else in and go through this again. This is why Miami has been a laughingstock. Lather..Rinse…Repeat..

  2. This is why Football teams don’t usually noticeably and intentionally tank. Why would a player take on the high risk of injury that comes with football if they aren’t trying to win? I definitely wouldn’t want to go out and get beat up every Sunday, and risk possibly ending my career, for a team I know doesn’t actually want to win.

  3. Give it time, play Rosen and see what you have with him. Anyone not on board with what this season is all about then send them packing.
    Evaluate all the young players and stay healthy amd most important do not miss on the future draft picks. The only problem I had with any of this was trading Tunsil. He was going to be a 10 year stud at LT.

  4. Think it’s bad this week?

    The Patriots are going to pull the Dolphins apart next week. Dolphin players aren’t gonna’ call their agents, they’re just gonna’ run away.

  5. “I think for us we just need to focus on what is going on with in our building”

    He then proceeded to list 51 of the 53-man roster as Inactive for the rest of the season and then went home saying he’d check back in around Thanksgiving.

  6. I don’t think what the dolphins are doing can be called tanking. Tanking is intentionally losing. They don’t need to try to lose that will come naturally.

  7. Floes is correct, they need to focus on whats going on in the building. Apparently the players are all lined up at a pay phone waiting in line to talk to their agents. Hey anyone got a couple of quarters?

  8. And for this reason, ladies and gentlemen, the NFL should be suspending Antonio Brown for his destructive behavior. Anyone wanting out of a contract has the blueprint for doing so and being rewarded.

  9. The Dolphins are gonna be not good for a while and the Pats will control the the AFC East until the second coming. The NFL should move the Dolphins to the AFC South, Colts to AFC North and Ravens to AFC East. Might balance things out a little better…

  10. jimmylikesthat says:

    Sounds like Sgt Schultz from Hogans Heroes


    That’s perfect, hilarious!!!

  11. dejadoh says:
    September 9, 2019 at 3:33 pm
    What stops these players from doing what Antonio Brown did? The NFL should stop the madness, the tampering, the raping of teams.

    What stops these players is that they suck and AB doesn’t. If the Dolphins players who want out had a team wanting to trade for them they’d already be gone.

  12. Already after week one? and the Pats coming to town after spanking hard a pretty good Steelers team?!?!? Could be trouble….

  13. The biggest problem with tanking is this….whenever the team is finally expected to be good, they aren’t. Because after losing for so long, the players accept losing and no longer believe in their head coach. It’s usually the next head coach that uses the same players and makes them play better.

    Two great examples are Gus Bradley and Hue Jackson. Both teams started playing much better after they were fired.

  14. Its time for the NFL to go to a draft lottery similar to the NBA to prevent this tanking nonsense from happening in the future.
    Fortunately sold most of my season tickets on NFL exchange in the last 24 hours, almost finished!
    The Dolphins ARE NOT currently an NFL team.

  15. For 9 months the phins have talked about rebuilding. “a reliable source with knowledge of the situation” just got shut down as fake news. The players know exactly what’s going on.

    But hey, you got what you wanted. Free publicity.

  16. Howard should be the happiest person on the planet. Highest paid corner in the league and just like yesterday, he’ll be seeing few if any balls thrown his way for the next few years, almost guaranteeing a long and healthy career. Opposing team game plans this season should be simple: Run at will and throw with ease anywhere Howard isn’t.

  17. Dude your supposed to be this defensive mastermind, most of the losses on your team came from the offensive side, You are supposed to have the best corner in the league and the best saftey duo. Them dudes dropped 59 on you. I wouldve been asking for a trade by half time.

  18. This is a golden opportunity to make yourself a hero on a trash team on the way to a bigger contract. I’m sure losing sucks but at least you’re making decent money while doing it. Everybody in the nfl is good, there’s a positive way to deal with this and there’s the “trade me” way.

  19. The Dolphins didn’t get this way overnight. It took time to be this bad. You can blame past coaches, GM, a meddling owner, or whatever you want. There is a new philosophy developing in Miami. It’s modeled after the Patriot way. I’ve never been a Patriot fan, but the Patriot way of looking at things, I can’t fault. They have been successful franchise for a long time. Give Brian Flores time to see how this develops. Players that refuse to adjust, simply need to be sent packing.

  20. Why is everyone surprised? All you need in the new nfl is a great quarterback and you can turn a franchise around quickly. You don’t need a pro bowler at every position. Losing never looks good and it doesn’t matter at this point they were not good to begin with. A good qb changes everything. Keep drafting a qb until you get a good one.

  21. I believe about half the players who make the league play for under 3 year. Regardless of career length a healthy player gets 16-20 real chances to compete and use his abilities each year. With so few chances to actually play competitive games, it’s no wonder NFL teams and players are the slowest to warm up to the tanking approach.

    We will see what becomes of the Browns, but generally speaking, while tanking might let you stock up in talent, losing is terrible preparation for winning when you finally have the players to do so. Winning is habit and a mindset that is hard to cultivate while you are getting kicked in the teeth weekly en route to a sexy draft position

  22. Has anybody successfully exported “the patriot way” to another city/franchise? It sounds great to assemble a team of selfless robots that stamps our ego for the good of the collective, but it takes a massive jerk who succeeds early and often to pull it off. As soon as the mini-Belichicks start to wobble in the standings their act becomes intolerable and things fall apart.

  23. i didnt even know who the dolphins coach was, if i’m being honest. they’ve definitely succeeded at becoming irrelevant

    i like their uniforms though…

  24. the600level says:
    September 9, 2019 at 3:44 pm
    The Dolphins are gonna be not good for a while and the Pats will control the the AFC East until the second coming. The NFL should move the Dolphins to the AFC South, Colts to AFC North and Ravens to AFC East. Might balance things out a little better…
    I’m a Patriots fan and agree 100%. The divisional alignments never made sense geographically and Dallas in the NFC makes it even worse.

  25. It’s not the coach that’s tanking. Chris Grier the GM purposely set this team up to fail with this putrid roster. You can’t get a read on Flores as a coach or Rosen with this offensive line. They are going to get pushed around on both sides of the ball in the trenches. They should have kept Tunsil, a 25 year old guy on a rookie contract at a premium position that should have been kept for the rebuild. They would have lost 15-16 games with him and now it’s another position they need to fill next year if they find their franchise QB.

  26. Dolphins got beat in week #1 and beat badly. Week 2 is an opportunity to show your better than that. Is it going to be difficult? Yes it will be challenging. Seeing who steps up is what I’m looking for. The crybabies… not so much.

  27. As another poster commented, Flores will not be the Dolphin’s coach if the Dolphins eventually turn this around.

    Also, with no offensive line you will ruin any promise a rookie QB has. Draft many lineman if you draft a QB.

    I feel bad for Rosen though, he keeps getting put into impossible situations.

  28. Serious question: What happens in an NFL game if not enough players show up for one team to play the game?

  29. In less than 3 years this guy will get canned and be another after thought. Step 1 get a defensive minded head coach who is clueless step 2 keep losing until you find a qb step 3 bring in the guy you really want (Harbaugh) and let him run the draft and develop the qb step 4 tell the fans “we” finally got the right guy. Feel sorry for the fans of Miami. Some of the fan base recognize the inanity going on and some still believe the “give this guy a chance” idea.

  30. Can’t believe how stupid NFL team front offices are. Not a single assistant coach under Belichick has ever gone on to have any success as a head coach. Shows you just how remarkable BB is in that he makes these guys look great. They are clearly very competent Lieutenants, but that doesn’t mean they make good Generals.

    Weiss, Mangini, Crennel, McDaniels. These guys were all “the next great coach”. Jury is still out on Patricia. Flores…not a great start. But year in, year out, other teams just can’t wait to snatch BB’s assistants thinking that they’ve got the BB magic just having worked for the guy.

  31. One outcome of the Dolphins loss is Arizona is not likely to be the worst team in the league this year….but it’s still early. There also might be a couple other contenders out there, too.

  32. This was poorly executed on all sides and facets of the Dolphins.
    The front office demoralized the team with the blindside trades of Stills and Tunsil.
    I understand the business side of that transaction – but it was a torpedo to any trust and cohesiveness these players had.

    Then on game-day, you put players in a different position than they spent the last 4 weeks of preseason learning.
    In addition to 14 new players added in the past week, mostly backups or other team’s castoff players.

    That’s a recipe for disaster.
    Even without considering the team’s 2018 leading rusher, passer, receiver, tackler, lineman and sack guy are gone,
    Long days ahead – trust the process – but there’s a whole lot of rethinking on how to approach that process.
    That part where athletes regardless if they’re elite or average, have pride in the game they play.

    Flores has the task of a lifetime this week – regain the team while not getting humiliated by your former team and mentor.

  33. Relax. One game is not a season. Miami is doing just what BB would do if he was there coach. We got to see the big picture. Come back in a few years and then see how it turns out..Bill

  34. It’s opening weekend in the NFL. Every team starts 0-0 and dreams of winning a championship, hoisting a trophy. A lot of bubbles got burst, and a lot of bubbles got inflated.

    Some teams win early and lose late. Some teams lose early and win late. It’s football, and it’s a long, punishing season.

  35. Miami needs to understand the NFL isn’t the same as MLB. In baseball you can shed salary and tear down a roster in order to build for the future, but in the NFL you don’t have the luxury of building through a farm system. The average player won’t have a 10+ year career. You tank today and every player on that roster knows they don’t have the luxury of waiting to build a winner.

  36. Arizona came back and tied. Miami threw in the towel before the game started. This was the whole team showing their displeasure with the recent cuts and trades.

    Got rid of the best Linebacker Kiko Alonso Best Run Stopping Safety TJ McDonald Best Nose Tackle Vincent Taylor

    The Dolphins are clearly in a rebuild after trading away the likes of Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills, but releasing Taylor did not fit the rebuild narrative. The defensive tackle was considered one of Miami’s most talented young players and the fact that he was playing on an inexpensive deal caused a few Dolphins writers to raise their eyebrows at the move.

    Players hated these three moves and I agree. If your rebuilding you keep Tunsil and Taylor. Stills was a malcontent but a star. TJ Mcdonald was overpriced but keep him for the defense continuity till Minkah has proven he can play that part.

    All the same ITS A MUTINY. If it continues do what the coach did. Bench them and play third stringers.

  37. The only difference between Belichick and his former assistants who get Head Coaching jobs is that The Patsies have the NFL and refs cheating for them….

    its as simple as that.

    Refs throw a few flags on touchdowns to call them back against the other team…throw a few more pass interference flags on 3rd downs to keep your drives alive….makes all the difference in the world.

  38. Andrew Luck taught us what a bad O-line can do to a quarterback and a team. But, Tunsil alone wasn’t getting the Dolphins to the playoffs this year. Miami has enough veterens- especially at the skill positions- to keep the team together. If they were going to revolt then they would have done so when Smokin’ Jay became their quarterback.

    The Dolphins arent much worse than they were last year.

  39. This is a humanitarian crisis on the order of Rwanda. Where’s George Clooney and Angelina Jolie when you need them? We should be redirecting our UNICEF pennies.

  40. I don’t like hearing this. The players shld just do their jobs. Everyone knew this going in. I am going to guess that R. Jones is prob one of those players. He’s been unhappy for a while now. I am actually a little surprised he’s still on the team. I do hope they have a better showing against NE. I have a feeling they will play a lot better against NE. Balt has had their number for over a decade now. NE on the other hand has played under .500 in Miami against the Phins since Brady has become the starter. Not saying the Phins will win the game. Just saying that the Phins do play better against NE in Miami than they do in NE. It’s the direct opposite in NE.

  41. If the Dolphins are going to tank, they should do it correctly and bring in the Master, Sam Hinkie. It’s funny to me that the Miami Heat don’t tank because of their “culture” but the team that plays football is all-in on the tank. Disclosure, yes I am from Philly.

  42. Who would want any of those players?

    That WHOLE team got manhandled on Sunday.

    That tells me the talent is low. If there ARE any talented individuals left there, and they are bailing so quickly, I wouldn’t want them for that reason.

    The guys on the Dolphins looked so bad Sunday that they shoudl probably be happy they are in the league and just shut up, smile and collect a paycheck.

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