Cowboys working to complete Dak Prescott deal “sooner than later”

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Dak Prescott played like a franchise quarterback Sunday. The Cowboys will pay him like a franchise quarterback at some point.

The question is the same as it’s been for months: When will Prescott and the Cowboys agree on a deal?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called it “imminent” after Sunday’s victory over the Giants, saying he expects to finish the deal in “days.”

“You have to ask [Jerry Jones what he means],” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Monday. “I don’t know what. . . He has different meanings for different words. He knows this better than anybody: Obviously Dak’s got to be happy with it. At the same time, we’ve got to make a deal that works for both of us, and Dak’s very unselfish and knows this thing is going to work itself out. I think in due time it will find its way. I think we’ll put this in the rear view mirror hopefully sooner than later.”

In Sunday’s decisive win, Prescott completed 25 of 32 passes for 405 yards, four touchdowns and the first perfect passer rating in team history.

Prescott was drafted in the fourth round, so the final year of his rookie deal has him making only $2.025 million in 2019.

He soon will get a well deserved raise.

“Those things are always a work in progress, as you know,” Stephen Jones said. “Our goal is to ultimately get this done. No one deserves it more than Dak, and we’ll continue to really work hard to get him signed. I know it will be something that I know he will be glad to get in the rear view mirror, but at the same time, he understands and knows how important it is that we get a deal that is not only good for him, but good for us so that we can keep the players that were making plays for him around.

“As you saw, he had plenty of time. We had a great offensive line. We had all of them play yesterday and we had all the different weapons that he has with the receiving group, having [Randall] Cobb, having Zeke [Elliott], having [Tony] Pollard. You have to pay those guys, too, and he understands that. It’s just a matter of stacking the right deal that makes the most sense for both of us.”

10 responses to “Cowboys working to complete Dak Prescott deal “sooner than later”

  1. The idiot Cowboys waited…while the more intelligent iggles and rams locked in their QBs…because they knew if they had waited for Dak…they’d end up paying more…now the Cowboys will pay more…#dummies

  2. Hopefully he understands that he will look better/perform better when surrounded with talented teammates. As Stephen said, those guys need paid too.

    I think, agents who would genuinely look out for the players best interest- they would cut more “team friendly” deals. Not bad deals, but not market setting deals each time. This allows the team to spread the cap, spending more on the middle-talent for roster depth and ultimately a better team. This would lead to a more winning team, continuity, and career longevity for the player- thus, more money in the long run.

    Instead, it’s a cycle of: Naa, max money now — team in cap hell, player gets injured, production not worth contract, cut early.

  3. Prescott played like he was going against 3rd string high-school kids yesterday, mostly because he was. We’ll see if he can keep it going against what at least looks like backup highschoolers next week. After that, they are off to the Kindergartners in Miami.

    The Cowboys need to hold off until mid-season to see if he is still producing and then address his contract. If they do it to soon, he’ll be going in with massively inflated stats.

  4. For the love of God, why can’t the cowboys just negotiate their contracts privately, everyone is sick to death of the constant barrage of Jones sound bytes…..

  5. If Dak and Zeke came to the Cowboys at the same time, how is it that Zeke got paid before Dak? This makes no sense to me.
    Dak definitely showed the Cowboys yesterday that he deserves the same $100 MILLION that was paid to Tony Romo!

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