Derrius Guice expected to miss time with knee injury

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Adrian Peterson‘s stint on the bench was a short one.

Washington running back Derrius Guice suffered a knee injury that will likely force him to miss some time, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. It’s not the same knee that caused him to miss the entire season last year, and it’s not expected to need surgery, so that is some good news, but it’s still a serious enough injury to keep Guice out for a while.

That presumably means Peterson takes his place in the lineup. On Sunday, head coach Jay Gruden made Peterson inactive, which ruffled plenty of feathers in Washington — especially after Guice gained just 18 yards on 10 carries and Washington couldn’t protect its 20-7 halftime lead.

Washington took Guice in the second round of the 2018 NFL draft and has high hopes for him, but an injury cost him his entire rookie year, and now one game into Year 2, he is hurt again.

19 responses to “Derrius Guice expected to miss time with knee injury

  1. I guess we’ll never know what it looks like to have Guice and AP on the field together splitting touches. Jonathan Allen and Guice already hurt. Looks like another season decimated by injuries in the making.

  2. A lot of people say Redskins would of won with Peterson , I’m not sure about that … that eagles front seven are stout , people are acting like we were playing the Giants … Redskins are trying to go young you can’t blame them some of those youngsters played very well for first NFL game ever.

  3. We are one game in — and the wheels are already falling off the cart in Washington. It didn’t take long. Epic second half collapse; locker room dissension over disrespecting AP; and now this. Jay might as well start interviewing real estate agents.

  4. The suffering has already begun and there is no relief in sight. We have the worst owner in sports and the worst coach. It sucks to be a Redskin’s fan. it truly sucks

  5. Hate to see the kid get hurt, but he simply was not any good. AP should have been in that game. No guarantee they win, of course, but their odds would have been better. Guice is not ready for big boy football.

  6. Strike one comes in game one for Jay Gruden
    Adrian Peterson should never have been inactive if that was the case why even bother to have signed him at all
    I’m thinking the line now on Jay Gruden getting fired is game 4

  7. And yet still no more info on the Washington training / medical staff…
    How about some plain old statistics about injuries per team per year? Per game? Like that. How does this staff rate against others?

  8. Well, things just have a way of working themselves out. Adrian Peterson was obviously upset about the situation but didn’t pull an Antonio Brown and make a big fuss. Now, unfortunately due to injuries, Adrian Peterson is looking at starting next week.

  9. Not having Peterson active was just one in a long list of blunders by Gruden. The Redskins’ fans deserve so much better than this.

  10. It’s going to wind up that Snyder and Allen directed the medical staff to diagnose the injury so that their favored RB Peterson can become active. I’m half making this up but half not. I wouldn’t put anything past this organization.

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