Freddie Kitchens: Don’t overreact to one game in a 16-game schedule

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Cleveland coach Freddie Kitchens doesn’t want a 43-13 Week One loss to make people think these are the same old Browns.

Kitchens acknowledged today that his team committed far too many penalties in Sunday’s loss to the Titans, but he denied that that’s a reflection on what kind of team they’re going to be this year.

“What we have to refrain from doing right now is overreacting,” Kitchens said. “It’s one game in a 16-game schedule. We’re very disappointed in the lack of discipline we showed, the loss of composure that we showed at times, and just overall not doing a good enough job from a coaching perspective and a player perspective to get the job done in a positive manner. The atmosphere was incredible for that game, for an opening game, a day game, all those sort of things, really, I’ve never been in that type of atmosphere before, and that’s a testament to our fans. We’re going to continue to make corrections in how we prepare from a discipline standpoint and a lack of composure standpoint. I think that put us in some bad situations that we were not able to overcome.”

Kitchens also vowed, “We will get better next week.”

They’d better. The Browns were the most hyped team in the NFL during the offseason, and they laid an egg in Week One. Next week they have the Jets on Monday night, and the schedule only gets harder after that, with the Rams and Ravens up next. An 0-2 start could quickly snowball to 0-4, and at that point, it would be hard not to overreact.

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  1. I think people definitely overreact after week one. But in fairness to them, the Brownies were basically awarding themselves the AFC title and were talking an awful lot of trash for a team that hadn’t seen .500 in a long,long time. If this does snowball to 0-4, it is going to be fun to watch OBJ, Landry and company….

  2. I learned back in 2003 not to read too much into opening game when the Bills pummeled the Pats 31-0. It was an absolute shellacking. The Pats finished 14-2 and that shellacking was one of the two losses on the season. The Bills finished 6-10 and vowed to never shellack anyone ever again. And so far, 16 years later they have stuck to that promise.

  3. I hope the Browns do put it together and send the Jets to 0-2 so I can watch the media’s heads explode when they realize the Jets are going to start out 0-6 or 0-7. If the Browns lose this game though the heat will be fully on Kitchens with all that talent they have.

  4. Interim coaches ( and coordinators in this case) are like backup QB’s, everyone loves them until the job is there’s.
    Dorsey should have looked for an outsider to take over. Just cuz he got along with Baker doesn’t mean he’ll be a good head coach.

  5. Gregg Williams was let go for a totally inexperienced Kitchens. Williams had the team flying high last season. Now the Browns will suffer as Kitchens gets on the job training.

    Another self-inflicted wound by the Browns front office.

  6. Kitchens is a huge part of the problem. A big goofy slob who reminds you of your uncle who was a riot but couldn’t hold a job and was always late to stuff.

  7. mogogo1 says:

    Kitchens is a huge part of the problem. A big goofy slob who reminds you of your uncle who was a riot but couldn’t hold a job and was always late to stuff.


    Great now every time I see Kitchens I am going to think of Uncle Buck.

  8. While Kitchens is correct that we should not overreact to week one, nevertheless, he himself needs to prove that he has what it takes to be a NFL head coach.

  9. Haha, what a joke they are..
    And Mayfield? Welcome to the world of NFL QB. Let’s see what becomes of him after his little frame meets big man over…and over…and over….

  10. No. The Browns were not awarding themselves the AFC North – Vegas was. And based on PIT? Still within reach. I find it funny that players and a team that show confidence are suddenly bad.

  11. That’s fine Freddie, but don’t under react either. Your frequent insinuations to ‘impose our will’ in the other team has been misinterpreted by your team of 24 year olds. Reign them in shut them up and do it fast or you won’t last.

  12. Baker Mayfield will rally and bring the Brownies along with him. He is a wonderment who will prove his worth. Packed on some extra pounds for protection and his body will get familiar with the new composition then execute precisely. He needs more protection from the line. Browns will rise!

  13. There is nothing good about this team. Freddie is delusional if he thinks they can fix this mess in a week. The players stunk, the coaches were lost and they made no useful corrections at half time. Maybe Freddie should go back to being a coordinator because he sure as hell isn’t a good head coach!

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