Future is now for Jameis Winston despite it not being entirely his fault

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If the weight of being a franchise quarterback weren’t enough for Jameis Winston, it may have gotten a little weightier after three interceptions, two of them pick-sixes, and a 45.4 passer rating in the first game of a make-or-break season.

The Bucs promoted Dirk Koetter in 2016 to save Winston. They fired Koetter and hired Bruce Arians in the offseason for the same reason.

Time is ticking on Winston as the Bucs’ quarterback of the present and of the future.

“That’s been said many, many times,” Arians said Monday of Winston carrying the weight of trying to prove he’s a franchise quarterback, via Jenna Laine of ESPN. “I don’t think I need to repeat it [to Winston]. Y’all repeat it all the time so doesn’t have to be told too many more times.”

Arians now is charged with putting Winston back together after the mess left behind Sunday. He started that process by publicly proclaiming that it wasn’t all Winston’s fault.

Richard Sherman‘s pick-six was the fault of receiver Mike Evans, and tight end O.J. Howard had a ball bounce off his hands.

“Two of them he had nothing to do with,” Arians said, via Matt Matera of pewterreport.com. “He throws a perfect ball; we drop it, and it goes up in the air, and they get an interception. Then, the guy runs a route too deep, and he threw it right where it’s supposed to be after the guy missed the hot, so guys have to play better around it.”

Nonetheless, Winston is the one whose future is on the line. The Bucs need to see a different result if they’re going to commit to him long term.

17 responses to “Future is now for Jameis Winston despite it not being entirely his fault

  1. Tampa Bay fans are hoping for an Andrew Luck type of retirement from Winston. Except with Winston Bucs fans would give him a standing ovation.

  2. “Nonetheless, Winston is the one whose future is on the line.”

    Well, him and Arians. Arians came out of retirement essentially to coach Winston. If Winston goes down in flames and the Bucs totally implode would they keep Arians around to try and develop a first round QB? (Particularly if Arians reacted in the same manner he did the final year in Arizona?) Would he even leave the decision in their hands or would he retire again?

  3. Winston is the one who’s future is on the line! what about as you point out in the story anyone that coaches him. There are already a number of peoples who’s futures were connected to Winston that are no longer there. So now maybe you should say, this year Winston’s future is finally on the line, compared to previous years where it was the coaching staff and their futures were on the line.

  4. When several qbs drafted since he was, were playing inspired football including a rookie drafted in 6th round (Minchew) then the bucs are wasting time every time they start ‘poser’!

  5. Tampa Bay made a mistake picking him first overall, instead of Mariota. Mariota has led his team to the playoffs. Tampa Bay’s best season is 9-7 with Winston as QB.

  6. Jameis Winston is a gift for Tampa Bay from former coach Lovie Smith. Smith was probably the person who decided that Winston was the best quarterback out of college in 2015.

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