Jags teammates warm up to “fearless” Gardner Minshew

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The Jaguars had no choice but to turn to sixth-round rookie Gardner Minshew — he was the only other quarterback on the roster after Nick Foles was injured.

But for the moment, he looks like a good choice.

Minshew was more than solid in relief in the Jaguars’ loss to the Chiefs. He completed his first 13 passes, broke the franchise’s record for completion percentage, and kept them competitive after the loss of their biggest offseason acquisition.

I’m not happy with the circumstances,” Minshew said, via Garry Smits of the Florida Times-Union. “It breaks my heart to see what happened to Nick because he’s been one of the best people I’ve ever played with and had the pleasure to be around. But I know he’s going to be there with me and we’re going to have this team where we need to go.”

Foles is out indefinitely with a broken collarbone, but Minshew created the same kind of confidence in his teammates for walking into an adverse situation and playing well.

“Fearless … fearless,” wide receiver D.J. Chark said. “He went in and did his thing. We were upset Nick was out but there was never a point when we said, ‘dang … now we have to go with Gardner.’ We knew we had to elevate our play and make him feel comfortable and he made us feel comfortable.”

It was a better performance than anything Minshew put forth in the preseason, and it’s going to have to be even better as they go on.

19 responses to “Jags teammates warm up to “fearless” Gardner Minshew

  1. That game was never close yesterday. If the Jags defense was a good as their tongues they’d be something. But seems they are ALL talk.

  2. Wishing this kid luck for two reasons. First, because he seems like a solid kid with a good head on his shoulders. Two, that will keep the calls for “blackballed” Kaepernick silent. Anything to accomplish this…

  3. There’s a reason he was the Pac-10 player of the year last year. But, obviously, there’s also a reason he wasn’t drafted until the 6th round. But not all great QBs are first rounders, and not all first round QBs are great. But he looked the part yesterday. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  4. streetyson says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:19 am
    The crappy Chiefs D will be allowed to play dirty all season because of The Mahomes Story.

    Anyone that watched the Chiefs / jags game yesterday, saw a Dirty defense from jacksonville, Not KC.

  5. If the Jaguars expected to contend for the playoffs this year, then it’s professional malpractice to have a rookie sixth-round pick as the backup quarterback. Yes, he looked good coming into a blowout against a team that didn’t prepare for him and wasn’t worried about whether they would win the game. Sorry to burst your bubble, Jags fans, but sixth-round quarterbacks don’t walk into the NFL and have immediate success.

    Yeah, maybe he’s the next Tom Brady. Probably.

  6. Watch him all last year playing for the Cougs and was hoping the Seahawks would draft him. There is just something about Minshew, like Brady, Montana, McMann. Not saying he will be as good as them but all he does is win. Like the so called experts said about those mentioned coming out of college, not a strong arm, or lack of knowing the game, size blah blah, I’m hoping Minshew proves then wrong.

  7. This team is so frustrating to root for- I saw on the field:

    1. An undisciplined team that stood over receivers, pushed, shoved, taunted, jawed, hit late, and acted like they were the ‘big bad’ on defense

    2. The COULD NOT make simple tackles. 3, 4, 5 people in a row miss completely routine tackles. You could have brought 11 random dudes out of the stands who could have done better. Not lying!

    3. Never, not even at high school games, have I seen receivers so loosely covered. 15 yards and no one even in the picture? How can you leave receivers this wide open?

    4. The offensive line is putrid.

    5. Fournette is trying to start a fistfight every time he runs the ball.

    Why, oh why do we have to put up with this year after year? I just want to walk away….

  8. Watched the first half. The Jags are unimpressive on numerous fronts. Even with Foles they had minimal chances to make the playoff in my opinion. Minshew makes them more interesting though.

  9. Yeah, after putting up with Blake Bortles that last several years they must be giddy about Minshew.

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