Jaguars trade for Josh Dobbs

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The Jaguars need a quarterback with Nick Foles headed for injured reserve after breaking his clavicle in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs and they found one in Pittsburgh.

According to multiple reports, the Jaguars have acquired Josh Dobbs in a trade with the Steelers. The Steelers will receive a 2020 fifth-round pick in return.

Dobbs was a 2017 fourth-round pick in Pittsburgh and spent last season as the primary backup to Ben Roethlisberger, but slipped to third on the depth chart behind Mason Rudolph this year. He was 6-of-12 for 43 yards and an interception while making five appearances in 2018.

Gardner Minshew took over when Foles was injured on Sunday and will move forward as the starter against the Texans in Week Two.

42 responses to “Jaguars trade for Josh Dobbs

  1. Josh has a bright future… and this preseason was an audition for his future team.. Mason is the future in Pittsburgh..

    Now what do the Steelers do with the roster spot… Hodges as a #3 or bring back Skipper to help the LBs out … hmmmm

  2. Both those guys definitely give the Jags a better shot to win than Kaepernick. 🤔 NOT. People can go on and hate but the truth is players in that locker room are thinking the same thing.

  3. chrisrivero1527 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 12:21 pm
    Both those guys definitely give the Jags a better shot to win than Kaepernick. 🤔 NOT. People can go on and hate but the truth is players in that locker room are thinking the same thing.
    The guy hasn’t played a down of football in almost 3 years. He was 3-16 in his last two years as a starter. And you do realize that he has ZERO interest in playing now right? It would go against everything he has going on. Let it go. Kapernick is never playing another down of football. And it is because he is NOT good enough..

  4. Right a guy who hasn’t been on a roster in 3 seasons and wasn’t very good at the end of his time in SF is a better option. This is why some of you idiots will never be in charge of billion dollar investments.

  5. Dobbs is a decent backup, or #3 guy. Minshew is a blue chip #1 type QB. I realize he’s a rookie, but he’s as smart a QB as I’ve seen coming out of college. If Minshew keeps playing, there’s a good chance Foles never gets his job back.

  6. I thought Minshew looked pretty good. My Texans have a knack for making young QBs look like Pro Bowlers so…

  7. Now the Steelers can put Delvin Hodges on the roster. This guy looked better than both Mason Rudolph and Josh Dobbs. Let him develop and see what he turns into.

  8. Steelers aren’t going anywhere this season. Make anyone and everyone available if the price is right. Time to rebuild starting with GM and coaching staff.

  9. THey did not even need to give up a draft pick if they just give Kap a call.

    As previously stated…Krapernick has no interest in playing, so there’s that.

  10. Mason will become the next Jones . getting paid to watch Ben for a couple more yrs. easy $$ but never getting the chance to play. hard to get that second big contract when you never play.

  11. Josh is a smart and personable young man. However, he had no future in Pittsburgh, and I highly doubt he has much of s future anywhere else. I guess that makes Colbert smart for getting a 5th, but really Dobbs was a wasted 4th round pick two years ago.

  12. From what I saw, Minshew could easily be the future in JAX. Kid can sling it. Killer accuracy, and like Chark said – fearless. That will get him into trouble at times but as mentioned in this thread, he’s a really smart QB as well, so it will pay off more often than not.

    I like what I see of him. Let the kid play. There’s certainly NOTHING that would indicate Josh Dobbs could ever do any better than Minshew did yesterday.

  13. Again, as long as Tomlin is there none of this matters.

    He proved again last night that he hasn’t a clue.

  14. Pretty good return for Dobbs. Wasn’t expecting more than a conditional 7th. I hope Hodges gets signed. I liked his game.

  15. myspaceyourface says:
    September 9, 2019 at 12:56 pm
    Again, as long as Tomlin is there none of this matters.

    He proved again last night that he hasn’t a clue.


    I like Tom alot, but there is a little merit to what you are saying. They really played well in that AFC Championship, but it seems so long ago. If they continue on this path I can see Tom being shown the door.

  16. Foles is really hoping he gets well so he can what, come back and get planted again. Told wife I would not be shocked to see him to a Luck. This guy has had numerous serious injury and was almost done a while back. Dont see him returning no matter what he is saying now.

  17. I like it, Dobbs is a smart young QB who’s spent time learning how to be a professional. If he had no upside the Steelers would have cut him.

  18. Yeah I agree with most of the posters here. Kaep is old news. It’s like telling a knock knock joke and thinking it is still funny.

    I personally think this sucks. Last year aside this is a team that had serious potential in ’19. We don’t need any more mediocrity and I fear we just added a team to that list.

  19. Wow! The Steelers trade a 4th round pick for a fifth round pick! Study math much? I guess these bozos think 3 is higher than 33. Hahahaha

  20. Jaguars spent more in free agency over the last 3 years than anyone else, and it’s all a waste because they can’t get any production out of the QB position.

  21. jaguars kept it respectable vs a great chiefs team, leonard looks ready to go, afc south is wide open. do not tank. a great season ending with a playoff win is still possible

  22. Another ‘good deal’ arranged by the Steeler’s coaching and management. The Steeler’s will be the basement dwellers in the AFC North come December.

  23. I hate to see Dobbs go, but it is a good move for his career. He will actually have the opportunity to show off his wares at some point in the season. Best of luck to him! He really seems like a great dude who is humble and a team player.

  24. All you guys that keep responding to these morons about kap do realize that they’re just baiting you into this right? If you stop responding eventually they’ll go away

  25. Not sure if this was the guy I’d trade for. There are several capable backups on the street as well who could be helpful in this situation, such as Brock Osweiler (yes, yes, cue up the “he sucks!” but you people must realize what the options are for teams, and Osweiler has starting experience and playoff experience).

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