John Ross’s “different mentality” results in seven catches, 158 yards and two TDs

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Bengals wideout John Ross had 210 receiving yards all of last season and he had no receiving yards as a rookie, which led to him making changes this offseason that included a new uniform number.

The first glimpse of the new-look Ross was a good one. He caught seven passes for 158 yards and two touchdowns in a 21-20 loss to the Seahawks and showed the kind of ability that made him a first-round pick in 2017. He also showed some resiliency as he followed up a pair of drops with big plays that gave the Bengals a chance to win on the road in Week One.

After the game, Ross said head coach Zac Taylor and the new staff have helped boost his confidence from where it was in the past.

“Without a doubt,” Ross said. “I think that’s what a lot of players lack sometimes. Like me, I can honestly say now I lost confidence in myself the last two years. Now I come in with a different mentality, and now I’ve got to go out there and continue to believe in myself.”

Ross said he’s “not going to go home and say, ‘Wow, what a job I did'” after losing a game, but the outing was a positive development for a Bengals team that’s playing without A.J. Green and looking for pieces to build around in the long term. While one strong game doesn’t mean Ross will be such a piece, it’s a starting point they’ve been looking for in Cincinnati.

8 responses to “John Ross’s “different mentality” results in seven catches, 158 yards and two TDs

  1. Yep…..all those media outlets that said Cincinnati will have a top 5 pick, sorry to ruin your stories boys.
    Don’t get me wrong, Cincinnati won’t win the Super Bowl, but they are gonna be tough! The stench of Marvin Lewis is gone & Zac Taylor has clearly breathed new life in this team. Lotta of parts that were injured last year look to be back & better.
    I’d be more happy with this Bengals loss than I would with either Buffalo or San Francisco’s win!!!

  2. Washington Husky fans were not surprised. Amazing the “homecoming” aspect not mentioned. He was a star for UW.

  3. Bengals have to win a game that they actually dominated. Outgained Seattle by 200 yards. A fluke turnover, missed FG, slip by Boyd on what would have been a sure TD pass, and and a failed 4th and 1 resulted in a loss. Make no mistake though, that team is nowhere near the 4 or 5 win team the “experts” would have you believe they are.

  4. Well, one thing Zac Taylor clearly brings to the table is a better and more clear offensive mentality. A player like Ross, a guy with deep speed that is unmatched in NFL history, is perfect for an offensive coach. If A.J. Green can stay healthy and he and Tyler Boyd can pitch in to help with contested catches, Ross will get more one on ones to utilize his deep speed. Dalton has all the physical tools of a complete passer, so Taylor’s offense figures to be have great potential if he can keep his playcalling diverse and unpredictable. The defense and offensive line are what will help in Cincy going forward, but the offense as a whole has good potential.

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