Jon Gruden approved use of phone conversation in Antonio Brown video

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One of Antonio Brown‘s final acts during his time as a member of the Raiders organization was the release of a video on Friday night that included a recording of a conversation he had with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

In that conversation, Gruden called Brown “the most misunderstood f—ing human being” he’s ever met and asks him to “please stop this s–t and just play football” for the Raiders. It was unclear whether or not Gruden knew he was being recorded, but a report that he found it “awesome” suggested it wasn’t a problem for the coach.

It also seems that his involvement in the video didn’t come as a surprise. During an appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show, the video’s producer Alejandro Narciso said that Gruden approved the use of the conversation in the video before Brown posted it on social media.

That seems to fit with Gruden’s generally accommodating nature when it came to Brown during his time in Oakland, but none of it proved to be enough to make it to the start of the regular season with the wideout in the fold.

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  1. philly20forlife says:
    September 9, 2019 at 1:27 pm
    Y’all owe him an apology (Brown) for constantly calling his action illegal without knowing all the facts.


    Only legal if Gruden knew he was being recorded before he was. The fact he said it was ok after, doesn’t change the illegal act committed prior.

  2. Raiders made a huge mistake by giving Gruden a 10 year, 100 million dollar contract. This won’t turn around until year 4 or 5 at the earliest. It could just end up being a waste of 10 years.

  3. Do Gruden’s actions not re-inforce to the other 52 guys that they are not worth as much combined as AB was to Chuckie individually? I’m playing the Broncos big now that it is legal to do so here and it is simply because they have not had the distractions that are still in the heads of the Raider players.

  4. Yeah blame Gruden for AB being a total tool. AB never played even a preseason snap for the Raiders, yet his actions are all Gruden’s fault. The great enablers are the people who keep blaming others for AB’s actions. It’s obviously his gf’s fault that he cheated on her. She’s an enabler. Can’t blame AB! If she hadn’t enabled him he would never have cheated.

  5. Mark my words, there are going to be some DB’s head hunting on Brown this year. Someone is going to take him out. Both Gruden’s, Jay and Jon, should be out of the NFL. They both suck at what they do.

  6. Well…. whether or not Jon Gruden approved of the video is irrelevant. He approved after-the-fact apparently and at the time did not know he was being recorded. When the law is on your side, pound the law, right? If they (Raiders) want to make a case against AB they can. I personally hope they do. I’m hoping they get him suspended under the personal conduct policy. The threatening of Mayock seems to have taken a back seat and I’m a bit curious why that is…

  7. Y’all owe him an apology (Brown) for constantly calling his action illegal without knowing all the facts.

    There is a two party consent disclosure that must be read on recorded lines and if you do not say “This is a recorded line” then that can be illegal. Maybe they did at the beginning and we didnt hear that

  8. Yep hard to be The Man as coach & defacto GM when you coddle someone like AB. Can you imagine someone like Ditka or Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry dealing with AB in this manner? & now since he has shown little support for Derek Carr, I hope Carr is looking for another team. If Carr was cut this year his dead cap was 27 million, next year 5 million.

  9. “Mark my words, there are going to be some DB’s head hunting on Brown this year. Someone is going to take him out.”
    Why? Why would anyone risk a fine and/or suspension just to prove YOUR point of displeasure?

  10. Gruden is an even bigger clown than Antonio Brown and unfortunately Gruden remains with the Raiders. And the owner is even more moronic than both combined for throwing 100 mil. guaranteed at Gruden when no other team was really looking to hire him last year.

  11. Does everyone not think that Gruden and Mayock both knew what was going on. They both knew he was trying to get out of town, what likely was being worked on was how they could either salvage this or get out in the easiest way. Sucks they lost picks but they knew what they were doing to. Once AB started with this crap they had a very set idea as to make sure they did not spend that money. What is really dumb is not using that money to resigne Mack or Cooper. Now that is stupid, why not resign your own kids that are great instead of bringing in this guy and wasting picks.

  12. Gruden may realize he can pull his head from up Antonio Brown’s butt any time now since Brown is a no longer a Raider. The other players see how weak Gruden was so watch out.

  13. Jon Gruden has been hammered by the media since last year. I believe he is simply doing his best to accommodate everyone whenever possible. Look no further than his press conference with the Oakland media on Saturday. How many times did he say he was done talking about AB and would talk about the Raiders football team, only to end up answering another question related to AB?

  14. Ever hear of Riley Cooper?Conduct Detrimental? Did they suspend Hill? Zeke? But yeah suspend AB. Did you not read where the NFL said they will not step in? The Raiders released him, that was “their punishment”.

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