Julio Jones had “peace of mind,” but off day

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Julio Jones got the contract out of the way the day before, but the football part of the equation was something other than rich Sunday.

After signing an extension that made him the highest-paid wide receiver in the league, the Falcons star had a lackluster day in a loss to the Vikings.

He was able to talk about generational wealth and securing his family, after the long-discussed contract which was promised by owner Arthur Blank.

I had some peace of mind,” Jones said , via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I talked to Mr. Blank. Just talking about how appreciative I am of him. The love I have for the organization and things like that. That’s out the way now. It’s more on us now and getting ready to play football.”

Jones had just six catches for 31 yards and a touchdown, dealing with the reality of the kind of attention that comes with that kind of paycheck he got Saturday, which averages $22 million a year.

“They had two players over him basically the entire game,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said. “That makes it tough. They had hard inside leverage from (Xavier) Rhodes and a safety over the top. It creates other opportunities for other guys.”

That didn’t come through for the Falcons, but Jones said he just had to: “Make plays when it’s time to make plays when our number is called, things like that. We didn’t do that today.”

They’re going to have to figure it out, and quickly, as that kind of attention on Jones is neither new nor likely to change.

8 responses to “Julio Jones had “peace of mind,” but off day

  1. Yes Julio, because $14m a year wasn’t already generational wealth, nor was your family secure. Guess that crazy thinking from players doesn’t surprise me when their union leaders give them letters about how they should take out loans while they can in case there is a strike, instead of just living below their means a little and saving money.

  2. I would much rather see Julio get rewarded for his play and being a class act as apposed to AB being rewarded for his talent but being a self entitled jerk and the crap he pulled to get to NE.

  3. so Julio Jones is getting 22 million dollars a year to be a decoy and create opportunities for other guys? got it.

  4. On the bright side, he was able to score a touchdown on an undrafted rookie free agent when the Vikings rested their starters in the fourth quarter.

  5. Julio wasn’t moving nearly as fast as he usually does, guess that wallet is slowing him down…for the payday he got hopefully he has double digit TD’s this year

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