Matt Patricia takes responsibility for Lions’ costly timeout

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Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, the Lions had the lead and the ball and called a third down swing pass that appeared to seal the win: It picked up the first down, the Cardinals were out of timeouts, and it seemed for a moment that Detroit would just run out the clock and head home victorious.

Instead, the play was waved off because the officials ruled that the Lions called timeout an instant before the ball was snapped. It was Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell who signaled for the timeout, but head coach Matt Patricia took responsibility for it afterward, saying it was his call.

I’m calling the timeouts,” Patricia said, via the Detroit Free Press.

Patricia said he didn’t realize Matthew Stafford was going to be able to get the center to snap the ball before the play clock expired, and he feared a delay of game penalty.

“We’re looking at the play clock trying to get that stuff down and get it figured out at that point. Stafford did a great job of getting it off, but really again, whether it was at 0 [seconds on the play clock] or 1, either way, the mechanics, the way that works with the officials, the guy back there, he’s staring at the play clock and he sees it. So again, we’d rather be in third-and-5 than [take a penalty and be in] third-and-10 in that got-to-have-it situation. We’ve just got to go out and execute the next play,” Patricia said.

As it turned out, after the timeout, the Lions threw an incomplete pass on third down, giving the Cardinals plenty of time to march down the field and score, sending the game into overtime. The Lions ended up with a tie, in a game they thought they had won.

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  1. That’s ok, Cards will now think they’re great until Ravens woop them next week, who in turn will then think they’re headed to the Super Bowl – until Chiefs beat down on them in week 3. Meanwhile Patricia’s just playing out the remainder of Staffy’s contract & looking draftward.

  2. The Lions fired Jim Caldwell after 4 years, 3 of which they had a winning record and two trips to the playoffs. Now look at them!!!! LMAO

  3. We all knew that yesterday coach, you earn NOTHING by the admission.

    That was so… Friday night, high school stuff.

    Stop being foolish and perform like an NFL caliber HC.

    Stop perpetuating the Lions previous bonehead seasons.

  4. PS… smart coaches know there’s not always a ‘next play’ that works.

    With that thinking… then just see if he gets it off and take the penalty if not. Then ‘Just pick up the extra yards’…if it’s so simple.


    Keep momentum when you have them back on their heals.

  5. Murry will be shocked when he finds out other defenses actually have pass rushers and pass defenders. Matt P gave a present to Murry and the Cardinals going to a defense that wasnt needed, one that opened the game up for the Cardinals. He just aint HC material period and another very bad choice along wiht 45 years of bad choices by the fords

  6. Peyton Manning & Bill Belichek have two things in common: they both help undeserving coordinators get head coaching gigs and neither of them have built any real predecessors to be able to do what they do.

  7. Seems like Belichick’s coordinators are there merely as interns to get coffee and be gophers because almost all of them have failed (or are failing) as head coaches. Maybe this is how Bill keeps the rest of the NFL in check, he props up some dufus as a coordinator and some moron GM and owner over pays them and are stuck for 3 to 5 years with a bad team.

  8. Patricia isn’t going to make it. He’s more of a caricature than a real coach and in choosing Bevell it’s clear he isn’t very good at picking qualified assistants. Also, with a veteran QB like Stafford why wouldn’t you put it on HIM to call timeout if he sees they’re not going to get the snap off?

  9. As someone who has been hurt so many times by this team in the past, I said at 24-6 “This game isn’t over, and we’re running plays like it is over. They are going to blow this lead.” They always blow a lead, so I’m no Nostradamus. They don’t know how to properly run out a clock.

    “Bevell is going to help transform the offense.” I saw nothing different. Stafford constantly heaving it up and holding the ball too long. A running game with zero improvement. And no commitment to the run game.

    Long season up ahead.

  10. The fact is, Stafford is not elite. You can’t just make plays here or there. They had numerous chances to bury a bad Arizona team and he and the offense couldn’t do it.

  11. macupt says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:24 am
    The Lions fired Jim Caldwell after 4 years, 3 of which they had a winning record and two trips to the playoffs. Now look at them!!!! LMAO

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    Caldwell? LOL!

    The guy’s claim to fame was staring off into space from the sideline as Manning ran the offense.

    Patricia did not pick Stafford. Stafford is not elite and barely above average. How he constantly escapes criticism is beyond me at 27 million per.

  12. Stafford barely got the snap off. Then on the next play he barely got the snap off again. Leading 24-6 here is what Stafford produced while trying to ice the game:

    – 3 plays, 7 yards, punt
    – 8 plays, 32 yards, punt
    – 4 plays, 12 yards, punt
    – 8 plays, 60 yards, FG

    And with 59 seconds to get in FG range on the final drive, 10 yards in 6 plays and threw a pick that was mercifully dropped.

    Yeah its all Patricia … like last year when they got blown out by the Jets. Tied 17-17 in the 3rd QTR it was Patricia that threw four picks and fumbled turning a close game into a joke.

  13. You know, I get that the Lions choked away the win on this one and that is and should be the driving narrative.

    But, can we get ANY mention of TJ Hockenson going off and breaking the record for a rookie TE’s NFL debut?

  14. macupt says:

    September 9, 2019 at 9:24 am

    The Lions fired Jim Caldwell after 4 years, 3 of which they had a winning record and two trips to the playoffs. Now look at them!!!! LMAO
    While your deep affection for Caldwell is quite disturbing, but one question remains! Where are the twin genius coaches at now? I mean a rare genius like Caldwell MUST be a head coach somewhere right? Oh yea he is in Miami as assistant coach, maybe Miami will make him gead coach then they can revel in the middle of the road goin nowhere Caldwell era. What about the other genius Tryl Austin’s horrible defensive scheme got him fired fast in Cinci, so your logic does not hold up, but please, don’t forget to send Roses to Caldwell this Valentines day.

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